Book 1 Chapter 6 – The Bloodstained Afternoon

Let’s turn back the time a bit to see what Sakura was doing…

I was still lying madly under the blanket when the carriage suddenly stopped. Then I heard a voice came from outside the tent, “Sakura, we are going to rest here. Let’s go down, I will take your tent down as wll.”

‘Muuu! Don’t wanna! I-I will ignore him!’ I sulked. ‘Muuuu!!! I was worried about him, but he just gave me another Magical Core! What does he think I am? A kid?!’

I just couldn’t accept the fact that I really looked way too happy, just like a little kid, when he gave me the first Magical Core.

‘I-it’s not like I even want this Magical Core, you know?!’ I stared again at the Magical Core in my hand and thought, ’but…what color was the second one that he wanted to give me? Was it black and red? I wonder which one is prettier… Eh? No! Now I really look like a child that was given a candy! Muuuuuu!’ I felt slightly angrier at him than before, so I rolled myself deeper under the blanket. ‘Muuu! I won’t come out! I will sleep above the carriage today!’ I started to sound more and more irrational.

But then, I was suddenly being lifted up together with my tent, as I could feel a hand was holding my body from below the leather bed and lifted me up. ‘Eh what happened? Am I being kidnapped by a Magical Beast?’ I panicked a little.

After a while, I felt that my body was taken down from the carriage. I got scared and wondered where Z was. But, before I could do anything, my body was already being put back down to the ground. I could feel the squishy grass from under my leather bed.

And then, Z’s voice was heard from outside again, “I will be going to hunt for dinner, ask Alex-san if you want to help with anything, okay?”

‘E-Eh…? He is going to leave me alone? B-But…yesterday he promised me to look for vegetables together!’ I felt sad to know that he forgot about our promise.

‘I-It was my fault that I stayed in the tent and didn’t want to come out… B-But it doesn’t mean that he should just forget about our promise, right?? Stupid Z!!’ I started being irrational again. I was the one who sulked, but, when he went away, I was the one who got angry.

‘Stupid! Stupid! Stupid Z!!! Just go die when you hunt!! If you don’t! I will feed you with strange vegetables!!!’ I went out from the tent in fury.

After that, I went to Alex-san. “Alex-san! I want to go find some vegetables for dinner!” I said to him with a slight hint of irritation in my tone.

He looked a bit surprised, but he didn’t ask me about it. He just furrowed his brows a bit and pointed towards the north. “I can hear a faint sound of river from over there. Maybe there will be some vegetables near it, but don’t go too far okay? Just scream when you meet something,” he said. “Here is a leather bag for you, you can keep it. Just be careful, okay? Z will kill me if something happened to you.”

‘If Z is worried about me, then he should have gone with me to collect vegetables!! Stupid Z!!’ I puffed my cheeks as I took the leather bag and put it on my shoulder.

Then, I nodded and said to him, “Got it! I will be going then!”

So I went north for around 10 minutes, before I finally found a pretty wide river with a waterfall on it.

‘Uahhh…what a beautiful waterfall… If only he was here with me… ,‘ I started feeling down. But then, I just felt angry again, ‘Eh!! Why am I thinking about that idiot!! He was the one who forgot about the promise!! Fufufufu…let’s found some dangerous vegetables!!!’

I started to prowl around the bushes near the riverside, looking for vegetables. ‘Ah!! A weird looking mushroom!! Ah there is another one here!! Ooo!! Lots of different mushroom!! Fufufufu!! I will cook him a mushroom soup!! I don’t care how it taste! As long as he got stomachache!’ I was so mad that I didn’t even consider that I could kill him with all that mushrooms.

But then, as I was still busy collecting the mushrooms, ‘Uuuu…hmm…aaah…, wh-why now….?!’ I suddenly had the urge to pee.

‘Wh-where should I go??’ I looked around me panickly.

‘It’s all bushes here!! Uuuuu…, should I just do it??’ I just couldn’t hold it anymore. ’No choice then! Is there anything I can use for wiping later?? Ah! those leaves looks big enough!!’

I took some wide leaves from a tree, and washed it with water from the river. ‘This should be good enough! I already can’t hold it anymore!!’ I panicked then run to a nearby bush.

But, just when I was standing behind a bush, I suddenly heard a sound.


I saw a flash of orange and red, jumping from tree to tree. Seeing that, I got really scared and dove down into the bush to hide myself; my skin was cut a little, but I was too scared to care about it.

‘What is that?? Is that a Magical Beast?’ I moved my body slowly, so I could see what that was, from inside the bush.


There, I saw a huge orange-colored creature, with blood-red strips, landed on the riverside.

‘It looks like a tiger!! It’s so huge!! B-But why does it look so skinny?’

I didn’t dare to make a sound. I even forgot that I wanted to pee.


The skin of the tiger fell down to the ground. And from underneath it, stood a man; his hair was blood-red with a bit of brown, his face was smeared with blood, and his clothes was also stained with blood all over.

‘Hmmm? Isn’t that Z? Why is he covered in blood? And what is he doing here? And… what should I do now?’ I got really confused, but I also felt slightly excited, ‘Well, he wouldn’t tell me what he was doing earlier, so let’s just spy on him this time!!’

I began to observe what he was going to do.

‘Hooo…he tied a rope… What for?’

‘Eh…!! W-why is he opening his clothes??’ I covered my eyes with my hands.

‘B-But I have to observe him… Yes!! I need to observe!! I-It’s not like I want to see his naked body or something! And he still wears his underpants. So, it’s okay right?’ Even though I tried to deny it, my common sense was, indeed, beaten by the feeling of wanting to see his body. So I sneaked a peek from the space between my finger.

His body was tall, around 180 cm. ‘Hooh, he is really tall indeed…I am just as tall as his chest.’ I felt my cheeks getting warmer and redder.

Then I saw him washing his clothes. ‘He looks pretty thin when I saw him with his clothes on, but…’ I was stupefied as I saw his body was covered by muscles and looked really manly, ‘s-so he was that muscular….’ I unconciously bit my lip.

But then, Sakura was surprised. After a careful look, she realized that Z’s body was wounded all over. There was huge claw marks on his thigh and back, a stab wound on his stomach, a burn mark on his shoulder, and many other kinds of wound. But what she was really surprised about, was the wound she saw when he turned around. On his right chest was a huge wound that goes through from the front into the back. It was a big hideous wound like a hole has been carved out of it.

I looked down. I was confused and surprised, ‘I…I really know nothing about him, do I? I don’t know who he really is, what he has been doing in his life, why he has wounds on him, A-And I don’t even know his real name…? He is so mysterious…’ I felt a bit scared seeing him bathed in blood like that. With wounds all over his body, I couldn’t know what kind of life he had gone through, was he a good guy? Or even a bad guy?

‘I-I only met him for two days. I shouldn’t trust him yet. M-Maybe he is trying to deceive me with sweet words and treated me well just to harm me later…’ I imagined him ripping my clothes off with a perverted smile. ‘NOOOOOOO…..!!!’

I took a peek at him again. He was currently cutting two pieces of leather from the huge tiger skin. ‘H-He is making a bed to s-sleep with me later!!!!’

I couldn’t think straight anymore. My mind was getting dizzy, ‘Euh-ehm-ah-uuuh…’

Then the final hit was shot. Z suddenly undressed his underpants in front of her. He was bare naked, and Sakura could see it right in front of her eyes.

I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I screamed, “KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!”

I jumped out of the bush and started running back to the campsite’s direction.


At that moment Zed was thinking about a whole different situation…

‘I could feel a Magical Beast’s mana really close to her when I used [Mana Web]! I-If anything happened to her…’ My face immediately turned furious. ‘If that beasts touched just a single hair of her, I will rip him apart!!!’

I took out my shortsword, and ran to her with [Sky Feet] technique.

Then I screamed angrily, “Sakura!!!”


Sadly Sakura wouldn’t know what he was thinking…

“S-Sakura!” his voice was heard from behind.

‘N-nooo!!! He found me!!! H-He will assault me right now!!! I have to run! But where?!’ I looked around and found out that, I actually forgot where the camp was, every single direction looked the same to me.

Then an angry shout, calling my name, was heard again, “Sakura!!!!”

‘NOOOOOOOO!!!!! He is angry now!!!! W-What should I do??’ I panicked. I couldn’t think of anything anymore. I just felt that the world spun around me and I was trapped with no way out. ‘W-Will he kill me??? Astraea-sama!! Help me!!’


He fell from the sky, making a huge crater underneath his feet. He stood there in front of me, naked, covered in blood, with a really scary face, and holding a sword in his right hand.

But then, he smiled at me. I didn’t know what that smile meant, but my mind was so fuzzy that I could only think of bad meanings behind that smile, ‘Maybe he will kill me? N-No…he will assault me, won’t he?? That’s why he is smiling!!’

I fell down on my knees.

I felt a puddle of water was flowing below me as I just wet myself.

I stared at him and cried, “Wuaaaaa…please don’t kill meeee Zeeeeet…. I’m sorry, forgive me… A-And don’t r-rape me too pleaseeee… I won’t tell anybody about you. So, please forgive me…wuaaa…”

I kept crying and crying.


Let’s look at what Zed was doing before they met just now…

I was running with all my might to Sakura’s direction. The Magical Beast’s mana was sticking very close to Sakura.

‘Did she get eaten by it already?!’ I was panicked beyond belief, ‘what was Alex and Harvey doing?? If anything happened to her, I won’t forgive them!!’ I was really enraged.

‘She is over there! Behind that tree!’ I said to myself as I felt her mana thanks to [Mana Web]

I stepped deep into the ground, jumped to the tree branches to speed up, and finally fell down to the ground making a huge crater under my feet.

I looked on the direction of the mana source. There, stood Sakura alone with a leather bag on her side. I looked around and saw that there wasn’t a single Magical Beast around her.

‘Oh thank god, she is save… Hmm? Oh!! That was only the Magical Beast’s core that I gave her! I forgot she has no [Storage Tool] with her.’ I breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at her.

But, before I could even say anything, she already fell down on her knees and cried.

‘Eh? Why?????’

She even wailed while saying, “Wuaaaaa…please don’t kill meeee Zeeeeet …. I’m sorry, forgive me… A-And don’t r-rape me pleaseeee… I won’t tell anybody about you. So, please forgive me…wuaaa…”

‘Eh what?? Who will kill who??’ I was confused.

But then, I realized that I currently looked like a serial killer, or, even worse, a perverted serial killer.

‘Bloodstained naked body, holding a shortsword, while smiling at a little girl…’ I facepalmed myself.

I put away my shorstword and started to walk to her. But, when I had only taken my first step, she already crawled backwards with a speed so fast, that even a cockroach looked slower in comparison. Thankfully, there was a tree behind her, that stopped her from going too far from me.

I walked really slowly and said, “Sakura… It’s okay…I won’t hurt you”

But, instead of getting relaxed, she just took out her Holy Bat and swung it wildly to hit me.“Y-you won’t kill me..?! S-So y-you will rip my clothes off, throw me over that tiger bed and then ravish my body, w-won’t you?!! P-Please don’t!! Wuaaaaa…” She cried harder and harder.

I was speechless. ‘How did she even managed to think about all of that…??’ I thought to myself.

Morevover, when she said all of that, I couldn’t help myself from imagining about doing that to her. And naturally, as I imagined about it, my exposed little brother got excited as well.

“KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed as she saw my little brother woke up. Her face turned ashen, and then she fainted.

‘I really should have put my clothes on before speaking to her…,’ I sighed.

I left her there, fainted, and just went back to the riverside. I cleaned the blood on my body as fast as I could and put my clothes on. Then I took the tiger blankets into my Storage Ring and went back to her.

‘She really likes to cry and faint, isn’t she…? Um, what is this smell?’ I furrowed my brows as I sniffed something strange. But then, as I looked carefully at her, I saw a water mark under her trouser.

‘Don’t tell me? she….wet herself? Pfft….,’I laughed.

‘I shouldn’t laugh, she wet herself because of me after all… Oh right I can use that…!’ I suddenly got an idea.

I went back to the riverside and took the rest of tiger fur that I threw away. I searched for the cleanest one and cut it into a rectangle shape with a length of 150 cm and width of 80 cm. ‘Is this long enough? Her height should only be around 150-160 cm, so an 80 cm skirt should already cover it until under her knees.’

After I was satisfied with the fur that I cut, I cut another fur with length of 200 cm and width of 10 cm. Then I opened my half wet shirt and used it to clean the inside of the tiger fur. I cleaned it carefully so it wouldn’t make her itch later.

After I felt that it was already clean enough, I went back to her. I took out my leather bottle from the Storage Ring and sprayed it over her wet trouser to clean the ‘Holy Water’ that she had let out.

Then I put the 200 cm fur on the ground. And over it, I put the 150 cm one. I left them down there with the stripped side on the ground and the inside of the skin facing upward.

I lifted Sakura with both of my hands and put her over the tiger furs. After that, I rolled her together with the fur skirt  over and over. ‘Hmm…she is so thin… 150 cm makes the rolled skirt too thick, let’s cut it down to 100cm.’ So I cut the 150cm long fur into 100 cm. ‘Ok this is enough.’

’Now, I only need to pull down that trouser…,’ I said to myself as I put my hand on the trouser and started to slowly pulling it down from her legs.

‘Huff…it’s done! Hmmm…….,’ I pondered for a bit, and then looked left and right.

“Ok, there is no one around. [Storage]!” I put the wet trouser into my Storage Ring.

After that, I turned her body facing downwards. Then I pulled the 200 cm long fur under her body and started to make a huge ribbon to hold the skirt behind her back. The ribbon’s tails were still too long, so I cut it shorter. ‘Hmm…beautiful enough for the first girl cloth that I ever made,’ I nodded in satisfaction.

‘Let’s leave her here and find a boar for dinner first. After that, I will bring her back to the camp. It should only take around 10 minutes.’

I activated my [Sky Feet], then jumped and ran inside the forest. My body blurred as I moved so fast between the trees, that normal eyes could hardly see me.

‘Hmm… that’s wild chickens…, and those are wild rabbits… Ah there it is, a boar…, hmmmm not so bad, a meter long, should be enough.’

I put out my shortsword and held it on my right hand. I jumped soundlessly over the unaware boar and stabbed it down, right through its head. Then I lifted the one meter long dead boar over my right shoulder and ran back to where she was while still using [Sky Feet].

It took me altogether around 5 minutes to go back and forth.

‘Hmmm… I got a bit weaker, I used to hunt something bigger when I was with ‘Master’. I haven’t had any time to train after journeying together with Tooru and the others,’ I frowned as I felt a little muscle pain on my right shoulder.

‘Let’s go back to the camp before she wakes up…’

I lifted her on my left shoulder and walked back to the camp. But, just right before the camp site, I stopped. ‘Would be pretty weird taking a boar on one shoulder and a girl on the other. Hmmm… let’s hide the boar first and take her back to the tent.’

Then I put the boar down, and hid it behind the bushes. I carried her on both of my arms and ran to the camp.

There, I found the other three, sitting around the campfire. They saw Sakura on my arms and looked a bit shocked.

“What happened to her?” asked Harvey.

I couldn’t say that she fainted because she saw my little brother, so I made up some lie to them, “She was surprised when she saw me near the river dragging a boar. She slipped then fell down into the river and hit her head.”

“Sorry, it was my fault. I let her went alone to pick vegetables,” said Alex while bowing his head to me.

I shook my head. “No, it’s okay. It was me who surprised her after all.”

‘Well… she was indeed ‘surprised’ because of me, and especially because of my little brother…,’ I tried to remember the moment when she fainted.

“I will put her inside the tent for now. Then I will go back to take the boar. Just get ready to cook. It’s pretty big.“ I grinned at them.

Hint of delight was shown on the their eyes.

“Leave it to me! I got a secret recipe from my grandmother to spice up a roasted boar!” said Harvey as he put his thumb up.

“Okay, I will bring it soon! Just dig a hole first to bleed it later.”

““Got it!”” said Alex and Harvey together.

Then, I put her inside the tent and covered her with the new tiger leather bed and blanket to keep her warm. After that, I went back to the bushes where I put the boar. I sat there for a while before finally dragging the boar back to the camp.

A few hours then passed, the boar was roasted and we all ate it already. But, she still wouldn’t wake up. So I told the other three that I will watch over the night, and woke them up later to change the shift. They agreed, and went back into the tent to sleep.

I sat there in front of her tent, facing the campfire and waiting for her to wake up, while pondering on how to explain this misunderstanding to her.


But sadly, the misunderstanding was already getting bigger inside the men’s tent…

“What do you think about what really happened to them?” asked Harvey.

“She did faint, but she wasn’t wet. So Z lied to us,” said Alex.

“And she wasn’t wearing the trouser anymore! It was a skirt!” said Bernardt.

“”Right!!”” said Alex and Harvey together.

We three then pondered for a while.

“I never htought that Z will climb the stairs to adulthood so soon, it was only the second day…,” said Harvey while shaking his head.

Alex nodded, “They even did it until she fainted… Youngsters…”

“Then it won’t be fun like yesterday anymore…,” said Bernardt as he sighed.

Harvey and Alex nodded together.

“Well, whatever! It’s good that they are now finally together! Let’s go to sleep! I don’t want to disturb their happy time! I am not such a bastard that will spoil the romance of my friend,” said Alex while grinning.

Bernardt frowned then said, “Ugh…got it…got it. Let’s leave the youngsters alone…”

“Yeah, I don’t think Z will wake us up tonight. Let’s just have a nice long sleep,’ said Harvey as he closed the entrance of the men’s tent.

And that whole night, Z really didn’t wake them up. Even though they heard some noises and screams, they just ignored it while thinking, ‘…Youngsters…’

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