Book 1 Chapter 1 – The Meeting with Her


“Wait! What?! I’m not a perv-“


Before I even got the chance to defend myself, her fist had already landed on my eyes and threw me off far away from the carriage roof.

‘Damn it! What have I done to you Goddess? How come my luck with woman is always this messed up??’ While flying, that was my last thought before I finally fell unconscious.

So, how did it even get like this you asked? Well, let’s turn back the time a bit further to this morning.



A metallic sound came from inside a wooden carriage that was travelling slowly through a dirt road in the middle of a forest.

There, over the carriage roof, lay a young man, sleeping while enjoying the flow of the morning breeze over his face.

That man looked around 17 years old, with a shoulder length, straight, brown hair, and an ordinary face, not ugly, but not so handsome either. Over his thin and tall body, he was wearing a white, dusty, long-sleeved shirt, a brown, knee-length leather trouser, and also a brown, shabby robe which was made from a cheap Magical Beast’s leather. Nothing seemed special about him except for his thin, sly, evil-like eyes that couldn’t be seen even from a close distance.

‘F*ck, my eyes are normal!! Not evil, you @#$%&!! I got then from my mother and why the hell am I retorting to myself!?’

“Heeeey Z, be careful up there!!” shouted a bald man that was sitting on the driver seat of the carriage.



As I tried to sit in order to ask him, a tree branch suddenly hit my eyes.

“I just want to warn you about that branch~~ ahahaha

“Auuuugh… Alex-san, if you didn’t warn me, I wouldn’t get hit by that branch!!”

“But, if he didn’t warn you and you got hit, you would still protest… hahahaha,” laughed the middle aged man that was sitting beside ‘Alex-san’.

“But Harvey-saaan…,” I tried to retort but gave up eventually, “…forget it, thank you for warning me…” I was too lazy to even argue about something like that.

Harvey and Alex were my fellow adventurer friends that took this carriage escorting mission together with me. We were recruited to escort a merchant from Rudia city to the capital city of Nevs. The journey took us three days through a grassland road, two days through this forest, and then, another five days through the grassland on the other side of the forest.

Currently, we were travelling through this forest slowly, to avoid an attack from the Magical Beasts or an ambush from the Bandits.

“It sure is peaceful huh? We haven’t even seen a single Magical Beast after half a day travel into the forest. I should have hired only one of you to save the travel expenses hahaha…,” laughed a fat man from inside the carriage.

“Hahaha… Bernardt-san, there is still around 6 or 7 days worth of travel in front of us. Just pray that nothing will happen,” said Alex to the so-called Bernardt-san cheerily.

Bernardt was our employer for this escorting mission. This fat merchant, with his thick eyebrow and kingly moustache, is a renowned merchant from Rudia City. He trades magic ores and Magical Beast’s cores from city to city. Even this carriage was filled to the brim with jars of metal ores that was mined at the mining sites near Rudia city.

“But, the density of Magical Beasts around Nevs Kingdom surely has lessened after that final war against the Demon Emperor two years ago,” said Harvey.

“Yeah. But, even though the Demon Emperor finally perished, the Hero and his companions had vanished as well,” frowned Alex.

“Well, no one beside the Hero and his companions went inside the Demon Castle when the war began. From the story that I heard, when the Alliance Kingdom Army was fighting against the Demons and Magical Beasts outside the castle, a really bright light suddenly descended upon the Demon Castle. Then, not long after that, the Demon Castle suddenly exploded, and when the army looked inside, the Demon Emperor was already nowhere to be seen. Then, the Demos went into panic and the Alliance Army managed to sweep the floor and won the war. The rumours said, that Tooru-sama the ‘Holy Sword Hero’ sacrificed himself to perish together with the Demon Emperor after the Demon Emperor killed his four companions , the ‘Axe Warlord’ Erina-sama, the ‘Dragon Master’ Riria-sama, the ‘Holy Saint’ Lucy-sama, and also the ‘Silver Masked Sage’ Z-za..ze…mhm, I forgot his name…,” said Bernardt.

‘Ughhhh…, why does everybody always forget about me? It’s Zedediah… I fought the Demon Emperor for everybody’s sake, you know…uhuhuhuuuu,’ I frowned as I orz-ed on the top of the carriage.

Yup, my real name is Zedediah, alias the ‘Silver Masked Sage’, the ‘Chantless Magician’, or the ‘Fire Lord’. And I really am one of the Hero’s companions that went to kill the Demon Emperor.

‘It’s all because of that damned mask… I-I just want to be popular with women!! People said that mysterious man is popular, so I kept wearing that mask. But, why did Eririn, Lucy, and Ri-chan and even all the women, that we met along the way, only liked that bastard Tooru…?! It’s not faaaiiiiiiir!!!’ I screamed in my mind while rolling all over the carriage roof.

“People said, that under his silver mask, was a pair of sharp, thin eyes that looks exactly like the Demon’s. He was also wearing a long, black, scary robe and loved to torture his enemies with [Fireball] magic. Well, to sum it up, he was ‘creepy’….” said Alex.

“Uaaaaaaahhhhh… What kind of rumour is that? I just want to be mysterious, and it’s not like I like to torture people with [Fireball], but [Fireball] is the only magic that I can use…’ I orz-ed while banging my head on the carriage roof.

“Cut it out Z!! Don’t broke my carriage when you don’t even have the money for the repair!! And what are you even doing up there?!” shouted Bernardt as he knocked the carriage roof with his book from below.

“No-no-nothing!! I just smacked some insects that bit me when I was trying to sleep.”

“Gahahaha! Don’t sleep too much when you are still young!! Go train your magic or something!” laughed Alex.

“Ahahaha….,” I laughed dryly as I heard Alex’s rebuke. ‘It’s not that I don’t want to train. I just can’t train any other magic beside this [Fireball]…,” I sighed.

When I was a kid, while many other childern could learn 2-3 element from the Six Element System of Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, and Darkness, I could only use the Fire Element System. At first, It wasn’t that bad; a Single Element Magician is nothing rare after all. But then, as I grew older, I found that, except for [Fireball] spell, no matter what other Fire Magic spells I tried to chant, nothing would come out. And since then, began my hellish life as a Single Spell Magician. But, It’s a story for another time.

‘Demon Emperor was indeed beaten by us, but none of us died though. We beat him in only 30 minutes, it wasn’t like he was weak, but he wasn’t all that strong either. Then, after beating him, the Holy Sword Goddess, that summoned Tooru from another world, descended in front of us, together with the so-called bright light that people all over the world remembered…’

It pissed me off everytime I remembered that scenes…

“Oh.. Brave Heroes…, thank you for helping this world… Now, let me grant you your wish!” said the white-robed Goddess to all of us.

Hmmm… I am worried about my families, can you take me home?” said Tooru absentmindedly.

’What?! We beat the Demon Emperor and he only wants to go home?? This blockhead doesn’t even realize that Erina, Lucy, and Riria is looking at him with a shocked expression!! Even the Goddess is trying to hold her laughter there!’

When I heard Tooru’s wish to the Goddess, I was shocked beyond belief, and the other three girls as well. After all, they never thought that they will get separated from Tooru. But sadly, Tooru was so dense that he didn’t even realize about the three girls’ feelings.

Pfft…I do can,” said the Goddess while holding her laughter seeing the dense Hero and her three poor harem.

But then, ”……eekkk…b-b-but are you really sure about thiiiis??” asked the Goddes nervously after being given death glares by the three girls behind Tooru.

“Yes, my little brother and grandfather are the only family I have left. They are really important for me, I have left them for too long,” said Tooru to the Goddess.

We all fell silent. Tooru had already told us about him and his little brother, and also about his parents, who were dead after a car accident and left him alone with his little brother and their old grandfather.

‘Hmm…, typical of Tooru…, stupid but kind,’ I just sighed and shook my head.

Very well…, I will send you back. And as a bonus, I will send you to 5 minutes after you were summoned. Is that okay?” asked the Goddess while smiling kindly at Tooru.

“Yes! Thank you very much Goddess!!” shouted Tooru. Then, he turned to us, his companions and said, “My friends, thank you for all this time. I love you guys, if not for all of you, I won’t be here. We have fought together, and finally we have won. Now, it’s the time for me to go back.” He smiled widely as a drop of tear started to fall down from the edge of his eye.

“NO!! I-I don’t want to be separated from you!!” shouted Lucy as she ran to Tooru with tears on her eyes. She then hugged him hard, while her tears were falling down onto Tooru’s mithril armor.

‘Damn, that popular musclehead…’ I got a mixed feeling of sad and envy.

Well…you can just wish to go with him though…,” said the Goddess while tilting her head innocently.

“EEEEHHHHH??!!!” shrieked the three girl.

‘Nooooo, why did you have to tell them that Goddess!!! I want to have at least one of the three to fall for me after they get separated from Tooru! That’s why I said nothing about that!!’

Of course I realized that going with Tooru is one of available wishes, but heck why should I say that to the girls? I like them too, but their heart were already Tooru’s… Poor me.

“Then! I want to go together with Tooru!!” said Erina

“Me too!! Me too!!!” said Riria while jumping up and down on top of her dragon’s head.

“Please take me too, Tooru…,” said Lucy while looking up to Tooru’s eye from his embrace,

‘Uuugh, I never even hugged any of them, and they all already want to go…’

“Are you guys really sure about this? There is no magic there you know,” said Tooru while scratching the back of his head.

“Yes I am!” said Erina.

“Me too!!” said Riria while nodding her head.

“I want to follow you wherever you go…” said Lucy while smiling brightly at him.

‘YOU…LUCKY BASTARD!!!’ I screamed in my mind.

Very well then… Walk across this Door, and you will be home,” said the Goddess while flicking her thumb and index finger. Then suddenly, a really old looking door floated above the ground beside the Goddess.

“Well Zed, we will be going to Tooru’s world, do you want to come with us?” asked Lucy while holding Tooru’s arm.

‘Uuuuuuuu… why is my luck with women really bad? They invited me, but they will just ignore me again after we are there…,’ I just cried in my heart.

I just sighed, then breathed in heavily. After that, I put off my mask and said to them, ”No, I will just enjoy my life here and find a wife or something. Tooru, take care of them for me okay, and cure that dense head of yours. Ah! One more! Take this mask and give it to your brother as a souvenir or something.” I gave my mask to Tooru and looked once more at the four happy faces. ‘Well, they should be happy now. No more fighting against magical beasts or demons. They can live their love life in peace, so I should be happy for them…’

“I will, and thanks for the mask. But, am I really that dense?” said Tooru as he  tilted his head in confusion.

Seeing that, the three girls all nodded heavily at the same time.

Sigh… Just take care, okay…,” I said once again.

“Un, good Bye Zed…,” said Tooru.

“Bye Zed…,” said Erina while smiling at me.

“Bye Byeee~~ take care of Dora-chan okay!!” said Riria while waving her hand at me. Dora-chan is her giant Fire Dragon by the way.

“Sorry to leave you alone Zed…,” said Lucy while crying.

“Nah, I will be fine here…,” I sighed at the kindhearted Lucy.

Then, they all went through the door and left. Seeing the four of them, the Goddess just smiled and started to slowly fade away into the sky.

“Wait!! Wait!!!! What about my wish?!” I shouted at the Goddess.

Oh right…you are still here… What do you want then?? Quick, I will fade away in 10…9…”



“I want… I want…”

‘What the hell do I want?! Money? Fame? Power? No… I already got power… and I will have unlimited money after salvaging the demon castle treasury. I have no need for fame as well… So, what should I wish for??’ I panicked inside.


‘……women?! No! One is enough!! A wife…!! Hmmm, but a wife without love is not good…, then… a girlfriend, yeah a girlfriend!!’



“……….” the Goddes fell silence. Dora-chan, that sat on the corner of the room, also made a strange expression and only shook his head. Somehow, I could guess what was in his head, he should be thinking like this, ‘Poor boy, left behind by three women, got ignored by all the women he met, and now asks a girlfriend from the Goddess…’

“………” I waited for the Goddess’ answer. Silence fell upon us for a pretty long time. ‘She said she will go after ten seconds, and now she let me waiting for 5 minutes already… Can’t she grant me a girlfriend? Is my luck with women really that bad, that even a Goddess can’t give me one??’ I cried as I thought about it. Dora-chan kept shaking his head again and again.

Then suddenly, she said to me, “Boy… It’s not that I can’t fulfill your wish…, but, do you really have no other wish beside that?

“No!” I shouted straightforwardly.

I will think about it.” After the Goddess said that, she just fade away in a blink of an eye.

“Wait…what? She will…think about it?…that’s all??” I fell down to the floor then rolled around and around.


Dora-chan laughed out loud while holding his stomach.

‘Will I be a single for the rest of my live…?’ I was scared to imagine that possibility, ‘I-I can’t take this anymore!!!!!’

“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!” I laughed loudly like a crazy Demon Emperor as I casted my strongest [Fireball] in frenzy. I made it with a diameter of 20 m, and then compressed it into a small ball only as big as a palm of a baby’s hand.

When Dora-chan saw me enraged like that, he started to fly outside the window as fast as he could.

“If I gained nothing, then why should I fight all this time?!! This damned Demon Castle!!! Explodeeeee!!!!!!!!” I shouted as I threw the small sized [Fireball] to the floor. Then, it was just like all the story that was told by the people. The Demon Castle exploded leaving behind nothing but rubbles.

I, too, was blown away by the impact. After all, I was too enraged to think about my own safety. Luckily, Dora-chan was still around, he catched me on air, and then brought me to his old lair in Nevs Kingdom.

Just like the story: The Demon Emperor was dead. A light shone down upon the castle. The Demon Castle exploded. And the Hero and his companions were gone. Well, I was the one who blew up the castle though.

‘It has been two years since then and I still got no girlfriend, I even have no money left. Sigh…I should have taken all the treasure before blowing that shitty castle apart. Even Dora-chan had found a female dragon last year and threw me out of his home to make a love nest. Damn, that stupid dragon! Now I have to work my ass off as an adventurer to eat everyday. Haaaah….. I wonder how Tooru and the girls are doing right now… Is marriage with three girs even allowed in his world? I hope so, so that stupid dense has to work three times harder than normal people…hahahaha…,’ I laughed, but at the same time, I also feel sad and envy. ‘I want nothing but someone to love, and to love me back… and Tooru even got three of that…’

“That damn Goddess…,” I grumbled while facing upwards to the sky. Then suddenly, a sword shaped light floated above me. It spun a dozen of times, and then magically turn into an old looking door facing right at my sleeping body.

‘Hmmm…? I think, I have seen this door somewhere…,’ I tried hard to remember. ‘Aahh…! isn’t this the Goddess’ door that lead to Tooru’s world?? ……..wait, what?! Why would a door appear here??’

Then, before I could even straighten up, the door suddenly opened and a naked girl fell onto me.


The girl was unconcious. She looked around 15-16 years old, with a waist long black hair, perfect shaped eyebrows, long eyelashes, petite lips, pretty nose, pure white skins, and a really beatiful body. To sum it up: ‘A really perfect girl’.

I stared hard at her naked body from top to bottom. ‘What a beatiful girl… Hmm? That wound on her wrist, did she try to suicide or something? …poor girl…,’ I said to myself. ‘Wait!! She is naked right now!! I-I should give her something to wear!’

I looked around me, but I couldn’t find anything wearable on this empty wooden roof. ’Ah! I can just give her my robe for now…,’ I thought to myself. So, I put her down slowly onto the carriage roof and started to open my robe.

But then, because of the falling sound of the girl, Bernardt shouted at me while knocking the carriage roof from below, “Z, what is with the ruckus up there?! Did something happen?!”

Hearing that, I cursed in my mind, ‘Wah?! Oh shit!! She is gonna wake up…’

Slowly, she opened her big round eyes. Her pupils were dark brown with a hint of sadness inside it, but still, it looked really beautiful to me. Seeing that pair of beautiful eyes, I unintentionally ended up staring at her, and she was also staring back at me. I was still holding the robe with both of my hand, as I tried to cover her body before, but now, I didn’t dare to move at all. I was afraid that she would misunderstand me as a kidnapper, because sadly, I really did look like one at the moment.

Then, she looked down on herself. From her eyes, I could somehow see a hint of shock flashing by. Well, she was naked after all. Suddenly, her face turned really red as she hurriedly squeezed her thighs to cover her dangerous area. She also moved her left hand to hide her plump breasts from my oogling eyes. Finally, she moved her eyes to stare at me again.

I didn’t know what just happened and I also couldn’t think that clearly after suddenly seeing a girl falling naked over me. But a hint of idea just flashed inside my mind, so I asked her, “Are…you….maybe….my girlfriend?”

After hearing my question, her face suddenly turned redder just like a tomato. She then bit her lip slowly as her tears started pouring out from the edge of her eyes. And I could also feel  that her body was trembling. Was it because of anger?

And it was indeed because of anger. There, I saw her right hand, clenching tightly, readying itself to do something…

‘Oh no… I have a bad feeling about this now….’

“Perveeeert!!!” she shouted.

“Wait What?! I’m not a perv-”


Before I could even finish my retort, her fist already flew onto my face. And then, I fell unconcious.

Well, that was my first meeting with her, my girlfriend that was sent by the Goddess. But, is she really…?

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