Book Zero Chapter 0.2 – Human and Dragon

On the top of the Magical Beast Mountain Range lies a giant dark cave with snows and bones covering around it. The aura around this place felt deathly, like nothing could easily come up, and nothing could ever go down. Blizzard was raging down around the cave. It was so terrific that a medium grade Magical beast would easily get killed by the flying ice cubes.

Right at this moment, a blue-haired little girl was walking easily inside this blizzard. The girl was wearing a one piece dress that was as white as the snow around her. The ice cubes just flew around, circling away from her, as she walked to the direction of the cave.

“Sieg-chan~~ Sieg-chan~~~ You there?” shouted the little girl to the cave.


Earth splittering sound was heard from inside the cave.

“Who dares to interrupt my sleep?!” shouted a really angry low voice from inside the cave.

“Booo…what a lame wake up scream!! Too normal!! Even common high level beasts already use it!!” shouted the little girl fearlessly.

“Oh? Is it? Really?” said the voice from inside cave.

“Yeah use something like ‘Who are you to disturb this Dragon King, the strongest being in this Continent!’, try something like that!” shouted the girl back.

“Ok, let me retry…”


“Who dares to disturb this Sieghart’s sleep?! The strongest being in this Continent!! The mighty Dragon King!!” shouted the voice from inside the cave with an even lower voice.

clap…clap…clap…Perfect!! now you only need new special effect like blasting out from the cave!” approved the little girl as she clapped.

“Ugh…then where should I sleep if I blast my home? There is not so much place quiet enough for my size, you know?”

A really huge silhouette walked slowly out of the giant cave. This silhouette was so big that even it needed to lower his head to go out. It was a dragon, a really really huge dragon. From the base of his front feet until the peak of his head was already 100 meter long. His body was so big that it filled the cave completely, the length was unseen as most of his body was still inside the cave. The 30 meter long head was like a Komodo with spiky horned scales protruding around. The neck was 60 meter long with diameter more than 30 meter, it was covered with spiky thick scales larger than the one on his head. His body was dark brown with cluster of gold around, and his eyes was deep red with a sharp golden pupil on the middle. The mouth was so big with huge teeth peeking from it, one of the teeth was already three time as tall as the normal adults. One would know how strong this dragon just from his mighty size. Sadly it was still wrong, his real power was thousand times stronger than what it looked like, because his mana was so enormous that even Demon Emperor is nothing in front of him. This Dragon name was Sieghart, a hundreds thousands years old Earth Dragon, the strongest being in the continent, the Dragon King. One swept of his mighty claw could decimate an entire mountain, one smash from his tail could split the whole mountain range into two and one bite from his mouth could easily kill the Demon Emperor.

“Sieg-chan~~ I still am confused about how you were able to fit in that small cave…,” said the small girl as she tilted her head.

“Even I wanted to make it bigger…, but that will make it collapse…hahh…” sighed the dragon. “Enough about me, I am still healthy after that 200 years of sleep, just a little bit of cramp because the bed was too small. What about you Astraea? Why are you even smaller than the last time I saw you?” said the dragon as he put down his head lazily in front of the little girl and yawned. A huge mouth was opened showing 3 layer of huge teeth like a shark, from it flowed endless stream of extra hot air from the Dragon’s lung.

That yawn was so scary that even the Demon Emperor would run away, but the little girl just grumbled as she pinched her nose, “Booo…you are really lazy!! And what did you eat before you sleep?! It smells like a… it’s too horrible that I can only say that it smells like a dragon’s breath…because it is indeed one…”

“Guhahahaha, tell me then, why are you smaller?” laughed the dragon.

“I just wanted to have a change of pace you know~~~ I even met a cute boy while I was in this form~~” said Astraea as she twirled her skirt.

The dragon just laughed again for a minute, then looked at the little girl. “Holy Sword Goddess Astraea… why are you looking for me now? Did the Hero fail to kill the Demon Emperor again? It’s bad for this world when I ‘accidentally’ kill another Demon Emperor for you, you know?” said the Dragon as he curved his scary mouth into a smile.

“…I haven’t summoned one yet~~ maybe in ten years or so~~”

“Then what do you need me for? You aren’t here just to wake me up to have a tea party with you, right?”

“Good idea! But I am here for another matter now. I need you to help that boy that I just told you.”

“Oh…why? You like him?” said the Dragon jokingly.

The Goddess didn’t say anything, not agreeing nor denying, she just stood there smiling.

The Dragon understood what this silence meant. His face turned grim. “Astraea, you are my one and only friend after this countless years I have lived. You have lived way longer than I do, so I know you have your own story that I know nothing of… But do you know how much pain I went through seeing my wife and childrens die in front of me? I lived way too long… way longer than them, I even almost too tired of living when I saw them went away. I don’t want you to feel this pain too…” A hint of bloody tear was seen on the edge of the dragon eye. He was the Earth Dragon King, the kind of dragon that has the strongest vitality, almost nothing could wound him, and no sickness could kill him, he would live for a long long time, as long as no one could kill him…

“Ehehehe~~ My foolish friend~~ Do you miss your wife and childerns?” asked Astraea as he stroked the giant dragon’s head.

“Not a single day passed without seeing their faces in my dream…” said the Dragon as a stream of blood tears poured down.

“Indeed it was painful when you lost them. But, do you ever regret loving them?”

The Dragon was silent for a bit, then growled, “No, never…” The Dragon finally understood what the immortal beings in front of him was trying to tell him. For them, immortals, loving was indeed painful, no matter what happen, they will live longer than the one they love. But at the same time, those short beautiful times, that they lived with them, would stay forever in their heart.

“Don’t torture yourself with their death… They still lives inside your big heart, my big friend…” said Astraea as she hugged the big Dragon’s head.

“No wonder you are a Goddess…, your heart is really pure and kind…”

“Not really~~ inside, I am still a woman you know~~”

“Hahaha…indeed, if not, you won’t ask my help for a mere human boy…”

“He is a really good boy you know~~~”

“Hahaha, I hope so…you know how much I hate humans, don’t you?” His wife and childrens all died because trivial rumour like dragon’s blood would grant the drinker immortality. He even once swept clean a whole Kingdom in rage of losing his children.

“I’m truly sorry about Julia, and the childrens…”

“It already passed long time ago…forget it…” said the Dragon.

Then the Dragon asked, “Will it be like usual then?”

“Yep, one favour for one wish…” said Astraea.

“I never really understand this rule.”

“There are three rules. First, I will give you a task, and grant you a wish with the same value of the task. Second, you can ask me something, and I will give you the task with the same difficulty, this one was only the roundabout way of the first rule. And the third, I can give you anything I want, but you will later pay it within your destiny. It might be small or big, depends on what I give you. I can’t really tell you the detail though,” explained Astraea.

“So…this one is the first rule?” asked Sieghart.

“More or less~~”

“What do you want me to do then?”

“Become this boy’s teacher until the time I summoned the Hero, then bring the boy to him…”

“So, I only need to take care of him for around 10 years? What kind of wish can I get for doing something so easy like that?” 10 Years was indeed short for this hundreds thousands years old Dragon.

“It’s not really that easy. You will need to do something for that boy. That’s why I came to you…”

The dragon frowned a bit. “Can you tell me more about this boy?”

Astraea was silent for a bit, her face turned grim, then she started to tell him the truth. “I gave him something too big, that he right now has to pay too much. I gave him the power to protect, but those he need to protect are now taken as the payment even he himself…”

“Astraea!! Why did you do that…? You know playing with human’s destiny will be bad!! They are too weak!” grumbled the Dragon.

“Oh Sieg…I don’t know… He told me he was willing to pay any price to have the power to protect the one he loves, so I just blindly trusted him and gave the power to him. And I too thought it would be interesting,” the Goddess fell silent again for a while, then said, ”But that time I didn’t know what payment the Destiny will be asking him. I gave the power to him, but it ruined his life, I ruined his life!! Now, it’s already too late, if I meddle with it again, it will just become even more complicated. Now, my wish is only to save him…Please help me Sieg…,” pleaded The Goddess to the Dragon.

The Dragon fell silent, he knew that this Goddess liked interesting things, but at the same time she never meant anyone harm. He knew she only wanted to help the boy, but the result was the boy’s destiny played a really cruel game on him.

Seeing the silent Dragon, drops of tears started to fall from Astrea’s eyes, “I beg of you Sieghart…he is dying right now…at this rate he will really die…please…”

“Astraea my friend, don’t cry… If I were you, maybe I too would just make the same mistake as you did. Fine, I will help you, so don’t be sad anymore. Just leave it to me,” said Sieghart as he slowly moved his giant claw to wipe her tear.

“Ehehehe… I love you Sieghart…You really are like a father for me…,” said Astraea as she hugged his giant claw.

The Dragon just chuckled, “Haha, I am too young to be your father Astraea…”

The Goddess walked back a bit then said to Sieghart, “Now, I will give you the ability to turn into human so you can help him…With your strong destiny, I believe that nothing could hurt you… It’s only a mere trifling ability after all…”

“Just make it into my ‘wish’. I don’t like my destiny being played with…sorry…”

“Are you really fine with that?”

“Meh, it’s only ten years of babysitting, then after that I can roam freely in human form. It’s pretty good to hear actually. Maybe I could challenge some strong demon later.”

“But your human body will be a lot weaker than your dragon body, you know?”

“And my mana?”

“Still the same I think, it connects to your soul after all. And your flesh, and everything will still be Dragon’s. It will just be like, you become smaller, and have an outer appearance of human, that’s all.”

“Then I can still use Mana Techniques. Not a really big deal…”

“Just be careful okay…”

“Do you forget that I am the Earth Dragon King? I am the mightiest in this continent you know…”

“Booo… show-off~~”

“Hahahaha, let’s just begin. Your little boyfriend is dying, right?”

“No big deal, I will just send you to the time before he died,” said Astraea as her body glowed then a small ball of light flew and went into Sieghart’s head.

“Hmmm…. Nothing really happened…” said Sieghart.

Astraea tilted her head, then try to ponder for a bit. “Oh right! You need to imagine yourself changing into a human! Then the power will automatically change your body into a suitable one that is similar to your dragon form.”

“Eugh…my brain rotted after that 200 years of sleep. Wait a minute…, let me try to imagine, mghhhh…mmm…mmmmmm,” grumbled the Dragon as he closed his wide sharp eyes to start imagining in his head.

Then a bright light flashed and the Dragon was gone. Now stood there a naked tall middle young man with brown skinned muscular body and golden long hair. His eyes were sharp, and the pupil were red just like his dragon eye.

“Not bad Sieghart… I thought you will change into an old man.”

“I am always this handsome for hundreds thousands years you know,” said Sieghart as he put his hand on his hip and showed off his body. The strong blizzard hit him, but not a single speck of the ice could hurt him.

“Your Dragon Flesh is really strong indeed…”

“It won’t wound me, but it still hurt though. I have no more scales to cover me…”

“And…what a healthy ‘dragon’ you have down there~~~” giggled Astraea.

“Fufufufu~~~ I did make lots of healthy childrens with Julia you know~~~”

She just sighed, “Haaah…how envious… I too want to have my own children…”

“Astraea…” Sieghart didn’t know what else to say, he knew Astraea will never have a child on her own, because she is a Goddess.

“No, forget it… I am just a little bit sad, nothing more… So are you ready? Do you really want to go naked?”

“Let me take something from my treasury!” shouted Sieghart as he ran back into the cave.

“You mean your junkyard?!” shouted Astraea to Sieghart who was running into the cave.

“Hey! I collected lots of treasures from humans and demons you know!”

“It’s not collecting if you just pile it up and use it to sleep~~~” mocked Astraea.

“I love sleeping over golds and silvers!! What’s wrong with that ?!” retorted Sieghart from inside the cave.

“Well, every dragon does… I made it like that… pfft,” chuckled Astraea with small voice so Sieghart wouldn’t hear it.

He went inside for 15 minutes then came out wearing a dark brown robe.

“Why did it take you so long just to get clothes?” said Astraea as she tilted her head.

“Well…I need to dig into the pile of gold and silver for some good treasures. I don’t know how long I will go after all. Maybe I won’t come back here anymore…”

“A Dragon’s cave filled with treasures… This place is gonna be crowded with people…”

“If they can pass the blizzard, then go ahead and come~~”

“Hahaha… true…” said Astraea as she swung her hand, then an old door floated in front of them.

“Let’s go,” said Astraea.

Sieghart opened the door and went inside. They were now on the air, the door was horizontally positioned on the sky, so Sieghart started to fall after he walked out.

“Astraea? Why did you put the door like that? That surprised me when I saw a wall coming closer to me,” asked Sieghart as he fell down to the ground 20 meter below him.

“Fufufufu~~ This is my trademark you know…,” answered Astraea beside him.


Sieghart fell straight to the ground after doing a salto, while Astraea floated down slowly behind him. In front of them was a boy that lay on the ground with lots of blood around him, his body was ragged beyond comparison, none of his limbs were straight, all of it were already broken apart. There was a sword stuck on his right chest, the wound it made was so horrible that you can see the flesh being mauled apart.

Sieghart walked slowly to this boy. “Oh…are you the one? You looked really messed up… Are you dead already?” said Sieghart as he turned the boy’s body with his right foot.

“There you go… Good,you are still alive…,” said Sieghart as he saw that boy’s chest slowly moving up and down.

“So do you want to live? Or to die?” asked Sieghart.

“From what I see, you should have been dead long time ago.” Sieghart knew that this boy was still alive, because of the power Astraea gave. But if this kept up, the boy would still die sooner or later.

The boy didn’t respond at all. His lung was pierced by a really hot sword, it has been burned and destroyed. It was hard for him to speak.

Then Sieghart moved his gaze to look around him. “Wheew… what happened to this city? Did you do this boy?”

The boy on the ground looked like he just realized something, his face turned grimmer and grimmer, drop of tear fell from his eyes.

“You regret it? Destroying this city? Killing innocent people in it? Or you didn’t know about it? Here, let me help you.” Sieghart, pulled the sword out of the boy’s chest, then lifted the boy’s body and grabbed his head to show the dreadful scenery around him.

They were inside a forest north of the city, around them was scorched fallen trees, and black stone rubbles from the castle’s wall. Then Sieghart showed him the view from the city. There, lay a huge crater on the ground, as big as the city, nothing was left in the center of it, only scorched ground. And on the edge of the crater was countless stones from what used to be city walls. Not a single Demon’s or Human’s sound could be heard, just the sound of fire burning the ground and trees around the town.

“How does it feel to have the power to decimate an entire city? Do you believe you can protect with this power? How laughable…,” mocked Sieghart.

“Sieghart! Please stop!! It was my fault!! Not him!! Please!!” a shout was heard from behind them.

That boy knew this voice, he tried to speak with all his strength, “cough…ea… R..ea… Re…cough…a… Re…a…cough.” The boy coughed blood as he cried out the girl’s name.

Sieghart put the boy on the ground as Astraea walked slowly to him.

“I am here…,” said Rea as she squatted down to the boy’s side and grasped his hand. “I am sorry Zedediah…”

Zedediah was gasping his breath, he wanted to say something to ‘Rea’. But he was already far too weak right now, then he fainted again…

“He had lost too much blood already…,” said Sieghart.

Astraea looked at him and slowly said, “That’s why… Please…give him a little bit of your blood…”

“You know how strong he will become, if I gave him my blood, right? And he already has a bit of your power already,” said Seighart.

Astraea shook his head and said, “His body is already really weak from when he was born, it won’t make him too strong. Maybe just a bit stronger than the Demon Emperor. And you will be his teacher, right?”

“Fine, that’s weak enough. I will just teach him few things so he won’t be too strong.” For both of them, something like Demon Emperor is nothing, a swept of their hand could kill it without any leftover.

“I mean, you will teach him to not use his power for bad things, right?”

“I will try. I am a Magical beast, you know? I knew just few things about human. Even I need him to teach me later. The last time I went out was five thousand years ago.”

“So be it… just please help him as much as you can… I beg you…” said Astraea as she caressed Zedediah’s bloody face.

“Do you really love this boy?” asked Sieghart.

Astraea just smiled then said, “Do you know what he said to me when I first gave him a chance for a wish?”

Sieghart just kept his silence, of course he doesn’t know.

“He asked me to be his friend…well, he was only 7 years old, so he didn’t know what I meant by a wish. But it made me happy you know? Then he came to see me everyday for three years, no matter how hard it was for his weak body. I saw him falling to the ground on his room, or struggling to move from his bed with muscleache, or hiding his fever in front of me when we met, but never once he showed me a face of sadness. He did all of it just to stupidly show off in front off me, he even never forgot to bring me cookies for the whole three years. He came to see me every single day…every single day of that three year. When it was really hot days, he would still run to show me his manliness, even when he looked really stupid as he stuck out his tongue because of the heat. When the rain poured down he waited under the tree with me, not knowing what to say, just nervously feeding me cookies. When it snowed, we made an igloo before he went to train outside in cold. And when it stormed, he would give me his robe so I wouldn’t catch a cold. Can you imagine how beautiful those days for me? But then I stupidly ruined his life…his whole life…” Tears dropped from Astraea’s cheeks onto Zedediah’s bloody face.

“Astraea… If you love him, then erase yourself from his memories…” said Sieghart with a really sad tone.

“Sieghart!!” shouted Astraea as she looked at him with a really miserable face.

“Imagine how much it will hurt him, to know the woman he loves destroyed his life… He already lost all he has. Don’t make it even harder for him…”

“He loves me?” This Goddess know nothing about love, she never really loved a man, and she didn’t even know if her feelings for Zedediah was love, that was also why she never answered Sieghart’s question forwardly.

“If I were him, then I think, I wouldn’t do what he did for you, if not for love,” said Sieghart as he smiled sadly.

She looked back at the dying’s boy face and whispered as she cried, “…Zedediah…I am sorry for all I have done to you… I know I won’t ever make it up for what I did… I hope you will find someone to protect with this cursed power I gave you… Please don’t be sad…, don’t get desperate… I will always look after you from afar… So, please try to find happiness once more…I am sorry…so sorry…sorr-uuuu-uuhh-wuaaahh…I am sorry…forgive me…uuuuu” The Goddess cry was heard thorough the forest. Even rain suddenly fell down as if it answered her call. The fire surrounding the city were being put off slowly by the rain, now everything was dark as the moon still hid behind the rain cloud.

“Astraea…I need to do it now, before his heart stopped beating…,” said Sieghart.

“L-let me erase his memories of me first…” said Astraea as she put her finger on Zedediah’s head. Tears still streamed down as the girl recalled every single day where she played together with this boy in front of her. “Zedediah…,” she whispered slowly as she put away her finger then kissed Zedediah’s forehead.

Then she stood up and walked a bit to the back. She stared at the battered Zedediah in front of her then said, “Sieghart, please save him… I-I won’t see him anymore… I am not qualified to be with him anymore…”

Sieghart went silent for a bit then said, “Leave it to me. Just take care of yourself Astraea…”

“…Sieghart…thank you…,” said Astraea as she swung her hand and disappeared with a flash of light.

The rain stopped as Astraea went away. Sieghart squatted down beside Zedediah and started to examine the wounds carefully. “Broken bones, cracked skull, mauled flesh, deep wound here and there, and a bit burned skin on his right chest and back, still reparable. But this one is impossible, better just take it away,” said Sieghart as he put his hand into Zedediah’s right chest and ripped his right lung out. It was already cutted up by the sword and burned because the sword was touched by the fire. Zedediah was already lucky enough as the sword strangely not melted. If it did, then the melted metal will destroy most of his organs, and he would die.

Sieghart ripped the scorched flesh and skin from Zedediah’s right chest and back, then threw it away. After that he ripped apart his own hand and poured the blood that flew from his arm into Zedediah’s mouth and gaped right chest. After more than a liter of blood poured down, Sieghart pulled the arm back to stop the bloodstream. “This much should be enough, his body won’t be able to use the power inside the blood straight away after all. It will just help his recovery for now,” said Sieghart as his hand magically grew again. He is the strongest Earth Dragon after all, a missing small limb in his human form wouldn’t even take 5 seconds to grow again.

On the ground, from Zedediah’s right chest, new flesh could slowly be seen moving to seal off the huge wound. “His body is indeed weak, even with the help of my blood, it still heals so slowly. This little guy is a really really unlucky fellow. What was his name again? Zed- what did Astraea call him again? It was too long. Whatever, I will just ask him when he wakes up. Let’s get away from here first, humans from other city should have seen what happened from the scale of the destruction…,” said Sieghart as he put Zedediah on his back and disappeared in the blink of an eye with a blast.


“WOAAAAAAAAAH” a shout was heard thorough the forest.

“That was intense… I even went beyond the sound barrier, thank god the boy was on my back. I forgot my body had gotten smaller. I need to readjust the technique’s mana usage later. Hmmm, let’s just run normally right now…”

Then Sieghart began to ran really fast while carrying the wounded Zedediah on his back. They arrived at a cave behind a waterfall 300 km away from the capital after running for 4 hours. “Here is good enough I think, I need to wash his blood after all,” said Sieghart as he put down Zedediah on the ground. He took a spare clothes from his Storage Belt, then wet it with water from the waterfall, and rubbed the stains of blood on Zedediah’s body. After he was pretty clean, Sieghart sat down near him and said, “Now all I need to do is to wait for him to wake up.”

Then time passed…

One day…

Two days…

Three days…

Until finally Zedediah woke up on the seventh day…

“Ugh…” Zedediah grumbled as he felt his body hurted all over.

“Ah, you finally woke up! You are really weak!! You even need seven days after you used my blood…” A sound was heard in the darkness.

It was really dark as Zedediah looked around. But strangely he could see clearly, he was inside a cave and a man sat there near him chewing something in his mouth.

“I got a crocodile flesh, you want?” said Sieghart as he chewed a lump of raw flesh in his mouth.

“W-who are you? Where am I?” Zedediah was really confused as he tried to remember everything that have happened. “M-mother!! Mother was killed by the demon, i-I failed to protect her… But where is Father?! Aunt Mary?! Aunt Anna?! Liz, Susan, Jeanna?! Uncle George?! What happened to them?!”

“Oh… you really forgot about ‘her’… Hmmm, don’t you remember that night? I already showed you right?”

Zedediah furrowed his brow as he tried to remember the man in front of him. “You, you are the man who kicked me upside down, then grabbed me and silently showed me the place where the city once stood!!”

“Oh, so the voice was deleted?! Good then! I really misunderstood you back then after all…” said Sieghart as he nodded up and down.

“Eh?” Zedediah got even more confused.

Sieghart just sighed and said, “Forget what I just said. And about your family, I will tell you once again, you killed them all as you destroyed the city. Do you remember now?”

Zedediah tried to remember the moment before he collapsed, the [Fireball] he released swallowed the Demon and his mother’s dead body then grew larger, but he didn’t know how large it became. “I-impossible, my [Fireball] couldn’t destroy the entire city, it should be the Demons…,” Zedediah tried to reject the idea of him killing his families.

Sieghart pondered for a bit then said, “No, your [Fireball] should be the one who did that. Just try and use it again.”

Zedediah felt slightly angry as the man in front of him had accused him of killing his own family, but he too really didn’t know how big his [Fireball] that night became. He pointed his hand onto the wall then casted, “Fire. Gather at my hand. Burn my enemy for me. [Fireball].” As he finished casting, a head-sized [Fireball] flew out from his palm. “See, it’s just normal [Fireball]!” shouted Zedediah to the man that still sitting near him chewing a lump of flesh.

“Did you do it like that back then?” asked Sieghart as he pointed at Zedediah with the raw flesh on his hand. Sieghart already knew where the problem was. It was the different between chanted magic, and chantless magic. He already guessed how this boy’s [Fireball] was able to destroy an entire town. He already lived for a really long time after all, he knew a lot about magic and battle.

“N-no. I did it without chanting, my throat was filled with blood. What’s the difference anyway?” Zedediah still tried to deny what he feared.

“Just try it then, but imagine making a big one right now, 5 meter or so…”

Zedediah frowned, but then holding his palm to the front as he imagined making a [Fireball] with diameter of 5 meter. Then it came out, a 5 meter big Fireball that blasted the cave’s wall.

“What a rude chantless magic… but you see now right? You were the one who did it. I am guessing that back then you collapsed because you used all your mana on that [Fireball], am I right? With your current mana from…nevermind, with your current mana, you supposedly should be able to destroy a city four times bigger than that.”

“I-i-i-I killed everyone?” said Zedediah as he fell on his knee. He imagined that night his [Fireball] burning everything, his Father, his aunts, his sisters, and the countless innocent people inside the city. His heart was filled with anger, grief, sorrow, and disgusts. “H-how is that possible? How could my mana became that big that it could destroy a city?”

“Mana is already bound from when you were born,” Sieghart lied to him, this mana was actually a part of the power Astraea gave to Zedediah. But Sieghart didn’t want to tell Zedediah about her, he will take this secret with him to his grave.

“T-then why didn’t I die?”

“Well, you can’t be hurt by your own Magic…”

“But, I was stabbed by a sword. I-i-I should have been dead together with them!” The 10 year old boy was confused, he didn’t know what else to do to pay his sin aside from his death.

“Well, let’s say it like this. You were dying. I was taking a walk. I found you. I saved you ‘somehow’. And you are now here. Got it?”

“B-but why? You didn’t even know me!”

“Gah!! Don’t ask too much!! I just did it, okay?!” said Sieghart as he started to chew the flesh again.

Zedediah fell silent, he knew that this man did save him and he should thank him. But he felt too sad to continue to live, he had no one anymore, he killed them all with his own hand, he was disgusted on himself, to actually still live when everyone else already died. He then looked at his own hand, it was actually red with his own blood, but he thought that it was an illusion of his family’s blood that he killed. Then he started to imagine all his families, one by one scorched by the fire that he made, slowly, and painfully. He imagined them screaming and crying his name to ask him, ‘Why…why did you kill us…Zedediah’

“AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!” Zedediah screamed, his heart was full of terror.

“You are still too young after all… Fine then…,” said Sieghart as he stood up and walked to Zedediah. Then he squatted down and grabbed both of Zedediah’s cheeks. ”Yes, you killed them, but who made you do that? Who attacked your city that you had to burn it down?”

Zedediah remembered the one who killed his mother that night. “Demons…,” he whispered.

“Yes, it was the demon that made you kill your own family. Now, you are still alive, so you have to take revenge on them for your dead family!”

“Revenge…,” said Zedediah slowly.

“Yes, it was the Demon Emperor that commanded the Demon! So train and kill him!”

Zedediah’s face changed from sadness into anger. “Demon Emperor…Kill…”

Sieghart thought that this boy was too young to face his own sin, he would better just tell him some easy words to make him felt better right now. He couldn’t tell the boy the whole truth after all.

“I will train you to become stronger! I saved your live, so I will take responsibility for it!! I will help you to become strong enough to defeat the Demon Emperor!!! You understand?”

Every sorrow and grief in Zedediah’s head already changed into hatred for the Demon. He wanted to take revenge. And this man in front of him not only had saved his live, he now even wanted to help him take his revenge. Zedediah didn’t hesitate anymore. “Yes, Master!”

“Tell me your name boy! Your Master’s name is Sieghart, the strongest in this Continent. From today on you will become my disciple!”

“Yes Master Sieghart! This disciple’s name is Zedediah, Zedediah Knightley!”

“Good, now eat! We will go to a suitable place for your training after that!” said Sieghart as he pointed to the dead crocodile on the edge.

As Zedediah saw the crocodile, his head cooled down drastically. Now he looked back at his Master with disbelief and said, “Ehm…Master? Won’t we cook it first?”

“Why? Isn’t it tasty when it’s fresh?” asked Sieghart.

“Eh?” Zedediah just tilted his head in confusion seeing his strange master that liked raw flesh.

“Eh?” Sieghart tilted his head too, he was confused because his human disciple didn’t want to eat such tasty flesh.

This was the first meeting of the Human disciple with his Magical Beast master…

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Author Note : failed to make it into trilogy, need more chapter… So the book name was changed too, haha 😀

24 thoughts on “Book Zero Chapter 0.2 – Human and Dragon

    1. One is a dragon, and the other is human XD one doesn’t even know how to cook and the other was a prince that was always sick and never ate anything but the best food in his life.


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    1. Yup, she just vaguely gave him the “power”, as of how Zed will use it to protect his family, she leave it up to his own decision. And the Goddess is not the one who control the payment, the destiny, and the law, so she couldn’t know what will happen to Zed after she gave him some power. She too felt that the payment was too much for such a ‘little’ power like that, but it already happened. And don’t put human’s common sense on her, it won’t work.
      sigh…How I wish that I could put the whole story in one night so people can read the whole story faster (TAT )


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