Book 1 – Afterwords

Hey people! Zedediah here!

Just escaped from Shiv-chan, almost got hit by that [Death Thunder] though!

So, the book 1 is complete, I am sure you guys are dissatisfied with the mysteries, but I promise you that I will complete this series and won’t leave it hanging no matter how bad it will get…

Bad story is still better than a hanging unending story after all…

I will take a week long vacation pondering about which one to make first: the Book 2, or the Book Zero, or both at the same time. While at it, maybe i will make ‘it’ after the poll ended… So, approve for ‘it’ if you want Zed, well, myself, to ravish our beauty Sakura, or disapprove ‘it’ to ravish our beauty Sakura by yourself!!

Thanks for reading! And Happy Vacation!!

-Zedediah Knightley-

Author/Main Character/Narrator/Producer/Editor/Proofreader

14 thoughts on “Book 1 – Afterwords

  1. Yeah i agree with you 🙂 finished story is better but i dont think it will be bad story
    Have a nice vacation 😉


  2. This made me cry cause it was so dam good, you can’t find anything near this quality of story telling around. There have been maybe 2 other readings that made me cry, and that was Tsubasa Chronicles and Tate no Yuusha.


  3. Just finished book 1. Great story, has some backstory and hinting with despair and death with a pinch of hope for the future. I am really interested where this will go. I did notice that the comments section is timed over a year ago. I am not so sure if I should read book zero since it will just frustrate me thinking that a great story is going to stop here. Thanks for the read, I guess I’ll try to find another one, maybe that Tate no Yussha one Dalek mentioned. Thanks for the ride and take care of yourself until Shiva gets us all 🙂

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