Book 1 Chapter 8 – Our First Step

After going on a rampage for the whole night, I took a bath at the river and went back to the camp. I just sat there in front of the campfire waiting for the sun to set.

Then, morning came. The three guys woke up and greeted me with an ear-to-ear grins. I didn’t know why though. But then, they frowned when they saw my finger.

I just said to them that a Rat Beast bit them off when I dozed off last night, but I had punched the shit out of it for eating my fingers thereafter.

They just laughed after hearing that. Well, losing body parts were a pretty usual occurrences for adventurers after all.

Then, Harvey, Bernardt, and me put down the men’s tent, while Alex cleaned the rest of the campfire. After that, we prepared the breakfast, but Sakura was still in her tent and hadn’t come out. I thought that she was still sleeping, so I just left her there for now.

We four ate the boar from last night together with some bread. After I ate my fill, I put some boar meat and a bread onto a plate. Then I left the three and went to Sakura’s tent with the plate on my hand.

“Sakura, are you still sleeping? Do you want some breakfast?” I called her from outside.

No one answered, but I know that she was still in there thanks to [Mana Web].

So I put my head inside the tent’s entrance and looked inside.

Sakura sat there on top of the bed. She was glaring at me…

‘Uh oh…this is gonna be bad…’

“Give me a minute…,” I said to her.

I put my head back out and went to the other three. They had already finished eating, and already started to pack up. I said to them, “Alex-san, Harvey-san, Bernardt-san. I need to talk with Sakura for maybe around 10 minutes. Can you guys please wait first in the carriage?”

Hearing my question, they were a bit surprised, but soon after, they just looked at each other and grinned wide.

‘Hmmm? What’s wrong? They seemed a bit strange.’

“Don’t worry! I, too, suddenly want to go to take a bath, so you two can ‘talk’ in private,” said Alex.

“Oh me too! But be careful when you ‘talk’ to her okay! Don’t make her faint again,” said Harvey.

“We will come back after around 30 minutes, take your time ‘talking’ with her,” said Bernardt.

I just tilted my head in confusion as they walked away, laughing.

‘Whatever… I have a bigger problem right now…’

I went back slowly to the tent. I stood up in front of the tent’s entrance for a while, and then took a deep breath and crawled into the tent.

She was still sitting on top of the bed like before, but now, her glare seemed to be fiercer.

I sat in front of her, on the leather blanket.

“Zedediah…did you know that I woke up last night?” she asked me.

I shook my head.

“…did you know how worried I was when I realized that you weren’t there beside me anymore last night?” she asked again.

I shook my head again.

“I waited for you for five hours…but you didn’t come back…hiks…”

She started to sob…

“…hikshiks…you said you didn’t hate me…, but you weren’t there. I thought you have left me…hiks…

She fell silent for a while. Then, as her sobbing stopped, she said to me again, “But then… I saw your shadow over the tent. I was happy that you came back…so I waited for you to come in, but you just sat there at the campfire…I thought you didn’t want to come near meso I just sat here waiting for you to came in…uuuu…” She gazed downside and started to cry.

I didn’t know what to say to her, so I just sat on my knees and bowed. “I am sorry Sakura.”

She still said nothing and just kept crying.

Like that, we didn’t talk for a while.

Then, after she stopped crying, she asked me, “Where were you last night?”

“I went to kill Magical Beasts,” I said to her.

“Why did it take you so long?” she asked me again.

“I went to kill around forty of them,” I said to her straightforwardly

“Eh? Why?” she asked me.

I shook my head and said, “I-I can’t tell you the reason…”


Her Holy Bat suddenly hit the leather blanket beside my head.

“Tell…me…why…,” she said to me slowly.

‘Ouuughhh….like ‘mother’ like ‘daughter’ indeed….’

I lifted my head to see her. Her face was looking cold and angry at the same time.

Then I looked straight to her eyes and said, “Do you really want to hear the reason?”

“Don’t…make…me …repeat…myself…”

I scratched the back of my head as I gazed down to the blanket. “Fine…if you insist. You realized that I’m a man, right?” I asked her. ”…if a beatiful girl kissed me, lay down over me, and hugged me with no underwear on. Of course, I will get excited… So, I went on a rampage, killing the Magical Beasts, to suppress my feeling of… wanting you…”

Hearing my answer, she didn’t speak a word. And I also didn’t dare to look at her.

‘This is why I didn’t want to tell her… Now, she will be disgusted at me again,’ I thought to myself, ‘but, I don’t want to lie to her anymore…’

“You…wanted…me?” I heard her asking me with a low voice.

I looked up to her. Her face was as red as an apple. ‘So cute…,’ I thought to myself.

And, on her question, I said nothing and just nodded.

Then she gazed down at the blanket and fell silent again.

As she fidgeted her finger, I heard her muttering something with a really low voice, “I…..n’t……d……gh…”

She spoke with a really-really low voice that I couldn’t even hear a half of it. “What did you just say?” I asked her.

She suddenly got shocked and swung her bat wildly at me. “N-No! Nothing!! Zedediah you pervert!!! I hate you!! I hate you!! Get out!!”

“O-Okay…just stop it…I will get out…,” I felt really down as I crawled out of the tent.

‘She hates me now…uuu…,’ I cried inside my head.

However, before my whole body finished crawling out of the tent, I felt that something was holding my foot, so I looked back. But, naturally, I couldn’t see anything as the tent was still covering my lower half.

“Ze-Zedediah…” Sakura’s voice was heard from behind the tent’s entrance, “I-I don’t hate you…so don’t ever go away without telling me, okay…?”

“……………yes, I promise you this…,” I said to her.

I sat back on the log in front of her tent, and began to think. But, I could only tilt my head in confusion as I pondered about her reactions.

‘A girl’s heart is really complicated… Tooru…how did you even make the three of them to like you when you didn’t even do anything…,’ I felt awe as I remembered about him and the three girls.


I turned my head to look to the source of the sound. Behind me, I saw that Sakura was crawling out of her tent. She then stood there, in front of me, wearing my brown robe and a knee-length orange-stripped skirt with ribbon behind it. She looked really beautiful under the morning sun.

She walked to me and sat on my left side. She said nothing, but, a hint of smile, was there on her face.

“Do you want some breakfast?” I said to her as I took the plate, filled with boar meat and a bread.

She nodded and took the plate from me.

After giving the plate to her, I stood up and said to her, “I will call the other three while you eat here, so we can begin to leave straight after you finished with breakfast.”

But then, he grasped my left hand and stared at me with an upward glance. “You will leave me? You don’t want to accompany me while I eat?” she asked.

‘Uuuuh…that cute glance is cheating you know…’

I sighed and said, “Hahh…okay…I will accompany you…” I smiled bitterly while sitting back down beside her.

Seeing that, she smiled happily. But then, her smile was suddenly gone and changed into a sad look. She was staring at my bandaged left hand. “Does it still hurt?” she asked me while holding my left hand tightly.

I patted her head gently with my right hand and said, “Don’t worry, something like this doesn’t even itch.” Then I took a bit of the boar meat in her plate and lift it into the front of her lips. “Here eat…,” I said to her while smiling.

She looked a bit embarrassed, but still opened her mouth and bit the meat. “Aaaaammm~~” She chewed it while smiling like a child.

And just like that, I fed her the breakfast with my own hand as I saw her bright and beautiful smile.

‘Haah…this is happiness…,’ I thought to myself.

After she ate the last bite, a cough was heard from somewhere in front of us, “Uhuk…uhuk…are you guys done? We are going to be late, you know?” There, stood Alex and the other two, watching us with huge grins on their face.

Feeling embarassed, sakura got a bit startled.  she hurriedly jumped up and ran to the carriage.

“Ehehehe, sorry that we bothered your lover time. But we need to get going,” said Bernardt to me.

“Eh? No! Sakura and I are not lover!” I retorted to him.

“””Yeah..yeah…whatever you say…,””” said the three as they kept grinning and walking to the carriage.

‘Seriously…what’s wrong with them…’ I just frowned and tilted my head.

I put Sakura’s tent, the leather blanket, and the leather bed into the Storage Ring. Then, I ran after them to the carriage.

Sakura stood there beside the carriage, waiting for me with a smile on her face.

Seeing that, I jumped over her, and then put my hand down to her.

As she took my hand, I pulled her up into my embrace.

Her cheeks reddened as we stare at each other’s eyes, but she didn’t resist and just stayed in my arms motionlessly.

“Re-Release me…,” she said to me as she looked down to avert her eyes from my gaze.

I released her slowly onto the carriage roof. After that, I took out the leather bed from my Storage Ring and spread it over the roof. “Let’s sit down,” I said to her.

“Ah Z! We are gonna leave the forest in half a day and proceed to enter the grassland, so we will took turn to drive. Me and Harvey will drive at day, so you and Ojou-chan will drive at the night, okay?” said Alex to me from below.

Spending the night at grassland is more dangerous than forest, because the Magical Beasts can easily spot you from afar and surround you. So, running straight through it, is the best choice.

‘And fighting the Magical Beast at grassland is troublesome. I can’t use my skills because the others will see it easily.’

“Understood Alex-san, leave it to me for driving at night!” I said to him.

“Good!” said Alex.

I took out the old white clean blanket and spread it over the tiger leather bed.

“Go to sleep Sakura. I will teach you again later at night as we drive the carriage,” I said to her while patting the blanket.

“O-Okay…,” she said to me as she went under the blanket.

I smiled at her as I sat there, in front of her, seeing her lying on the leather bed.

But, she wouldn’t close her eyes and sleep. She just kept staring at me. So, I asked her, “What’s wrong? Is it uncomfortable?”

She shook her head. Then, with a flustered and blushing face, she patted the other half of the leather bed beside her with her hand.

I tilted my head and asked her, “Should I lie there?”

She hid half of her face with the blanket before slowly nodding her head.

I crawled there and put myself under the blanket. I lay on her right side while gazing at the sky over me.

Then she took my left hand, put it horizontally on the bed, and began to use it as a pillow.

We gazed together at the blue sky as the carriage slowly traveled through the forest.

‘This feels really nice…’ I smiled while slowly closing my eyes.

There, the two of us, slept beside each other under the warmth of the sun, waiting for the cold of the night to finally come.


Let’s see what Sakura was thinking when they argued inside the tent…

“Zedediah…did you know that I woke up last night?” I said to him

He shook his head.

“…did you know how worried I was when I realized that you weren’t there beside me anymore last night?”

He shook his head again.

“I waited for you for five hours…but you didn’t come back…hiks…..hiks…you said you didn’t hate me….hiks…but you weren’t there…hiks…I thought you have left me…”

‘I was really afraid that he was hating me for making him cut his own finger… Even though he said he didn’t, he could have changed his mind, and then left me…,’ I remembered the feelings I had that night as I cried when I waited for him to come back.

‘But then, even though he did come back…’

Then, I said to him, “But then… I saw your shadow over the tent. I was happy that you came back…so I waited for you to come in, but you just sat there at the campfire…I thought you didn’t want to come near meso I just sat here waiting for you to came in…uuuu…”

I looked downside and started to cry. I thought that, even though he hated me, because he had already promised Astraea-sama to protect me, he had no choice but to come back…

“I am sorry Sakura,” he said to me while kneeling and bowing his head.

I cried…

‘Why is he apologizing? Because he left me alone? Because he now hates me? I don’t understand…’

But then, I realized…

‘No! This had happened before! Because I didn’t trust him and just guessed by myself he ended cutting his fingers for me! Let’s ask him first! I already decided yesterday that I will trust him!!’

“Where were you last night?” I asked him.

“I went to kill Magical Beasts,” he said to me.

‘Oh…Was the Magical Beast so strong that it took him five hours to kill?’

“Why did it take you so long?” I asked him again.

“I went to kill around forty of them,” he said to me straightforwardly.

‘That much?’ I was surprised

“Eh? Why?” I asked him in confusion.

He shook his head and said, “I-I can’t tell you the reason…”

‘I want to trust him, but he won’t try to trust me!!’ I got angry and swung down the Holy Bat to the blanket on the side of his head.

“Tell…me…why…,” I said to him as I tried to contain my anger.

He lifted his head and looked at me. He then asked, “Do you really want to hear the reason?”

“Don’t…make…me …repeat…myself…,” I said to him angrily.

He gazed down to the blanket. “Fine…if you insist,” he then said. “You realized that I’m a man, right? …if a beautiful girl kissed me, lay down over me, and hugged me with no underwear on. Of course, I will get excited… So, I went on a rampage, killing the Magical Beasts, to suppress my feeling of… wanting you…”

I touched my cheeks. ‘E-Eh? I-I am beautiful?’

Then I grabbed my breasts. ‘H-Hug him w-with no underwear?’

Only then did I remember, when I hugged him, there was only a single layer of fabric that separated our skins. It was just like I hugged him with my naked body.

‘K-Kiss him???’ I touched my lips as I remembered that blood-flavored kiss.

’Ah….I was really bold, wasn’t I??!! Oh no…he will think of me as a nasty girl now!!’ I cursed my stupid self. ‘W-Wait…What did he say again? Did he really want me?? As it’s between a man and a woman on a bed?? H-He wanted an ugly girl like me?? N-No! He finds me beautiful… and I really have no more scars, s-so he really wanted me?? Is he?’

“You…wanted…me?” I asked him slowly in order to confirm it. My face reddened as I imagined what he would do to me if we really slept together in a bed.

He looked up to me and stared at my eyes. Then he nodded to confirm what I asked him.

I gazed down at the blanket and thought, ‘So he really wanted me…..’

I fidgeted a little and said to him with a really low volume, “I-I don’t mind though…”

“What did you just say?” he asked me.

Then, I finally realized…

‘!! I just met him for two days!! I can’t throw my body so easily like this!! I don’t know him that long yet!! H-His pervertness is contaminating me!! That must be it!!’ I started being irrational like usual.

‘I-I have to use the Holy Bat to purify it!!’ I swung my Holy Bat at him.

“N-No! Nothing!! Zedediah you pervert!!! I hate you!! I hate you!! Get out!!” I screamed and blabbed as I couldn’t accept about what I just thought about me and him.

“O-Okay…just stop it…I will get out,” he said to me as he crawled out.

‘Ah no!!! I misspoke again!! Stupid me!! Please don’t go!!!’ I just realized about what I had said to him. So, I grabbed his foot right before he went out.

“Ze-Zedediah… I-I don’t hate you…so don’t ever go away without telling me, okay…?” I said to him.

“………Yes, I promise you this…,” he said to me as he went out.

I was dazed for a while. But then, I suddenly started to roll around happily inside the tent. ‘Ehehehehehe….he said that I am beautiful….and he really really wanted me, that he had to kill forty magical beasts just to suppress his lust…I-I can’t even imagine how intense it will be if he really did it to me last night…kyaaaa~~~….’

I grinned from ear to ear as I imagined about ‘it’.

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20 thoughts on “Book 1 Chapter 8 – Our First Step

      1. Me too… That soft round things will kill all of the reasons to not to 😦 she even lick me while saying my name!! That has crossed the line!!!


      1. Yea, met, knew and understand all about boys’. But hey, he did cut off his little and middle fingers, but not the one in middle of em? Oh well, better than to cut off his ‘lil bro’ 😉


  1. Ahm… well… you know. Hm… dont get this wrong ok? I think you start a funny little love story here, but… how should i say this. Cutting yourselfe and giving body parts as a present in front of a girl… will make most girls think you are some kind of psycho. Even van Gough could sing a song about it (if he werent dead ^^).

    So well, i mean its a fantasy world, so if there is some way to regrow body parts by a prist or something, i assume it woudnt look so crazy as it looks atm. xD

    Second thing i thought about is the age of Z (or at least his mental age). From the start i thought he would be 20-30. Especially during the talk with the goddes. But seeing him doing stuff like a teenager in heat, id think more of a age between 14-16, what would make him at most as old as the girl, and not older. O_o

    Even if you make him around 18 to 20, you clearly need to make clear why his behavior is like this, or it will backfire.

    Best regards,



    1. No man can regrow a lost body parts, and it will kill the meaning of his sacrifice if he just grow it back later. And he really had a unique background. Sadly couldn’t spoil any of it yet 😦 Chapter Zero is on the making, and will be out at the appropriate time


      1. Haha, well its your story, just wanted to give you my thoughts. And whatever background it is, its still far from normal. And a gril fawning all over him because of that? That would be pretty much the case of one in the billion.

        By the way, not cutting the finger between little and midle finger shoudnt be changed, as it makes him look at least a little bit sane. Just try it yourselfe. Holding stuff withe the two remaining fingers + tumb ist still stable. Having the middle finger instead makes a grip pretty unstable.


        1. Thank you for your comment 🙂 it made me happy to see my story from someone else’s point of view.
          But her background is a cursed child that was bullied and full of scars for her whole life, and now a boy gave her lots of affection and even bleed for her. Her affection of him was like a boy + a father. She wanted to be spoiled.

          And he wasn’t sane when he cut them of course. No sane man will cut your own finger! and the blade is wide enough that if you cut your little finger and middle finger, the ring finger will get cut too. 😀


    2. She won’t think of him as a psycho. Because he did it as a warning and not a gift. It was like ‘ I won’t stop cutting my fingers if you won’t start to listen to what I really want to say to you! So stop imagining something strange and listen to me!’


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