Flash News 4

Hey Everyone!! Thanks for reading until this far!!

Today i am a bit busy, so 0.3 is not yet ready, maybe i will release it early tomorrow or maybe even late tomorrow. My schedule is bad for the next few days. I really hope that i can write anytime i want, but my laptop’s battery is forever dead, so sadly i have to use desktop.

Well, as an apologize, Shiva! Go entertain the guest!
Shiva 3

Shiva: “H-hauuuuu…why me??? T-this is bullying!! I will report you to Rea-onee-sama!!”

Come on…just a few pose won’t hurt~~ You are cute you know~~

Shiva : “R-really? You won’t do anything perverted to me? W-well, fine then…”

Shiva 2

Shiva : “Nyaaaaa~~ There!! Are you satisfied now?!”

Thank you Shiva-chan! You gave me another spirit to write now!! People, please give applause for Shiva-chan!! And pray that 0.3 will finish as soon as possible!!


4 thoughts on “Flash News 4

    1. Shiva-chan : “M-my name is Shiva!! The mighty Death God of Earth!! A-and only Rea-onee-sama may call me Shiv-chan!! I-i will let you feel my power [Death Gl- awawawa Nee-sama don’t pull my ear!!!”
      Astraea : “Shiv-chan! Don’t bully the reader!”

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