Book 1 Chapter 10 – Coward

It was early morning of our last day of the journey. Three days have gone without a hitch after my declaration of proposal, and tomorrow, we would arrive at Nevs City.

Sakura and I, didn’t talk at all about my one year plan, we both knew in our mind that there was a lot to talk, but couldn’t be talked in front of anyone.

I still taught her about things in the last three days, like how to make a camp, how to find edible wild plants, how to avoid pickpockets, and so on. She, too, still cooked dinner for us all, but she was too sleepy to make breakfast. The strangest thing was, that the tastiest thing she cooked for us, was the mushroom soup. Even Bernardt wanted to eat it once more, sadly, I already threw the mushrooms away.

We have now just finished our breakfast and prepared to resume our journey again. Harvey and Alex went to the driver seat, while Sakura and I went to the carriage roof.

As usual, I put the leather bed and blanket over the roof. I sat atop it, and Sakura lay there beside me just like the last three days. She would say nothing, but just waited for me to lie down, only then would she take my arm as her pillow and sleep.

“Hey Z… What kind of place is Nevs City?” She lay there under the blanket on my left and stared at me.

“Hmmm… I haven’t told you, have I?”

“Yeah…” She nodded.

“Nevs City is the capital of the Nevs Kingdom, one of three kingdoms in Human Continent. It was renowned as the City of Magician. There were many magic schools inside Nevs city, but the most famous was Nevs Imperial Academy. Many talented magician came from there,” I said to her. “You want to try enrolling there?”

“What will they teach me?”

“Something stupider than what I will teach you I believe. They just love theories… While I use magic to kill enemies…”

“If I enroll, will you come with me?”

“Sadly, I can’t, even if I want to.” I shook my head.

“Why?” she asked me.

“I’m bad at magic,” I said to her.

“Eh…..I don’t understand…”

I just patted her head and said, “You will, later… so don’t be impatient…”

She furrowed her brows and said, “Okay…, then…what else is the city famous for?”

“Hmm….there is a big Magic Tool Research Center…there is the White Castle… then the giant Imperial Academy building…then the huge market…”

“Don’t forget it’s almost time for festival!” said Alex from below.

“Oh! There’s that too!” I just remembered.

“What festival?” she asked me with her pair of glittering eyes.

“Festival to celebrate the victory of human against the demon. To celebrate the death of the Demon Emperor. It’s already the second one I believe, the first one was last year,” I said to her.

“Yeah, the three Kingdoms made it as a five days and five nights celebration, once a year. One day each for the Hero and his companions,“ said Bernardt.

“Are they the ones who killed the Demon Emperor?” asked Sakura.

“Ahahahaha! Where have you been, that you didn’t even know about them?? Tooru-sama the ‘Holy Sword Hero’, Erina-sama the ‘Axe Warlord’, Riria-sama the ‘Dragon Master’, Lucy-sama the ‘Holy Saint’, and Zedediah-sama the ‘Silver Masked Sage’,” said Harvey.

Then Sakura stared at me with bulging eyes and gaped mouth.

I just put my index finger in front of my lips and nodded.

Seeing that, she covered her mouth with both of her hands and nodded back at me.

‘I will tell her sooner or later anyway… And why did they even remember my name when I don’t want it? They usually always forget about me…’ I frowned a little.

“Oh right, I will register you as an adventurer in that city too. After that, we will buy some clothes and equipments for you…,” I said to her to change the topic.

“Oh, new clothes!!!” she shouted happily.

“Sorry that I didn’t have anything decent for you…,” I said to her as I stroked her hairs.

“No…it’s fine…this robe is warm enough…,” she said to me as she smiled brightly.

I just smiled back at her.

Then she yawned and rubbed her eyes.

“Sleepy already?” I asked her.

She nodded while blushing a little bit.

I smiled at her and said, “Go to sleep then…”

But she just shook her head and kept staring at me.

“You don’t want to sleep?” I asked her as I slowly stroked her hair.

“Ummu… I’m waiting for you…,” she said to me while shaking her head under my hand.

Hearing her answer, I could only wrily smile and ask, “Are you really okay when I sleep beside you?”

“What do you mean by that?” she asked back.

I scratched my head and said, “Hmm…you know that we are man and woman right? Don’t you feel uncomfortable?”

She looked a bit down and said, “Do you feel uncomfortable? I can sleep down there, if you want.”

I shook my head repeatedly, “No no no!!! It’s the opposite! How should I say it… I’m really happy that you are beside me…”

She pondered for a while, and then said to me, “Come under the blanket.”

I tilted my head, but then did what she said.

This time she didn’t take my arm and put it under her head. She just hugged my left arm with both of her hand and rested her head on my upper arm. “I-It feels more comfortable when I sleep like this than when I was alone in the tent, that’s why I do it. And I… I never interact much with opposite genders you know… So I don’t know what I should or shouldn’t do… But, if what you said was true, and man and woman shouldn’t come to close, shouldn’t you not touch me so easily too? Like stroking my head?”

“Ah, I am sorry… I wouldn’t do it anymore…,” I said to her.

“Really…? But I like it when you stroke my head…,” she sounded really dejected.

Seeing that, I couldn’t stop myself to stroke her head with my free hand. “And actually I like doing it too… I don’t really know why…I just like spoiling you…” I was honest to her.

I couldn’t see her face, but I could feel her head snuggling on my arm.

We fell silent for a while.

But then, she suddenly asked me, “Z…will you spoil any girl that you just met for a few days?”

“I don’t think so…,” I said to her.

“Will you cut your finger for any girl that you just met for few days?” she asked me as she rubbed my left hand with both of her hands.

“No…,” I said to her again.

“Will you propose to any girl that you just met for few days?” she asked me again as she looked up at my face and stared right into my eyes.

I caressed her cheek with my right hand and said, “No…I won’t…”

She closed her eyes for a while as she felt my hand on her cheek.

As she opened her eyes, she woke up and sat on the bed. “Then, why did you do it for me?”

I didn’t answer her immediately. I just gazed at the sky for a while, maybe,  preparing my heart…

I sat up, looked at my left hand for a while, and then stared straight at her.  I smiled and said, “You might find me strange, but I already fall in love with you after two days…that’s why I did all of that.” Then I looked back at my left hand and continued, “To make you listen to what I have to say, was only half the reason… and the other half, was that I just couldn’t bear to be hated by you even for a second…”

Her mouth gaped, and her eyes started to get teary.

I looked up to the morning sky. ‘Here comes the rejection… I had enough, I just don’t want to lie to her about my feelings anymore.’

Then, her soft sound was heard in my ears, “If you are strange…then so am I…”

I was startled, I didn’t understand, or, maybe I did, but I just couldn’t believe it…

So, I asked her, “What…do you mean?”

“I like you too…no…maybe I already love you…I don’t know what this feeling in my heart for you is called…” She smiled brigther than the morning sun…

Then she grasped my left hand with her right hand and her tears slowly started to pour down. “I thought, I was the one who was strange…. I thought, you will hate a girl like me that could like a boy only two days after they met…” she slowly said. “But, why wouldn’t you tell me earlier? I wouldn’t feel so insecure if you did…”

“The same reason as you… I thought that you will come to hate me and avoid me…,” I said to her as I caressed her cheek with my right hand to wipe her tear.

She closed her eyes to feel my hand on her cheek and whispered to me as she soflty smiled, “Coward…”

Hearing that, I only smiled and said, “Yeah…, maybe I am…”

She opened her eyes and stared right at me. Her grip on my left hand got tighter…

I stared back at her face…

Her eyes were moist…

Her pink lips were trembling a little…

I moved my right hand from her left cheek to the back of her ear…

“Aahn…,” she moaned a little to hold back the tickle that she felt…

I brought my face slowly closer to her…

She just stared at my face, and then on my lips…

Then she looked back at my eyes, as she whispered slowly, “Zed…”

I tightened my grip on her left hand and whispered back, “Sakura…”

She closed her eyes and drew her face a little bit closer…

Now, there was only a finger distance between our lips…

I tilted my head for a bit, and then brought my lips over hers…

I kissed her soft pink lips slowly…

Our lips intertwined together, making a soft wet sound…

Her lips tasted sweet and a bit salty from her tears…

Then, she pulled her lips a bit away to take a breath…

I took my left hand away from her right hand, and put it on her waist…

I pulled her body onto my lap and kissed her again…

She didn’t struggle, and just accepted me slowly, kissing my lips with hers…

Our lips danced together following our instincts…

Closing in…

Pulling away…

Taking a breath…

Biting and nibbling…


I put her down on the leather bed…

My left hand moved back from her waist, to grip her right hand slowly and softly…

Then I moved my right hand to caress her brown hair…

To her cute ears…

To her reddened cheek…

And to her wet lips…

And finally to her left hand…

I put my lips closer to her face again…

Then, I kissed her forehead and whispered, “Sakura…I love you…”

“I love you too Zed…,” she whispered back at me…

Then I kissed her eyes…

Then softly on her lips…

Then her neck…

“Ahnn…Zed…,” she moaned a little…

But it just made me happier…

I nibbled her neck slowly, leaving a mark on her…

Then I moved my head slowly below…

“Ehem…guys…congratulations for finally confirming your feelings for each other…, but could you take the rest of it in the lodging later?” a sound was heard from the front. There, I saw Alex’s head popping from the roof’s edge.

Bernardt’s head was beside him. “I don’t really mind. You guys can just continue…”

“KYAAAAA!!” Sakura shouted and covered her head with the leather blanket.

“Hey… can someone change with me? I want to peek too…,” Harvey’s sound was heard from below.

‘Oh! I really forgot about them!’ I frowned.

“Since when were you guys eavesdropping?” I asked them.

“Since the beginning of course! What do you think we are? A wall?” said Bernardt.

“But really? You thought two days were strange? I fell in love with my wife after the first sight… It was winter night…”

“Stop it! No one want to hear it!” Bernardt cut off Harvey’s story.

“But really…you cut your own finger for her huh…? How cool…maybe I can do it too…,” said Alex while furrowing his brows.

“They will just think of you as a psycho you baldie! Hahahaha!” shouted Harvey from below.

“Geh!! Shut it!!” shouted Alex back to him.

“I thought you guys were already a pair. And that’s why you proposed to her… But to think you actually haven’t even confirmed each other’s feelings…,” said Alex.

“Yeah, and you were stupid too Z. I already realized her feelings for you on the second day, you know? Hahahahaha,” said Harvey from below.

The other two then laughed too.

“Eh? Really?!” I was a bit surprised. Then I looked at Sakura below me.

Her face was covered in half with the leather blanket, while her eyes were staring at me.

Then she opened the blanket a little, and said to me with a really red face and teary eyes, “I-I showed them something so embarassing… I am so ashamed…”

“Don’t worry… I will d.i.s.p.o.s.e of them…,” I said to her.

“””NO! DON’T!!!””” shouted the three.

“Just joking,” I said dryly at them.

“Okay! We won’t disturb you anymore! Just continue!” said Alex while dropping his head back down.

“I will give you extra later to use as honeymoon fee! Don’t worry!” said Bernardt while dropping his head back down as well.

“Y-You want to continue?” asked Sakura to me with a red face.

I just chuckled, “If you want, I can take you somewhere for just the two of us.”

She shook her head and said nervously, “I-I’m not ready… I-I haven’t took a bath for days…”

“I just meant kissing you know…what are you thinking then?” I teased her.

“N-No! I-I’m not thinking of anything!!! Stupid Z!!” she said to me as she hid under the blanket again.

I lifted up the blanket on her side and went under it. I lay there beside her, gazing at the morning sky.

She came closer to me, and then hugged my left arm again and rested her head there. I slowly stroked her hairs, again and again, until she fell asleep. Then I kissed her forehead and went to sleep as well…

What a beatiful day today is…


On an island in the middle of the ocean…

“Wawawawa…, they finally proceeded further now… I thought they will take longer…”

A womanly figure sat there, on top of a sofa, nibbling on a cookie as she gazed at a mirror. On that mirror, was Zedediah, confessing his love to Sakura on the carriage roof…

The womanly figure, was-

“Yes, narrator… it was me!! The Almighty Astraea!!”

Uhukk…please let me do my job…

“Booo~~ so boring….”

Yes…it was Astraea-sama, The Holy Sword Goddess…

“Hey! Let me do my own narration as a change of pace! Here you can eat a cookie and take a rest.”

Augh…whatever…can I have a cup of tea too?

“Sure here you are!”

The beautiful, benevolent, and compassionate Astraea-sama sat on top of the grandiose sofa while warmly gazing at her ‘daughter’ and her boyfriend. “You really can make me jealous, don’t you? Zedediah?” I said to the narrator while sipping my tea.

No…you don’t need to say that I am here you know…

“I spoke to myself, you know~~~ I am the narrator for now, ain’t I?”

It becomes really confusing now… let me do the narration again… or the story won’t proceed at all…

“Boo!! So be it! It was starting to get boring too anyway…” said Astraea.

She just sat there looking at the mirror, when suddenly…


The door was slammed open and a black figure came in…

“Rea-onee-samaaaaa!!!! Why did you take my toy!!!” shouted the black womanly figure.

She was wearing the same robe as Astraea, but with different color, hers was black and Astraea’s was white. Her face looked like 14-15 years old small girl, with big round eyes, and black haired twintail. Her figure was slender-

“[Death Ray]! Who said I was flat?!”

Gah! Please just let me do my job! And I said slender!

“You don’t have to speak of my figure! Or do you want me to curse you?!”

Author! Find someone else to do my job! I am done with these Gods! Eh, you will? What? After this part is done? They will kill me before I am done with these part! What? A week long vacation? Fine, but I want a raise too!

The black robed girl stood in front of Astraea with her hand on her hips, and said to her, “Rea-nee-sama, why did you take that girl away from me? She was my one and only toy you know?”

“Mooo…Shiv-chaaan…what did I tell you about cursing someone? Don’t bully what you made… They have feelings too you know…” said Astraea to the black robed girl as she pinched the girl’s cheek.

“Awawawa…b-but it was boring on earth…Brahm-nii-sama and Vish-nii-sama were busy and won’t play with me…, and I don’t have a job until doomsday come, so I just picked someone and play with it…” said the black robed girl with teary eyes.

“I-I am not crying!!” said the black robed girl.

“D-don’t ignore me!!!” said the black robed girl again.

“And I have a name!! It was the prettiest and strongest God of Death Shiva-sama!!” said the so-called prettiest and strongest God of Death Shiva-sama.

“Mooo.., Shiv-chan…don’t bully the narrator…” said Astraea to ‘Shiv-chan’

“B-But he is mocking me…” said ‘Shiv-chan’ with teary eyes.

Astraea just smiled softly like a mother and stroked Shiv-chan’s hair.

“If you are bored, then you can stay here with me… I will bake you cookies and we can watch the girl, that you had cursed, with me… look she is there having her new happier life,” said Astraea while pointing at the mirror.

“Awawawawa….t-they are kissing!!!” said the ‘innocent’ Shiv-chan.

Don’t glare at me…I’m only narrating…

“You see? Both of them was almost the same…they both bear the sin of killing innocent people because gods were playing with their destiny…one were cursed by you…and the other were-“ Astraea stopped speaking, so she wouldn’t spoil the story.

“It’s better to stay here right? And you won’t get scolded by Vish for accidentally killing the innocent people anymore… We can even bake cookies together!”

“Really? You will teach me??” said the ‘easily excited’ Shiv-chan.

“I will specially make Death Cookies for you later…,” said Shiv-chan while glaring at me…

“Then you can stay here with me Shiv-chan, I will call Brahm and Vish later to let them know that they can search for you here when earth’s doomsday come. But, be a good girl okay… speak to me when you are bored, and we will do fun harmless thing together…like maybe making a legendary magical beasts or something.”

Hey… I am worried about the future here…

“Oh!! I want to make a giant turtle!!”

Oh…nevermind…this God of Death is so unimaginative…

“You little…,” said Shiv-chan while glaring at me again for doing my job…

“Mooo…Shiv-chan…what did I tell you? Stop bullying the narrator…,” said the benevolent, kind, beautiful, and compassionate Astraea-sama.

“But…but…but..he..he….uuuuuuuuu” Shiv-chan cried like a baby…pfft…



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  1. uuuwwaaa it’s so cheesy that i just want to dump a bucket of cold water on them…. yet i still can’t stop readinig uhehehehehe lelz. Thanks for the chapter 😛

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  2. Grandfather: Bell, peeking is a man ROMANCE! ROOOOMANCEEE!!!
    Bell : Ojiichan!, how can it’s romance when peeking other made love?
    Grandfather: eh, ah that is, that’s that, this is this.
    Bell. :ehh,…. Zed-kun can you tell me how to make a girl love you in two days, even I take more than two days.

    Lol, thank you, it’s really good story.
    I feel the development too fast? Or are you planning it like that?, waiting for next chapter.


      1. What’s the genre of your novel? As I can see, it’s adventure, drama?(one will make you cry.), romance, mature?, magic, transported.
        In the future will you do translation? I mean translating light novel or web novel.


  3. Just stumbled on this site today and read all chapters in one sitting, poor narrator bullied by Shiv-chan (`・∀・´)
    Btw your WN is very interesting, the phase is fast but didnt left any details hanging around. Keep up the good work cuz you just gotten a new fan here.
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    1. Shiva-chan : “B-b-but he was the one who bullied me uuuuuuu… Rea-onee-samaaaaa this guy is bullying me too uaaaaaa…”

      Thank you for reading 😀


  4. Book 1 already ended lol
    I thought the story well be a little longer *sigh
    Happiness does not really last long
    need to search another story to read…

    I hope hundred novels well update tomorrow
    good night thanks for the good story after sleeping


    1. Hey wait, the story of Zed and Sakura will begin after book 2 you know :v Book 1 and book Zero are only the prologue. Book 1 is the prologue of their relationship, and book Zero is the prologue of Zed’s life


      1. i have standards that i unreasonably stick to, to the point that when things go against those standards, i fly up the wall and out the roof.

        “a god that exists to maintain balance, granted a wish with no cause for the after effects and ruined someone’s life” => “a god’s job is to maintain balance” => thoroughly destroyed balanced for a massive chunk of the world => doesn’t learn from what caused it and proceeded to do it again.

        i know things change and get explained, but still, even the appearance of “doing the precise opposite of your job because you can’t be bothered to care to do the correct thing” is my single most sensitive subject.


        1. oh yeah, now that you mention it again :v she did mess it up big time

          Astraea : “Sorry~~ Zed said he was okay that time, paying any price ”
          Don’t listen to a 10 years old kids :v
          Astraea : “My bad~~ I still try to repay him you know”
          You better do! Pay him with your body :v
          Astraea : “Kyaa ~~ ecchi ~~”


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