Book 1 Chapter 3 – What is this feeling?

“What do you want?! You pervert!!” shouted Sakura as she glared at me with a pair of eyes full of disdain.

‘Ugghhh… being called a pervert is fine, but those eyes are like looking at a disgusting insect. At this rate, my little heart will be broken sooner or later…uuuuuuu…’ I cried in my heart.

“You know her Z?” asked Harvey.

I walked to them and said, ”She is a ‘daughter’ of a friend.”

‘The less people knows about her, the better, she has the Holy Sword after all…’

“Well if she is your acquaintance, then it’s nothing strange for her to just suddenly appear out of nowhere, hahaha…” laughed Alex.

“Hahaha, everything about Z are strange after all,” Harvey nodded.

“Really, is it fine like that?” asked Bernardt.

“Hahaha… no worries. She looks totally harmless, isn’t she? And Z already told us that she is an acquaintance after all,” said Harvey while tapping Bernardt’s shoulder.

Bernardt frowned a little before finally saying, “Well, if you guys already say so, then I don’t have any problem with it. After all, it just means more guards for me…”

“But I won’t pay her okay? She just showed up out of nowhere after all,” said Bernardt while grinning.

“Hahahaha… What a stingy guy,” said Harvey jokingly,

“Well, let’s go then! If we keep staying here, we will attract the Magical Beasts,” said Alex while climbing up into the carriage.

“Ah wait a minute! You guys wait in the carriage. I need to speak to her for a bit.” Then I jumped onto the carriage roof and said to her, “Let’s go down for a bit, I need to talk to you.”

“N-No!!” She hugged the robe and walked back to avoid me.

I furrowed my brows and said, “Eh? Why? We won’t go for too long, I only need to tell you about something small after all.”

“No! You will throw me to the bush and r-r-rape me, won’t you??!!! You pervert!!” she shouted to me with reddened cheeks and teary eyes.

‘EEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHH… is my image really that low inside her mind??? I only want to give her some clothes,’ I orz-ed on the carriage roof.

“Don’t bully the little girl, Z~~” said the guys from below.

I sighed and said to her, “Haaah… if you don’t want to go, then fine…[Storage].” I took out a pair of trouser and shirt from my ‘Storage Ring’.

“Here, wear this for now. I will buy you girl’s clothes later.”

She hugged the robe tighter with an embarrased look on her face.

“I-I will kill you if you peek, okay!!” she said that while taking the clothes from my hand.

“Don’t worry Jou-chan (AN: little princess) we will keep an eye on him,” said Harvey from below.

“Yes…yes… I will go down then,” I said to her while jumping down from the roof.

Then I walked to the front of the carriage.

“Why does she keep calling you ‘pervert’? Did you do something bad to her? You have to treat a girl on her age carefully, you know?” said Alex from the driver’s seat.

“Girl’s puberty is indeed a scary thing,” said Harvey. The three middle aged man then nodded together.

“I did nothing bad to her!! It was just a misunderstanding!” I tried to defend myself.

“She looks as old as my daughter back home, so don’t try to do something funny to her, okay? Or I will need to sacrifice myself to let her run away from you. Ahahahaha…” said Harvey while laughing.

“Do I really look like a pervert???” I retorted to them.

Then they laughed together to mock me.

“Are you sure it’s okay for a young girl like her to go with us?” asked Bernardt.

I thought about her punch for a bit, and then said, “She is as strong as me, so it’s fine I guess.”

“Oh, so there really is someone as strong as you,” said Alex while lifting one of his eyebrows.

“Haha… of course there is. What do you think I am? Demon Emperor?”

‘Demon Emperor is weaker than me though…’

“Is Z really that strong? His body is so thin,” asked Bernardt.

“He is strong. He said that he is a magician, but I rarely saw him use his magic when we were subjugating the Magical Beasts near Rudia. He always kills those Beasts in one stroke with his sword,” said Harvey to Bernardt.

“Are you really that strong?” said a voice from above. Sakura’s head is popping from the roof, peeping on us.

‘Hooo…so she was listening to us…is my image already better in her head now?’ I felt a little happy in my heart.

“Well, maybe, who knows? But that’s not important, are you done changing? Come down into the carriage, we will resume the journey,” I said to her while smiling.

“No. I don’t want to go near a pervert,” she said while looking at me with dead-fish eyes.

‘Ughhh… Goddess! This ‘daughter’ of yours is really hard to take care of,’ I cried again in my head.

“But I really like to take a nap up there…” I said to her.

“From now on the roof is mine! You may not come up!” She glared at me with an A shaped mouth. ( AN : like this \( > A<)/  )

“Uuuuu….” I orz-ed on the ground.

“Just sit at the back of the carriage Z, the front is already full. And we don’t want to get mistaken as a pervert like you,” said Harvey while grinning. Alex and Bernardt grinned from ear to ear too.

“Y-You guys!!”

I was shocked, it has not been even 10 minutes after she arrived, and my friends already sided with her to mock me. ‘Uuuuuu…I should have wished for something when Astraea asked me about my second wish…this job is really hard…’ I cried while going to the back of the carriage.


-Sakura’s POV-

I sat on top of the carriage while looking around the forest.

‘What a strange world, no asphalt roads, no electrical poles, no stores, is it really safe here? W-what will I do if they want to assault me?? Is there police box around here??’ I looked around panickly.

‘A-astraea-sama lent me a Holy Sword, but I don’t know how to use it.’ I furrowed my brows while thinking about the sword, ‘I don’t even know how that thing looks like… Hmmmm… like a katana maybe?’ Then my right hand lit up and a katana suddenly appeared over it.

‘Uaaahhh…! That scared me! Well, at least I can defend myself with this for now. But, where should I put it?? It’s pretty dangerous to carry a thing this sharp… or… can I just make it disappear like when I made it appear?’ I imagined the Holy Sword dissapearing from my hand, and then it flashed again and disappeared.

‘How convenient~~ let’s try it again~~~ can it take another shape??’ I started to imagine a kitchen knife, and then, after a flash of light, a knife appeared in my right hand. ‘Waaa… it looks really sharp… Let’s see what else it can change into…’

I made it disappear and re-appear time and time again with different shapes.

Suddenly, a sound was heard from behind me, “Looks like you are having fun right now, am I disturbing you?” I saw his head, popping up from below the carriage and looking at me playing with the sword.

I lifted my bat-shapped sword and slammed it to his head. Sadly, he jumped away before the bat could hit him, but he still fell down from the carriage.

He fell down on his butt, and then shouted at me “Uwaaah…that was dangerous!”

“I told you, the roof is off limit. I will kill you if you peek again,” I said to him while glaring.

He looked dissatisfied, but then stood up and ran back into the carriage. I then waited for a while to see if he would pop his head again, but he didn’t. ‘Good…’

‘Did Astraea-sama really sent me to this weak-looking pervert?’ I furrowed my brows.

‘Hmmm… I can’t think of anything. Maybe, I should just ask him? If he is lying, then I will just smack his head,’ after I thought about it, I walked to the edge of the carriage roof, holding the bat on my right hand.

-Zed’s POV-

“Hey pervert!” a sound was heard from above me, so I turned my head and looked at it. There, I saw Sakura’s head, popping from the roof and glaring at me with her eyes.

‘Did I do something wrong again? I am just sitting here trying to sleep…or is she going to tell me to go away now? But… that’s really mean…’

“Don’t ignore me!” she shouted while swinging the strange shaped Holy Sword at me.

I avoided it while saying, “Y-Yes? I won’t ignore you again, so stop trying to hit my head.”

“I will hit whoever I want with this ‘bat’!”

‘Oh so it’s called a ‘bat’, why though? It doesn’t look like a bat at all, it has no wings and it’s not black… Hmmm… whatever… it’s not important…’

“Do you want anything from me?” I asked her.

“Did Astraea-sama really asked you to help me?”

I gazed at her and said, “You don’t trust me?”

She answered straightforwardly, “No.”

I smiled at her and said, “Good, that’s your first lesson, ‘Never trust someone you only met!’”

“He is right! You never know who will cheat on you!” said Harvey.

“I don’t even trust my own secretary, if I do, I won’t be a succesfull merchant!” said Bernardt while twisting his moustache.

“And that’s your second lesson, ‘Always keep your ear open, you never know, what things you can hear from people around you.’”

“Isn’t that eavesdropping?” said Sakura while furrowing her brows.

“No, we call it ‘Information Gathering’!” said Alex from the driver seat.

“The third lesson is, ‘Don’t talk too much about yourself and the people you know to someone else, as it can be used against you’.”

She nodded and began to ponder about something.

I smiled to her and said, “The fourth lesson is, ‘Never look to the back while sitting on the top of a carriage’.”

She stared at me and asked, “Wh-”


I jumped and catched her in princess carry style before she fell to the ground.

As she lay there in my arms, I smiled at her and said, “Because you will get hit on the back of your head by wild branches like that.”

She jumped down from my arms and then stepped on my toes. “Hmmph! I don’t need your help!!” she said to me while rubbing the back of her head.

Seeing that, I just chuckled.

We then ran to the carriage that stopped not far from us.

“Don’t just jump down from the carriage like that. If I didn’t realize, then you will get left behind and have to walk far away by yourself… I am too lazy to turn back the carriage,” said Alex to us.

“Sorry about that Alex-san!” I clasped my hand in apology.

Then I walked to the back of the carriage again, there, I saw Sakura jumping up and down, trying to get up onto the carriage roof.

“Do you need any help?” I asked her.

“…” she threw her face away from me and said nothing.

I jumped up to the carriage roof and then stretched my hand down to her. “Come, take my hand,” I said.

She just stared at my hand and said nothing.

“I won’t do anything, come on!” I smiled at her.

Then she grasped my hand slowly. As I grabbed her hand with mine, I pulled her up in one breath onto the carriage roof. She looked surprised and asked, “How did you do that?”

Seeing her getting curious like that, I suddenly had the urge to tease her. “Remember the third lesson?” I grinned at her.

“Never talk too much about yourself…tsk… so, what’s your plan? I will follow you for now, but if you try to trick me, then I will beat you up,” she said to me while tapping her hand with her Holy Bat.

“Come and sit down, or you will get hit by branches again,” I said to her while I lay myself down on the carriage roof.

She sat down and looked at me.

“For now, we will finish my job of escorting Bernardt-san. And on the way, I will teach you the common sense of this world. There is still 6-7 days till the destination, so you can take it easy.”

She furrowed her browse and said, “Hmmm…okay…”

“So, do you have any question before I explain anything to you? Just ask.”

“I have a lot of questions in my mind, but I don’t know which one I should ask first.”

I sat up and smiled at her. “Ask anyhing, we still have enough times for some questions before it gets dark anyway.”

“Hmphh… Okay, let me think for a bit… Oh, right! Where am I? This is not Earth, is it?”

“Good question! No, this is not earth. I myself don’t know what name this world has, but this continent is called Holy Goddess Continent.”

“Holy Goddess Continent?” she tilted her head and said, ”you mean As-”

Before she finished her word, I put my index finger in front of her mouth in order to silence her.

“W-what are you doing?!” She backed away from my finger and lifted her Holy Bat.

“Wait!! It’s important so listen closely!”

She frowned, but then put her bat back down.

I moved closer to her and whispered, “Normal people doesn’t know her real name, so don’t speak of it so casually…”

She just nodded and then pushed me away from her with her bat.

“This Holy Goddes Continent is a big continent that splits into two parts, the Human Continent on the east and the Demon Continent on the west.” I said to her as I drew a circle on top of the carriage roof with a knife.

Then, in the middle of the circle, I drew a line to sperate it into two. “The two continent is separated by a really long mountain range. Because the mountain range is full of Magical Beasts, the people calls it Magical Beast Mountain Range, simple right?”

Her brows wrinkled as she said to me, “So un-imaginative… what’s with that lame naming sense…”

“Hahahaha… I agree with Jou-chan!” said Alex from below.

I just shrugged my shoulder as I too didn’t know who named it like that.

“………So, where are we at right now?” She looked at the circle that I drew.

“We are on our way to Nevs city, the Capital city of Nevs Kingdom. So, it should be around here,” I said to her while pointing on the south east part of the circle.

“Okay, so we are currently at the Human Continent, and what’s with the Demon Continent?” She tilted her head and pointed at the west side of the circle.

“Demon Continent is where the Demons live, of course!”

“Demons?” she asked me.

I gazed to the west and said to her, “Yes, the Demons, the Humanity’s biggest enemies. They control thousands Magical Beasts, ravage our fields, burn our homes, kill our men, enslave the women, eat our children, and…”

Sakura’s face turned more and more scared as I told her about what the Demons do.

“But, it has been more peaceful lately, since the Demon Emperor was killed by the Hero and his Companions,” said Harvey.

“Oooooooh… Good then, so there is no more danger…,” a hint of relieve was shown on her face when she said that.

“Not really” I shook my head.

“The Demons have retreated back to the Demon Continent. But who knows what they are planning? And there is tons of Magical Beasts that live in the wilderness, so we still have to be careful.”

“Magical Beasts? What are they? Are they cute?” her eyes glittered as she asked me about that.

“Hmmm…there maybe some that is cute…, but because they were weak, they usually get eaten by the stronger Magical Beasts,” I said to her.

“You can find the weak Magical Beasts near the city and try to tame them though. My daughter tamed a Rabbit Beast and keeps it at home ‘til now,” said Harvey.

“Ooh, Rabbit Beast is indeed a rare one,” I said.

“Why?” asked Sakura.

“Hmm, to make it simple, a Magical Beast is a wild animal that has lived long enough and absorbed lots of mana from the nature. And then, it will evolve into Magical Beast. Moreover, their evolution depends from what kind of mana they absorb from the nature.And that mana, will crystallize inside their body into a Magical Core.

So, a weak rabbit will naturally have it harder than other animals to evolve into a Magical Beast. Because many predator will try to eat it before it’s able to absorb enough mana.

And a domestic animal can’t become a Magical Beast as well. They need to absorb the mana from the wilderness to become a Magical Beast.”

“Hmm…so complicated…,” she furrowed her brows.

“Don’t think too much about it. Just remember, when a Magical Beast attacks you, then kill it and take its Magical Core. You can use it for alchemy, sell it at the adventurer guild, or sell it to a merchant like me! Ahahaha,” laughed Bernardt.

“Hmmm…I got it…” She nodded again and again.

“Or you can try to tame them. Like the companion of the Hero, the ‘Dragon Master’!” said Alex.

“Oh, you can tame a dragon??? How?” she asked him with shining eyes.

“Dragon is really hard to tame, only one person has succedeed on taming it, and that is the ‘Dragon Master’! She was the legend in the Beastmaster world,” said Harvey enthusiastically.

“Woooow….” Sakura’s mouth made a big O to show her amazement.

I suddenly felt nostalgic and remembered about her. ‘Back then, the five of us beat a dragon half dead, but, before we managed to take its Magical core, Riria stopped us. She said that she wanted to take care of it, because it looked like a dog she had back home. I don’t know which part of that dragon looked like a dog though.

At first, we were unable to agree with her decision, but she still insisted on saving it while crying. In the end, we gave up. So I asked the Dragon, will it come with us obediently, or will it die here.

High level Magical Beasts are smart, so they can understand human’s speech. At first, it rejected us and growled madly, but then, Riria slowly walked closer to him and hugged his dying head while crying. She then said, “Please, come with me, I won’t hurt you…”

The dragon fell silent. But then, it suddenly opened its mouth. I thought that it was going to eat her, but then, with its big tongue, it licked Riria’s tears. It then bowed to her and growled softly. The Dragon acknowledged Riria as its master. And Riria named him ‘Dora’.

Strange name….’

“There is three ways of taming a Magical Beast,” I said to her.

She stared at me with sparkly eyes while listening seriously.

“First, if the Magical Beasts is weak, like a Dog Beast, Cat Beast, or Horse Beast, you can try feeding them food. If you show them affection, maybe they will like you and acknowledge you as their ‘friend’.”

She nodded and said, “And the second?”

“The second is harder, you have to steal a baby of two Magical Beasts. A child between two Magical Beasts will become a Magical Beast as well, they have Magical Cores, but only with a small amount of mana inside. You can be their ‘parent’ if you take care of them, but it’s still stealing a child from their parent, so….”

She looked sad and said, “I don’t want to do something like that….”

“The third one is the easiest, yet also the hardest. You beat them up, and then ask them to submit to you. If they acknowledge your strength, then you will become their master. But some Magical Beasts prefer to die than to submit to a human, so it all depends on luck as well.”

“Hooo…, so if I can beat up a dragon, I will become their master…” she said as she gazed at the sky with gliterring eyes.

“Hahahaha… Dragons are hard to find though…and not every one of them can fly like you imagine…”

“Eeeh?” she frowned and gazed down in disappointment.

“Dragons come from lizards. They evolved into a dragon after countless years of absorbing mana, maybe a thousand or even ten thousand years. And the only dragon that can fly, is the one that can absorb wind type mana, but the lizards, that can evolve into dragons, usually able to absorb two or more type of mana. It shows that only talented lizards can become a dragon,” I explained to her.

‘I can just take her to meet Dora-chan’s children later though. He was a Fire-Wind dragon, so his children should be able to fly.’

“Hey Z, it’s almost dark outside, come down and help us to set the camp,” said Alex while stopping the carriage on a small open field in the middle of the forest.

“Got it!” I answered him and jumped down. I got into the carriage and picked up the camp equipments.

But, when I wanted to put down the equipments, Sakura’s head suddenly popped out from above. “I-I want to help too, what should I do?” she asked.

“Hmm…. let me put this down first. I will ask Alex-san.”

“Ok,” she said.

So I put down the equipments on the open field and asked Alex. After that, I went back to the carriage and said to her, “He said, I should set the equipments. He and Harvey-san will go hunt some animals for dinner. Normally, Bernardt-san will collect some branches for the camp fire, and we take turns to cook. Today is supposed to be my turn, but I suck at cooking. So, do you want to help me?”

“Hmm…okay. I like cooking anyway. I will go help Bernardt-san to find some branches too, maybe I can find some wild vegetables to cook,” she said while nodding and smiling happily at me.

‘Ughhhh…..that smile is so bright and deadly.’ My heart almost jumped out when I saw it.

“Okay, then I will set up the tents. B-Be careful when you collect the branches! Just shout if something happened,” I said to her. Then I hurriedly turned my body to go back to the campsite. My heart was still beating so fast, so I was afraid that she would find out.

“U-um….per-pervert-san! …wait!”

I turned back and said, “I’m not a pervert you know….”

“B-But you never told me your name!!”

“Oh, right…! I forgot…! I thought she told you about me already…”

“No… She said nothing about you…, did she tell you anything about me?” she flustered a little.

I shook my head and said, “She told me that I should ask you about it myself when you are ready. And people usually calls me Z, you can call me that for now, I will tell you more about myself when I feel like it, too.” I grinned then turned back again.

“W-wait ‘Zet’!!”

I turned my head back and looked at her. “Do you need anything else?”

She looked at me with a reddened cheeks and trembling lips. “C-can you help me down? It’s pretty high…”

“!@#$%^, How can someone who tried to kill me, looked so cute like this now… Is this what the people in the capital called ‘Gap-Moe’???’

I put both of my arms up and said with a poker face, “Jump down. I will catch you.”

“O-okay…,” she said. Then she jumped into my hands.

As I gently caught her with my hands under her armpits, I also managed to sneakily hug her. ‘So sooooft….’ I thought as I felt her body pressed into mine.

But, before she could even react, I already released my hands from her. I don’t want to get hit after all. “Ok, down you go… Look! Bernardt-san is already going to leave to pick the branches. Don’t you need to go with him?”

With a reddened face, she gazed down and nodded. “Un…okay,” she said bashfully.

Then she ran away from me.

As I saw her running cutely further and further away from me, I furrowed my brows while rubbing my chin and scratching the back of my head.

Then I thought…

‘Is this…what they call love…?’

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13 thoughts on “Book 1 Chapter 3 – What is this feeling?

    1. Same here. For a person whove experienced death for over 16 years, the psychological trauma would be insane. I expected her to be the silent type and gradually open up to Z. Even mature soldier face PTSD over deaths and war atrocities and need therapy, for a child to be so bubbly is unprecedented. Perhaps the author can introduce some form of traumatic attack later jn the future chapters. Nevertheless, it’s still a good read and thank you for writing!

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  1. Why does the girl not even care that she just killed all her closest friends and family. She is freakishly happy and energetic. She is also strangely air-headed. I realize this is comedy, but things are funnier when the characters make sense. The goddesses doesn’t make much sense either. Why would she make him unlucky with women and then throw a woman at him? It will only lead to unhappiness for the girl. Whatever, I give up on figuring out the logic of your story. I will try to appreciate this as a gag story.


    1. You have read chapter 1.5 right? and Sakura didn’t really forgot about what she did, she just unconciously put it on the back of her mind, her trauma will be put in story clearly later… She is still 16 years old…and then thrown into a new world

      And the Goddess never made him unlucky with woman at all, he just did. She never directly plays with human’s destiny, she just takes care of the life…

      But, really, thanks for your opinion 😀 i sometimes missed these little things as they played in my mind like a movie and forgot to write it clearer

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      1. she seems manic depressive. one day so depressed suicide looks good, the next bright cheery and happy like nothing wrong has ever happened… but then i am some average person who doesn’t know much about the subject.


        1. Yup, I somehow should make her more depressive, I guess. But, she just somehow like that, I have no idea why :v Something ‘strange’ happened after Astraea ‘cured’ her, if you know what I mean


  2. Its just the beginning but every time I see “orz-ed” I get irritated reading it cause 1st I had to look up what it meant and second cause it causes a pause in the story trying to pronounce it so the story doesn’t flow


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