Book Zero Chapter 0.5 – Sefia City



“Master Sieghaaart…”


“Can I put this down already?” said a young man with a huge boulder on his back.

“It’s been only a week Zed, put it down after a month,” said the man that sat near him roasting a meat over a campfire.

“But I haven’t eaten for a week already.”

“Do your stomach feel hungry?”

“Well, no… but my mind feels hungry when Master roasts that meat in front of me…”


“Ugh…nothing… but Master, what exactly am I training with this heavy boulder on my back…”

“Well, nothing actually… We are just wasting the time…”

The boy then slammed the stone on his back to the ground after hearing what his Master said. He walked to his Master side then sat on the ground while saying, “Master! Why do I still do this? It has been almost 10 years after I started training!”

Sieghart stopped roasting then looked straight at Zedediah. “Zedediah… When did you master the chantless magic?” asked Sieghart.

“When I was 15…”

“When did you master Mana Techniques?”

“Well, not as good as Master’s, but I can already use it easily when I was 18…”

“Are you strong enough?”

“I can kill high grade Magical beast easily!”

“Do you think you can kill the Demons?”

“I do!!”

“Well, I already think so too long time ago…,” said Sieghart as he looked away then started roasting again.

Zedediah just rolled on the ground as he heard his unconcerned Master’s word. “Uaaaaaa… Then why are we still doing this training in the middle of nowhere like this… I wanted to kill Demons!! Eat something decent!! Buy new clothes!! Find woman!! I am already 20 years old and still single!! Aaaaaa!!!”

“Stop whining!! You have been saying the same thing for 5 years already!! And you don’t look 20 at all!!” snorted Sieghart.

“And Master always said the same single thing for 5 years already!!”

“Yes, ‘It’s not the time yet’. I am tired of saying that too you know…”

“Then when is the right time? And why do I still look like I was 15 years old?”

“I will say it to you when the time is right. And I already explained about that to you for 3 years!!”

“Yeah but it still doesn’t make sense!”

“What part of it?! Let’s review again! What does my blood give you?”





“Dragon’s Eye.”

“That’s a bonus. And?”

“Longetivity and Vitality…”

“That’s the one. How good for you right? You don’t have to eat nor sleep for a long time. And your life excpectancy is longered.”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t have any connection with my look! Does it?”

“Here, if a middle aged man drinks my blood, then he will look like a middle aged man for a long time, and maybe dead while looking like 60! Now you, you drank my blood when you were 10! So how do you think you should look right now?”

“I shouldn’t have drank it…uuuuuuuu…” Zedediah cried as he imagined himself still looked like a teenager after he was 40 years old.

“Meh, how else do you think I look like this after hundreds thousands of years…” said the young looking, brown skinned, gold haired, human formed Dragon.

Zedediah stared at his Master and asked, “Am I going to look like 20 when I am as old as you?”

“No, duh, you are not Dragon… You will just look younger than what you really are, you won’t live forever like me… Maybe you will look 50-60 years old when you die at age 120 or 150.”

“S-so I will live until 150 years old??”

“Could be, and another positive thing is, that you could still satisfy many woman on your old age, fufufufu…,” snickered his Master.

“Oooooooooooooooooooooh……………” Zedediah imagined himself being surrounded by countless woman.

“And 150 years old is enough time to have your revenge. So what are you being impatient for?”

Zedediah fell silent as he remembered the time when he was having frequent nightmare of the Demon and the family that he killed, he even sometimes still had it right now. The only thing he could think of was to kill the Demon Emperor, and maybe the countless ghosts of the innocent people that he killed, would rest in peace and finally leave him alone.

“I-I only want to take revenge as soon as possible… So my family can rest in peace…”

Sieghart fell silent when he saw his miserable disciple. He already thought of Zedediah as his own son after this 10 years. When Zedediah got nightmares, he too would feel like his heart being squashed. And when he imagined himself in Zedediah’s place, countless time he wanted to run to the Demon Continent and squashed the Demon Emperor. But he didn’t, he knew the real story, so he couldn’t just make the Demon emperor as the sole scapegoat. If Zedediah wanted revenge, then he had to do it himself. “Come, eat the meat with me…,” he said slowly to Zedediah.

Zedediah just nodded then took a sharp stick to stab the meat with. “By the way Master, why did we never go to a human town? Does it have anything to do with the ‘right time’?” asked Zedediah to his Master as he roasted his meat.

“Hmmm, I don’t think so. I too forgot the real reason why we avoided those places. If I am not wrong, back then I thought you didn’t want yourself to be known. You are a prince right?”

“But, I usually stayed at castle back then, so not many people knew my face. And no one could remember me, I think…”


“Don’t tell me Master…”

They stood up together then run at high speed to the north.

“TASTY FOOD!!!!!” shouted Sieghart.

“WOMAAAAAAN! I mean… hmm… WOMAAAAAAN!!” shouted Zedediah.

Both of their body were blurred as they ran from tree to tree with a really high speed. The trees that they stepped were wrecked and shattered, even the surrounding trees were blasted by the resulting wind.

Then Sieghart suddenly came into a halt. “Wait Zedediah! Do you remember where the nearest city was?”

Zedediah stomped at the ground making a huge crater, he still couldn’t do the Mana Techniques as soft and exquisite as his Master. “I thought Master ran to north because you can feel the human mana with [Mana Web],” said Zedediah as he looked at his Master in front of him.

“Oh right! I forgot to use that [Dragon’s Sense]! Let’s see… Found a big one 1000 km east from here!” said Sieghart as he pointed to the right.

“Wow Master! Your mana is really too much, to even use [Mana Web] for 1000 km… I can’t even spread it for 200 km for more than a minute…”

“I live for hundreds of thousands years not for nothing you know! And 1000 km is not my maximum range!”

“And you use it to find human’s food…”

“Shut it you ungrateful disciple! Don’t mock your Master!”

“Fine fine… 1000 km huh, around 5 hours with top speed…”

“Can you even keep up with my [Dragon’s Feet] with your puny [Sky Feet]?” Sieghart snickered at Zedediah.

“Master… why do we even use different name when the Techniques are exactly the same? Like my [Mana Web] with your [Dragon’s Sense] and my [Sky Feet] with your [Dragon ‘s Feet]…”

“Are you a Dragon?”

“Of course not, I am a human…”

“Now you know why…”


Before Zedediah could argue again, Sieghart was already gone from his view. “Hmm… my mana should hold for 3 hours at top speed… let’s see if I can squeeze it to 5 hours…”

Then Zedediah was gone from that place too. All that was left there, was a crater with a foot print in the middle of it.

After 6 hours, in the top of a hill near Sefia City, the Capital of Holy Alliance, sat Sieghart on top of a boulder. Then from afar a speck of shadow could be seen getting nearer and bigger for every second that passed, until it smashed the boulder with a loud sound.

“Zed! Don’t use the boulder where I sat as your brake!” shouted Sieghart.

“Sorry Master! But you were really fast… I even got lost for a while, if not for sensing your [Dragon’s Sense] disturbed my mana…”

“You were still too weak, I was here 5 hours ago…”

“But you are a Dragon, Master. I am just a human… Well, going 1000 km in 6 hour is already inhuman too…”

“Whatever. Let’s go Zed! I want to taste different human’s cookings.”


“Wait! Are you really sure you want to go like that?” said Sieghart as he looked at Zedediah from head to toes.

Zedediah looked at himself. Right now, he was only wearing a plain short to cover his body from waist to knees. It was a pain to wash the Magical beast’s blood on his cloth everytime they fought after all. And thanks to the Dragon’s blood, he didn’t feel too much effect from the summer’s heat, and winter’s cold. You could say that his body already absorbed the Earth Dragon’s power to strengthen his muscles and skin to a place above normal human.

And after 10 years of training, Zedediah’s body no longer looked like a prince’s body. His body was light brown colored and looked neither bulky nor thin. It was just as big as a normal boy on his age, but the muscles used for fighting could be seen clearly after they were strengthened to the limit. Also there was countless big wound covering his skin, a stab wound on his stomach, a claw mark on his back and limbs, and of course the gouged out wound on his right chest. The smaller old wounds were either hidden under the big one or already gone after a long time. He only got those big wounds from over-powered High grade Magical beasts like Giant Bear Beast, Giant Crocodile or Giant Twin Headed Serpent. No normal high grade Magical beasts could touch him, even less the low and medium grade one. And also his brown hair was already as long as his waist because he never really cared about it.

“You look really shabby. Act like you don’t know me later, okay?” mocked Sieghart.

“[Storage]” Zedediah used his Storage Magic Tool. He was given this Storage Ring by his Master after he fought a really delicious Eagle Beast and confused on how to pack the meat for later. At that moment, Sieghart just remembered that he packed a spare Storage Tool inside his Storage Belt then gave it to Zedediah. Zedediah even cried when he knew that his Master had something that good and hadn’t given him that long time ago when he was smaller. His Master just said unconcernedly that he forgot and then told him to pack the meat for him. After that Zedediah used the Storage Ring to put his personal things inside, his old clothes, robe, and also his nameless shortsword.

“Buhahahahahaha!!! You looked silly with all those small clothes!!!” Sieghart just laughed when he saw Zedediah putting on his old shirt and robe.

“Uuuuu… Master… Don’t laugh at me! I don’t have anything else beside this!” Zedediah too felt really embarassed to see how he looked like right now. Even though he looked young on the face, his body was already trained in life and death battles, so it had became bigger and way taller after 10 years, he was now already around 175cm and still growing up.

“Pfft… fine, you can take my spare clothes… [Storage]” Sieghart pulled out some spare cloth from his Storage Belt then threw it to Zedediah.

Zedediah happily put on the black shirt and black leather pants over his body, then covered them with a black robe. The size was perfect, so it looked really good on Zedediah. “Master… thank you for the clothes, it is perfect. But why does it smell so bad?” said Zedediah as he sniffed at the clothes.

“Well, it was the clothes from the people that tried to rob my cave, I squashed them under my feet and slept over it. I took their clothes with me when I went out of the cave. I already washed mine, but I forgot to wash yours too.”

“!@#$%^&*()_+” Zedediah mumbled some unidentified words as he put off the shirt, pants and robes of his body and threw it to the ground.

“Hey! That thing is only unwashed for five hundred years you know! And back then it was covered in gold and silvers too!”

Zedediah didn’t say anything anymore but just dragged the clothes to the nearest river. Then he scrubbed it really hard to make the smell gone away. Sadly the shirt and pants were ripped apart, but thankfully the robe remained, only the color strangely changed from black into brown. Zedediah dried it over a campfire for an hour, it felt a bit damp, but nothing he could do about that, his Master was already impatient to eat the food in the town. While he waited for the robe to dried up, he also cutted his hair with his shortsword, it was now really short like a knight’s hair.

Zedediah felt a little strange because he didn’t wear anything but a short under his robe. So he said to his Master, “Master… could you please give me money to buy clothes from the town later?”

Dragon loves gold and silver so their nature are extremly stingy, they would kill anyone who dare to touch their treasure, but Sieghart already thought of Zedediah as his own son, so he just pondered for a bit before finally saying, “Hmmm… Zed… you already survived my training for 10 years… you really deserve to get something…” Then he put out a money bag from inside his Storage Belt. It looked really heavy and gave out a really beautiful tinkling sound.

Sieghart opened it up slowly, then from inside countless gold coins could be seen. Zedediah felt really happy as he saw the sight of it, he never thought that his Master would give him so much gold coins. “Put out your hand,” said Sieghart.

Zedediah hurriedly put both of his hand to hold the heavy golden coins. But then Sieghart slowly gave him just three coins. Three golden coins…

“M-master? T-three?” Zedediah was stupefied.

“Hmm? Good, my disciple shouldn’t become so extravagant…” Sieghart smiled widely then take two of the gold coins on Zedediah’s hand back to his heavy golden sack.

“A-ah…” Zedediah was speechless.

“What? You don’t want gold? I got silver coins too…,” said Sieghart as he slowly extended his hand to take the last coin in Zedediah’s hand.

“Ah! No! [Storage]!” Zedediah defended his last gold coin with his life…

“Hmm? Strange disciple…,” said Sieghart as he tilted his head.

Dragons are stingy… extremly stingy…

Then they walked to the direction of the city. The city was really big with white wall surrounding it. Over the city gate hung huge banners with a huge golden sword drawn over it. All the Gate’s guardians wore white silvery armor and held a spear with a flag of golden sword on it.

“Oh, what a huge city, do you know about this place, Zed?” asked Sieghart as they walked to the direction of city’s gate.

“Hmm… with so much Holy Sword Banner, maybe a city from Holy Alliance…”

“What is that?”

“You never knew master? It’s one of the four big Kingdoms you know…”

“There is only two Kingdom that I know Zed. One that I had stepped on, and one that I hadn’t stepped on.” Even after all those 10 years, Sieghart never showed Zedediah how big he really is, no matter how much Zedediah beg and cried. Sieghart always thought that it was too troublesome, because he was simply too big. Zedediah felt dissapointed because he never saw a dragon before, and his Master wouldn’t let him hunt another dragon because he thought of them as his families.

“Don’t step on this one, Master. This Kingdom is rumoured to be blessed by the Holy Sword Goddess-sama,” said Zedediah as he tried to remember the thing he read inside the book.

“Oh, really?” Sieghart’s eyes showed a really surprised look as he gazed at the city in front of him.

“Well, the Holy Sword Church said so…”Zedediah just shook his head, he too didn’t really know the truth.

Sieghart just snickered when he heard that, “Meh, what the human said is not always the truth. Remember, don’t always believe at what you see and hear…”

Zedediah remembered the moment his Master took out that golden coin bag, then nodded up and down in approvement.

They walked for a while then stopped because the guards were blocking their way.

“Halt! The North Gate is reserved only for Nobles! If you are an adventurer or merchant please go to the other gates!” shouted the guard with a slightly different helmet from the other guards, it seemed that he was the guard’s captain.

Hearing that, Sieghart didn’t immediately go but turned to Zedediah and asked, “What is nobles?”

Zedediah just frowned and said, “It’s… what human with lots of money called themselves…” He was too lazy to describe the human’s hierarchy to this old-minded Dragon.

“Oh, then I am a noble ain’t i?” said Sieghart, then he walked forward again.

“Halt! Are you really a noble?” said the guard captain as he looked carefully at this shabby looking young man.

“[Storage]” Sieghart didn’t say anything but just put out his big golden coin bag and shook it up and down. A beautiful coin sound was heard. “I still have 100 more of this bag of golden coins, you want me to put it out too?” Sieghart’s Storage Belt was really spacious, he got it long time ago from a really strong magician that tried to stole his treasure in his cave. He was squashed in a second by Sieghart though.

The guard captain’s eyes changed to golden in an instant, he hoped to get a bonus from this young man. “N-no, Sir. B-but, there is an entrance toll for coming inside the city…,” said the captain as he rubbed his hand together.

“Really?” Sieghart’s face turned grim.

The captain was a bit scared seeing the change on Sieghart’s face. “Y-y-yes… normally it is 10 copper per person…but for Nobles…”

Sieghart turned to look to Zedediah again. “Zed, what is copper?”

“Pfft… You don’t know Master?” Zedediah chuckled seeing his Master didn’t know simple money calculation.


Sieghart smacked Zed’s head then said, “Noisy brat. Just answer what your master ask!”

Zedediah just rubbed his dizzy head and said, “Aughhh… Master, 1 gold is 100 silver, and 1 silver is 100 copper…”

Sieghart never saw a copper before, all the adventurer that came to him only brought a golden coins or silver coins. And even if they brought copper coins, Sieghart’s eyes were only pointed at the glittering golds and silvers.“Really? I should have given you just 1 silver then…”

“No! You have given me the gold coin! It’s mine right now!” shouted Zedediah as he hid his Storage Ring from his stingy Master. Zedediah imagined himself squatting on the ground and rubbed his gold coins with his cheek while saying, ‘My Precious…’

“Meh… what a stingy disciple… it was my gold just 10 minutes ago,” said Sieghart as he shook his head in disbelief.

Zedediah just frowned, he wanted to retort about his Master’s stinginess, but he really didn’t have anymore money beside the gold coin his Master gave him. So, he kept his silence.

“Eh… Sir?” said the forgotten captain.

“Oh right… Here…” said Sieghart as he unwillingly gave the captain one silver from another bag inside his Storage Belt.

“Oh, a silver coin… Thank you sir…” The guard’s captain was a bit disappointed he thought that he would at least get a gold coin.

“Hmm?” Sieghart tilted his head as he saw that the captain was not saying anything anymore.

The captain tilted his head too when he saw that the shabby stingy noble in front of him still waited there in front of him. “Eh? Is anything wrong sir?”

“You said 10 copper right? Where is my 90 copper now?”

“Eh? B-but, 10 copper is for adventurer and merchant…” The captain tried to defend the 1 silver coin he got.

Sieghart’s patience finally snapped, he already unwillingly gave the man 10 copper, but now that man wanted another of his 90 copper. So, he grabbed the captain’s spear then single-handedly threw it to the wall behind the guard. It stabbed really deep that you couldn’t see it from outside anymore, thankfully the wall was really thick and the spear was only a normal iron spear, or else it would pierce to the city inside.

The guard were scared shitless, they never saw a man this strong before, they thought maybe this man was a legendary level 7 or 8 Adventurer, rumours said that even they don’t have to bow to a king. “P-please calm down, Sir! Y-you don’t have to pay the toll as long as you show me your adventurer card!” shouted the captain as he gave the coin back to Sieghart. All the guards behind him were already trembling when they saw the power of the gold haired man in front of them.

Sieghart was silent, he didn’t know what an adventurer card after all. Zedediah just stood behind him trying to hold his laughter.

Seeing the scary looking man in front of him wasn’t saying anything, the captain got even more nervous. Then he just said, “Sir! Y-you must have lost it somewhere after a fight against a really strong enemy! P-please don’t let this lowly guard hold you back anymore! Welcome to Sefia City, The Capital of Holy Alliance! P-please have a nice rest!” He already had enough of this scary man, he just wanted to let him go, and then maybe let his higher up deal with it later.

“Oh, really?! I don’t have to pay? Good… good…,” said Sieghart as he smiled and walked through the gate. That day Sefia city was saved from disaster. For a second there Sieghart had already wanted to change back to a dragon and flatten this city, then just go to another city to eat human’s food. Really… He wanted to destroy a city just because of 90 copper…

Sieghart and Zedediah walked into the city. They went into the Northern District of Sefia city, it was made for the noble’s residence because it was closer to the Grand Holy Church. This District looked really beautiful, the road was wide with white pavement, and there were big lantern along it. The houses along the way were also grandious with tall white colored wall and big garden in front of it

“Oh, this place looked really luxurious, but why is there so few people here?”

“Hmmm, Master, I think this is Noble’s District…”

“What is that…?”

“Ugh… let’s just say, it’s a place for really good food with really expensive price…”

“That’s not good… So, where can we find a place with slightly good food and really cheap price?”

Zedediah was a prince , so he already learned about city’s planning. “Maybe at the adventurer’s district.”

“And where is that?”

“If not south then west or east of the town…but not here…” Zedediah too didn’t know exactly where it is.

“Well, let’s go then!” said Sieghart as he started to pose his body to run.

“No! Master! Don’t run here! You will break the city…”

“Eeeeeh? So we have to walk?”

“Or with a carriage,” said Zedediah as he pointed at a horse-pulled carriage near them.



“Let’s walk.”

With that short exchange of words they started to walk toward another district. They walked for an hour before finally getting to a crowded place on the Western District.

“This place is pretty huge and crowded,” said Sieghart as he looked around him. He never saw so much humans walked around like this.

“I think this is market…,” said Zedediah as he looked at the stalls and peoples around them.

sniff..sniff…A place to buy food?” asked Sieghart. He smelled something delicious in the air.

Zedediah pointed at the skewered meat stall near them, “There is food here, but if not raw, then snacks like that.”

They walked slowly to the stall.

“Snacks?” asked Sieghart.

“Small food to eat along the way…”

“Why small though?”

“Because they are afraid that they will be full before dinner if they eat too much…”

“Hahahaha…humans get full after that small meat?” said Sieghart as he pointed at the skewered meat in front of him.

Zedediah just ignored this dragon. “How much?” asked Zedediah to the storekeeper.

“2 copper each, 10 copper for 6,” said the fat man behind the stall.

“Master, he said 10 copper for 6 skewers.”

“Is it tasty?”

“My meat skewer is the tastiest in the city. Hahahaha…,” laughed the fat man.

“Oh? Really? I take everything then…” said Sieghart as he pulled the 20 skewers from the stall onto his hand.

“O-oh okay, 20 skewers… so, 32 copper, but I will make it just 30 copper! Thank you for purchasing,” said the storekeeper with a huge smile.

Then Sieghart gave him a silver coin and waited patiently for the change. He got a bundle of copper coins from the storekeeper then gave it to Zedediah.

“M-master, this is for me??”

“Hmm? What are you talking about? You count it for me, if there is 70 copper in it or not…”

“Eeeeeh? But there is a lot of copper coins inside it…”

“I still have 20 meats in my hand, I can wait.”

“Buuuuuuut…fine, but I get one skewer okay?”

“Why? This is from my money… buy it yourself…,” said Sieghart as he started to chew the meat one by one. “Oh, the taste is strange, not only salty, it’s burning in my mouth as well, but it is tasty… sadly the meat is just so so…” Sieghart described the new spicy taste from the meat as he ignored the grumbling Zedediah beside him.

After a while…

“Master, I want to go to the clothes store to buy shirts and pants, you want to come?”

“No, you go, I will find something more to eat.”

They weren’t afraid to get lost as they know each other’s mana and could sense it from far away. Then they split up and went to different ways, Zedediah went to the line of stores on the side of the market, and Sieghart stayed at the market to find more snacks.

“This store looks decent…,” said Zedediah as he looked at a cloth store named ‘Remilia’s Robe’ in front of him.


The Store’s doorbell sounded as Zedediah walked inside. There was only a girl behind the counter. Zedediah walked in and looked around the clothes shelves.

The girl walked slowly to the rough looking tall man then said from behind him, “A-anything I can help you?”

Zedediah turned his body then looked at her and fell silent. It was already a long time before he spoke to another woman. He was already felt stupefied as he saw lots of beautiful girls at the market back then. But now this fragrant, beautiful, sexy woman was directly talking to him up close. His mind was suddenly muddled and stopped working.

The woman frantically said, “S-sorry for disturbing you. Please take a look at the clothes, and if you have anything to ask I will be behind the stall.” The scared woman ran back after seeing the silent Zedediah.

Zedediah was surprised. He didn’t knew why that girl run away from him…

What he didn’t realize, was that he looked really scary for normal human right now. He was looking down from his tall body to the small woman with his thin glaring eyes. He even forgot that his body was emitting killing intent from slaying countless Magical beasts for the past 10 years. He was also too nervous to smile. Fortunately he wasn’t too nervous to smile in front of a man, but to a girl that he hadn’t even met once for the past 10 years, even when he smiled maybe the girl would even felt more scared…

He was confused, so he just grabbed two pair of normal looking shirt and pants and paid for it. The girl looked really scared as she gave the change back to Zedediah. Then he put one pair of the clothes inside the changing room, and put the other pair inside his [Storage Ring]. After that he went out and tried to find his Master to ask about something.

After he was walking for a while, he found his Master sat on the edge of a fountain in the center of the Market. On his hand was lots of meat skewers and sweets. “Oh! Zed! Look! This apple covered with brown thing is really sweet, not as good as meat but good!” he said to Zed as he showed him an Apple candy.

But Zed was confused about something, so he just ignored his Master, then sat down and asked him about something that weighted his mind, “Master… am I ugly?”


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      1. I love your work but i have a question, does zed regenerate lost stuff or not? Like his lung or later on his fingers. A couple of times it is implied he doesn’t and other times it says he does. Or is regeneration referring to simply healing quickly. Also i love the interactions between the dragon master and his human disciple, as well as the goddess watching to make sure he does it right.


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