Book Zero Chapter 0.7 – The Training at the Church

On the dark edge of an abandoned shrine, a brown-robed man sat down gloomily as his tears were dropping from the edge of his silver mask. He sat there facing the ground, while his finger was playing around with a small pebble, turning it right and left to let out his sorrow.

“…so she fainted because I was ugly…uuuu…,” cried the man.

“N-no! Z-zed-san!! I already told you! I-it was because you looked scary! I’m sorry!” said a blonde haired girl behind him.

“Uuuu…so my face is not only ugly, but scary as well… uuuuuu”

“No! And I haven’t even seen your face because the mask was hiding it!” shouted the girl.

“So my face is really scary, that I have to hide it with a mask…uuuuu…”

“N-noooo!!” shouted the girl panickly as she didn’t knew what else to say to clear the misunderstanding.

As you have guessed, It was Zed and Lucy. Zed was crying and sulking after he knew that Lucy fainted because she saw him back then. It was a really devastating shock for him, to know that a girl just suddenly fainted because of his looks.

Tooru just scratched his head, as he too was confused about what he should do to make things between them to be less awkward than this. “But Zed-san, why did you wear that mask? It’s not that I find it bad, I even think that it looks cool!” said Tooru with a bright smile.

But Zed just continued to sulk and shouted at him, “I don’t need a man’s opinion! Uuuuu….”

Lucy knew from Tooru that Zed was actually going to help them defeat the Demon Emperor, but after making him cry like this, she was confused and felt somehow guilty. “T-then won’t you show us your real face?” asked Lucy. Lucy was actually really scared to see what kind of face was hid behind that mask. She thought that maybe it was a really scary face, or it has a horrendous wound, or maybe even something worse. But she knew that she had already hurt the feeling of the man before her, so she wanted to show him that she wasn’t scared anymore, and would at least try to look at him objectively.

“No! You will just faint again! Uuuuuu…”

“I-I won’t! I promise!“

“Really?” asked Zedediah as he turned his face to look at Lucy that stood behind him.

Lucy trembled a little as she saw the silver mask again, but then shouted, “Yeah!”

Zed pondered for a while then said, “Fine…” Then Zed’s hand slowly took off the silver mask.

Lucy’s heart was beating really fast as she saw the mask slowly went down from Zed’s face. She imagined a really scary face was going to come out from behind that mask. However, when she finally saw his face, she felt somehow slightly dissapointed. On the place where she thought a brawny looking old guy’s face would appear, Lucy only saw a fair skinned young looking man with a sharp-thin eyes and normal face. Yes, a completely plain normal face. Even though she couldn’t see the face clearly as the sun almost completely went down, she found that his face wasn’t scary at all, it was something else that she didn’t know how to describe, like the air around him or something, but definitely not his face, because it looked completely 100% plain and normal.

Seeing the silent girl in front of him, Zed nervously asked, “W-why do you fell silent??”

“E-eh… it’s because you… look pla- I mean young! Yes! Really young!!”

“Really? So, you find that I am not scary or ugly?”

“No! Not at all!!”

“So… am i… handsome?”

Lucy was startled to hear his question. “Eh? That’s…,” Lucy averted her gaze then continued her sentence, ”…you are…normal…? I think…”

“Uuuuuu…you lied… so, I look ugly…uuuuu…,” cried Zedediah as he put on his mask again.


Then after another 30 minutes of crying and arguing, Lucy finally succeeded to convince Zedediah that he was neither ugly nor handsome. Zed was still sad to know the truth, but at least he knew that he wasn’t that ugly in the eyes of a woman.

“At least, I look decent, right?” said Zedediah.

Lucy hurriedly nodded then said, “Y-yeah… so don’t cry anymore, okay…? We need to hurry and go back to the city after all… it’s already so dark that I can’t even see my own feet…”

“Hmm, going back to the city? Why?” asked Zed.

“Eh? To sleep and eat, of course? It’s already dark after all…well, I can still see a little with the help of moonlight, but…” Lucy trembled a little as she looked at the dark shrine’s wall around her, it was a little creepy and scary, and she could even hear some strange sound from the forest’s direction.

Tooru just nodded as he too felt really hungry after the long journey.

Zedediah was silent for a bit then said, “… you guys know that it will take us the whole night to walk back to the city, right? And there is Magical beasts around, so it’s not safe to move at night…”

“Eh?! Really?! I never went out of the city before… W-what should we do then?” asked Lucy.

“Didn’t you guys prepare food and equipment for camping before you went out?”

Lucy shook her head then said, “No… Tooru just suddenly pulled me along this morning…”

Tooru just scratched his messy hair and chuckled, “Ehehehe, I thought we would be back before dinner.”

Zedediah just sighed and said, “To not even prepare the basic necessities… Are you guys seriously trying to beat the Demon Emperor…”

“T-tooru just arrived in this world for a few days, s-so he only knew few things about this world! That’s why we need to hurry and go back to the church to resume the training,” said Lucy frantically to defend themselves.

Zed was silent for a bit after he heard the word ‘training’. “ Training…? Don’t tell me…Tooru-san… can I ask you something strange?” said Zed.

“Hmm? Go ahead!” said Tooru.

“In your old world, have you fought a Demon Emperor as well?” asked Zed.

“No, there wasn’t something like that in my world,” answered Tooru.

“So… you are just a strong person that was summoned here?”

“Hahaha… I don’t think that I am really that strong, I am just a normal student after all.”

Hearing that, Zed just sighed then said, “So, it’s just like what I have guessed… But then… why were you even summoned?”

“Well… the Goddess said that I have a huge amount of something that’s called mana. I don’t know what that is, but she said she need me and my ‘mana’ to help her defeat the Demon Emperor, and then she will grant me a wish after I help her.”

Zedediah furrowed his brows tightly then said, “And you are willing to help her just like that? You are willing to risk your life for a wish?”

Tooru just smiled and ruffled his hair. “Well, it’s not like I can just go home after someone need me, right? And I don’t really care about the wish, I just want to help…”

“You could die.”

Tooru just gazed at the golden sword on his waist then smiled bitterly. “I never know until I try right?”

Zedediah felt slightly confused, he didn’t know that the Hero’s summoning would be this ridiculous. A lot of question slowly popped up inside his mind, why did the Goddess summon a complete amateur to defeat the Demon Emperor, why didn’t she just give the Holy Sword to a strong Knight, why do we have to sacrifice an innocent person from another world, and why this guy just stupidly agree to help for no benefit. As he felt somehow responsible about having a guy from another world to save his, Zedediah just furrowed his brows then said, “Fine… you are really stubborn and stupid…, but you are still the one who will risk your own life to save this world. Then i…, no, wait, first… Lucy-san…”

“Y-yes?!”, Lucy was startled when she was suddenly being called by Zedediah.

“What kind of training will he do back at the church?” asked Zed.

“W-well, we have already given him the equipments like the Mithril Armor, Storage Tool, and some other things. So next was supposed to be fighting drills against the Templar Knights and also against the tamed Magical Beasts, and in-between a little bit of lecture about this world,” said Lucy as she tried to remember the things the Holy Pope told her.

“Hmmm, so you also have learnt how to fight before, Lucy-san?”

“N-no, I was supposed to support him from the back with my healing, so I have focused my own training in healing spells, b-but I won’t be a burden and will train together with Tooru to fight! I will work hard!”

“Me too!” shouted Tooru with determined eyes and bright heroic smile.

After knowing that Lucy was a complete amateur as well, Zedediah’s headache only got even worse. Then after he pondered for a while, he said to the two of them, “Fine! I changed my mind again. I will only go with you guys, if you can agree with one condition.”

“Hmm? Tell us then…” said Tooru.

“I will observe you guys on our travel to the Demon Emperor, when we arrive at the Demon Emperor’s place and I find that you guys aren’t strong enough and have no hope in beating the Demon Emperor, at that moment I will forcibly take you guys back home.”

Lucy was startled to hear Zed’s words. “B-but if we go back home, then what will happen to the human in this continent?”

“Hmm? Die, maybe. But if you aren’t strong enough, then you will just pointlessly be killed by the Demon Emperor then he and the demons will kill every single people in this world. It won’t make any differences,” said Zed, but he didn’t tell them that if Tooru and Lucy couldn’t do it, then he himself will try to defeat the Demon Emperor alone. He still need to fulfill his revenge after all.

Lucy and Tooru fell silent, they knew that, what Zed said to them, was certainly the truth, even when they went to the Demon Castle, they will just die if they are weak. But then after pondering for a while, Tooru looked straight at Zed with a pair of fiery eyes and said to him, “You are right, but when that happened, I will still fight the Demon Emperor, you can just take Lucy back home.”

Zedediah saw that Tooru’s eyes were burning with determination and bravery, it was indeed a Hero’s quality. But after seeing that determination, Zedediah could only frown, “Why are you so stubborn? You don’t even know how strong the Demon Emperor is…”

“No, I don’t. But, I too am going to get stronger from now on!” said Tooru.

Zedediah fell silent, he was stupefied after seeing this overly stubborn guy. He couldn’t find any real reason why this stupid guy would risk his life after they talked just now. This Hero only kept muttering some naive words that angered him again and again. “Why are you so eager to go to your death?! You don’t even have any connection to this world!” shouted Zed to Tooru as his patience finally ran out.

Lucy fell silent as she heard the conversation between Tooru and Zed. From the first establishment of the Holy Church, it was already their job given by the Goddess to help prepare the Hero that she would summon and give the Holy Sword to. Even they themselves didn’t know why the Holy Sword would be given to a Hero from another world, they only do what they were told by the Goddess. Because they already put their faith in the Goddess, they believed that whatever the Goddess did, it had some profound meanings behind them. Therefore, she trusted Tooru completely and found it normal that Tooru will help them defeat the Demon Emperor. But after she heard this conversation, Lucy finally realized that it was somehow strange, for what reason did a man from another world would want to help them to kill a really strong entity like the Demon Emperor without even thinking of the benefit? Somehow she felt curious and at the same time anxious and guilty. “Tooru, y-you don’t have to risk your life… The Demon Emperor is really strong, you know?” She too never saw the Demon Emperor’s power personally, and the Demon Emperor this time had never shown his power openly as well, but after the time the Knightley Empire’s capital city was suddenly destroyed in one night 10 years ago, everyone suspected that it was the Demon Emperor’s power that had done that.

Tooru fell silent then gazed at the starry sky above them. “I…have my own reason…,” he said to them as he closed his eyes.

“W-won’t you tell us?” said Lucy.

Tooru just chuckled for a bit, “Haha… it’s not like it’s a secret. But, do you guys really want to hear it? It’s pretty stupid you know.”

“Tell us,” said Zedediah shortly to him.

Tooru fell silent and started to think about what he should say, then after a while he opened his mouth and said, “From when I was young, I always love to see and read a hero’s story. I always dream to become one, and now that I am one, I want to become stronger then help the people!”

Hearing that, Zed only stared at Tooru with disbelief and gaped mouth. “That’s it? You are willing to die for it?” asked Zed. He didn’t know how stupid the man in front of him is, but it was indeed a really stupid reason. It was just like, the Hero and the Demon Emperor matter was a mere game for him.

Tooru just smiled and nodded. His eyes were bright and dazzling just like a little boy.

“You… argh… your dream huh… Fine, whatever… I won’t try to stop you from doing any stupid thing you want to do, but I won’t let you throw someone else’s life, so, if something bad happens, I will bring her back,” said Zedediah as he stared at Lucy’s direction.

Tooru just nodded and said, “Ok!”

“N-no! I will fight too!” shouted Lucy. She too was surprised to hear Tooru’s simple reason, but she was the future Holy Pope after all, how could she let a Hero, that her church had summoned, go alone to fight the Demon Emperor without protection?

However, Zedediah’s mind was set already. “No. I have stated my condition. If you don’t agree then I won’t help you, maybe I will even try to hinder your journey. It was already stupid enough to let an amateur fight the Demon Emperor, I may as well stop you from throwing your lives.”

“But, what about the people’s life?! They will be killed by the Demons! I-I have to protect them!” shouted Lucy.

“With words? If you want to stand against the Demon Emperor and fight him, then show me your power… Tooru is a Hero and a man, he even has the Holy Sword, so he can throw his life as he wish, I don’t care. But you? You are only a weak woman…”

“Y-you!!!” Lucy felt angry as she heard Zedediah’s mockery. She lifted her palm and gnashed her teeth, she wanted to slap this impolite man’s face in front of her, but she stopped as she saw that Zedediah was wearing a mask on his face.

“Hooo… so you want to slap me? Here, go ahead…” said Zedediah as he put off his mask and grinned while his index finger was pointing at his own cheek.

Seeing the provocation Zed gave her, she clenched her hand and formed a fist to hit Zedediah’s face.



Sadly, it wasn’t Zedediah’s scream, rather it was the howl of Lucy as she rolled on the ground holding her hurting right hand with her left one. At that moment, she was feeling her hand burning and hurting as if she had hit an iron armor. Well, as expected of the skin that was enhanced by the Dragon’s Blood, a mere punch of a woman wouldn’t even left a mark on it.

Seeing the crying girl in front of him, Zedediah just scratched his cheek and said, “You really should just stay at the city… a mere pain like this already makes you cry…”

Hearing that, Lucy suddenly stopped rolling, then sat down on the ground with teary eyes and reddened face from holding the pain on her right hand. “N-no! I will go with Tooru! I-I will show you that I can become strong and help Tooru to defeat the Demon Emperor! And no matter what happened, you can’t stop me!!”

Zedediah didn’t say anything anymore, he just stood there in silence and stared straight onto Lucy’s eyes. After a while he put his mask back over his face and started to walk outside of the shrine into the forest’s direction.

“Where are you going?” asked Lucy.

Zedediah stopped walking then answered her, “I will find some food for you two…”

“That means, you will help us?” she asked again.

“Huuuf… It’s not like I can just let you two kids to go alone to the Demon Continent, right?” said Zedediah as he continued to walk into the dark forest.

“I-I am not a kid!” shouted Lucy, but Zedediah just ignored her and continued to walk.

After Zedediah was gone from her sight, Lucy snorted, “I hate that guy!”

“Hahaha…but, at least he is not a bad guy, right?” said Tooru.

“Hmm…I don’t think he is a bad guy after he cried like that… But Tooru, do you really think that we can believe him? What if he was just deceiving us?”

“Hmmm, why would he deceive us? After all, he wants to defeat the Demon Emperor as well…”

“That’s…, so you believe him?”

Tooru just ruffled his hair then smiled and said, “I don’t know, I don’t really like to think that hard, but I think I will believe him…”

“Really…?” Lucy didn’t know what else to think, she hated what that impolite man had said to her, but at the same time she realized that he was just being concerned about the two of them. Therefore, she just furrowed her brows tightly, then said, “Well… fine then… I will just believe in Tooru’s decision…”

Hearing that, Tooru just smiled then slowly sat down near Lucy. He then gazed upwards onto the broken ceiling to see the starry sky. He fell silent as he started to think about everything that Zed said to him. To become a Hero was only a dream for him, he had read lots about it from novel books and watched lots of anime of it, but to think that he could really become one, it was a really surprising thing for him. Even though he knew that he had something to do back in his old world, and had to leave his only brother alone, it was still his dream to become a hero. Well, he was indeed naive and stupid to just do that, but it was a one in a lifetime chance, so he did it, no, he had to do it! He became a hero! Even though he now felt pretty scared after he thought clearly about it, but at the same time he was really happy and excited as well. After all, It was a dream come true…

“I am going to become strong!” shouted Tooru as he smiled and lifted his fist toward the sky.

“You better do…” Zed’s voice was suddenly heard from outside.

“Eh? Zed-san? You have come back?” Lucy was rather surprised to hear his voice, but she couldn’t clearly see because it was dark outside. “Why so fast? Is there nothing to eat?” asked Lucy as she squinted her eyes to look outside the shrine for Zed. However, her eyes were not accustomed with the darkness, so she could only faintly see a huge silhouette moving closer and closer to them. She too could clearly hear a sound of something heavy being dragged on the ground.

“Hmm? I brought something already. Can’t you see? …………ah right, it’s too dark for you guys… let me make a campfire first, we need one for cooking after all…” After Zed said that, he put down the thing he just dragged then moved around nimbly to find some branches and started to make a campfire.

After the campfire illuminated the area around the shrine, Lucy and Tooru were flabbergasted as they saw the scene in front of them. There, beside Zed’s sitting place, was a bright red fox as big as a normal bear. It lay there motionlessly with opened eyes and bloodied throat.

“D-did you kill it Zed-san?” asked Lucy. She was surprised to see such a big Magical Beast laying dead in front of her, from what she knew, to kill such a big one, at least 10 soldiers would be needed. She was curious to know how strong Zed really was, to be able to kill this huge Magical Beast in just a couple of minutes and even dragged it back to the shrine.

“Hmm? Yeah…,” he said, but then he suddenly remembered about something important. “Oh wait no! No! I-I found it! I found it on the river over there!” said Zed as he panickly pointed his finger to his right side.

Seeing Zed’s panickly reaction, Lucy’s mind turned 1800 from amazement into suspicion. “Really? But there is no river there… we went through that way from the city…,” she said.

“Eh? I mean, that way!!” said Zed as he pointed to the left.

“Hmmm… is that so…? But what is a Fox beast doing near us? And who killed it?” asked Lucy as she squinted her eyes to clearly see Zed’s next reaction.

Seeing the sharp gaze Lucy gave him, Zed’s heart jumped a bit. “W-who knows?! Definitely not me, I just went for a few minutes after all. I-it was impossible for me to run around the dark forest, then killed a high grade Magical beast with just a stab from a shortsword, right?” said Zedediah as he tried to trick Lucy. Well, rather than tricking, it was more like digging his own grave though…

Hearing the nervous Zed, Lucy’s suspicion just grew stronger. Luckily Zed still wore his mask, or else she could see his pale and sweaty face. “Really……?”

“Ugh…” Zedediah frowned as he remembered the thing his Master said about the Holy Sword Church. He forgot that he shouldn’t show the people the real extent of his power, and even more to Lucy as she was the future pope of the curch. He trembled as he imagined himself being tied to a bed, then on his side, Lucy stood there wielding a knife on her hand and smiling viciously. “I hope she will wear skimpy clothes…,” said Zedediah in a low voice.

“What did you just say?” asked Lucy as she couldn’t hear what Zed just murmured.

“N-no, nothing!” Zedediah panicked as he didn’t know what else to say to deceive Lucy. He didn’t want to kill Lucy just to hide his secret, so he was thinking about fleeing to avoid her, but he already promised to help the two of them. Now, he was really confused about what to do, but fortunately at that moment, a stroke of luck came to him, it was the Hero.

“Ahahaha, what a lucky day, to even find a food in the middle of this forest,” shouted Tooru as he walked slowly to the side of the dead Fox beast.

Seeing the opportunity to change the topic, Zedediah hurriedly spoke back to Tooru, “Y-yeah!! This fox is still bleeding, so the flesh should still be fresh!! We can roast it over the campfire!!”

“Oh!! That should be good!! Do you have spices or wil we eat it just like this?!” asked Tooru as he licked his lips and imagined eating a roasted meat.

“I have bought some salt and pepper from Sofia’s market. But, could you help me cut the fox’s meat Tooru-san? I don’t have anything sharp after all!”

“Ok! Leave it to me!” said Tooru as he pull out his Holy Sword.

“Ah? Eh?” Lucy just speechlessly stood there as she saw the topic suddenly changed into cooking.

“Could you help me hold this leg Lucy?” asked Tooru to Lucy as he lifted his sword to behead the Fox beast.

“Eh, me?! O-ok!” said Lucy as she hastily ran to hold the Fox’s front leg.

Then Tooru swiftly beheaded the dead Fox beast and its blood started to flow out heavily from the headless neck. Seeing so much blood streaming down to the ground like that, Lucy felt sick and completely forgot about the matter concerning Zed’s strange behavior.

“Are you okay Lucy?” asked Tooru.

“I’m sorry, I am just a bit dizzy…” said Lucy as she sat down on the ground a distance away from the fox’s body.

Tooru just laughed and said, “Ahahaha, so Lucy never cooked before, sorry, I shouldn’t have let you see that much blood.”

“O-of course I have cooked before, I am a woman, you know?! T-that much blood is nothing!!” said Lucy angrily while throwing pebbles to Tooru and Zed.

Seeing the angry Lucy, Tooru and Zed could only laugh together and tried to avoid the pebbles. That night, they ate the roasted meat together around the campfire, while telling their stories to each other, except for Zed of course. He just sat there trying to hold his puke as he saw their conversation turned slowly into Tooru and Lucy flirting with each other. After a while, Lucy went to sleep inside the shrine with a tent and blankets that she borrowed from Zed, even though she was slightly scared, she already felt really sleepy after eating so much roasted meat. And not long after that, Tooru fell asleep beside the campfire as well. Zed only had one set of sleeping equipments, so he and Tooru had to sleep over the grass beside the campfire for tonight.

But Zed didn’t go to sleep, he just sat there watching the sleeping Hero’s face. “A boy that dreams to be a Hero, huh… I wonder how old he really is, 14? 15? He still looks really young and stupid. And that stubborn girl too, to feel sick from only seeing a little blood, I am worried about what will happen when we kill a bigger Magical Beast later…” Zedediah just sighed as he remembered the thing that happened tonight.

”But really… she just looks like her… Jeanna should be around her age and look a bit like her if she is still alive, she inherited her blonde hair from her mother after all….” A hint of sadness could be seen on Zedediah’s face as he thought about his one and only little sister, Jeanna. Jeanna was the second daughter of Mary, the second wife of his father. Zed doted on her very much, he remembered the time she run to him asking to play together after his training was over and also the time where he used to comb his little sister’s blonde hair as she told him about what she played that day with her big sisters.

“Will they be okay to go kill the Demon Emperor like this?” Zedediah muttered to himself as he furrowed his brows. He didn’t want to see the girl that looked like her dead sister die. “Well, I only need to protect them… shouldn’t be too hard…,” said Zedediah as he nodded up and down. It wasn’t that he was arrogant, rather he was confident about his own strength, he had went through hellish training for 10 years after all.

On the next day, Zed reluctantly went together with Tooru and Lucy to the Grand Holy Church. It was because Lucy needed to report to the Holy Pope that they had found a companion that was foretold by the Goddess. Zed was actually really unwilling to go, because he was afraid that his secret would get accidentally found out. Luckily, it was done easier and faster than he thought, after only some words, Tooru had succeeded in convincing the Holy Pope and the Church Elders that Zed was a trustworthy man, so from then on Zed became an esteemed guest for the church. Well, it was only on the front though, after a few days of living there, Zed could feel that some people were actually spying on him, but he just ignored it because he thought that it was normal, who in the right mind would actually believe in a strange silver-masked man like him?

But after thinking that, Zed actually felt a little bit sad, well, he called himself a strange silver-masked man after all…

Tooru’s training resumed the day after. At the morning he would train his body, then at the afternoon he would be taught about swordfight by the Templars. Zed, that had nothing else to do, just lay around the training ground lazily as he observed Tooru’s training everyday.

Occasionally, Tooru would fight a low grade Magical beast together with Lucy to train their teamwork, he would go at the front and try to beat the Magical beast with the Holy Sword, while Lucy stood behind him and searched for a gap where she could heal him. At first they need around 10 minutes before they finally managed to beat it, but after a month of training they could already do it rather easily. It was because with the help of Holy Sword, Tooru could learn some sword skills that was specially built for it, he only needed to pour the mana into the Holy Sword then chant the skill name and it would come out. Even though it sounded easy, but Tooru actually needed to think instantly about which skill he could use effectively, while avoiding the enemy’s attacks.

Tooru and Lucy felt happy as they thought that they had become stronger and stronger, but at the other hand Zed was pretty annoyed. He thought that the training was severely lacking, it was after all only a training against a ‘tamed’ ‘low grade’ Magical beast, and not a life and death fight against a real one, and it was even at most only once every three days. And many times when the Beastmaster saw that Tooru was in danger, he would instantly send a command into the mind of his Magical beast to stop the attack. Even though Tooru and Lucy didn’t realize this, Zed could clearly see what happened from the distance.

Seeing that kind of training, Zed felt pretty conflicted, he didn’t want Tooru and Lucy to train really hard like he was, but at the same times he found that this kind of training won’t help them beat the Demon Emperor at all. He furrowed his brows tightly as he thought about what he should really do right now, but then after he pondered for a while, he finally made up his mind.

A few days after that, it was a sunny afternoon on the training ground behind the Grand Holy Church. In a few moment, Lucy and Tooru would fight another Magical beast, that their trainer had prepared for them. Right now, they are currently preparing themselves to fight, checking their equipment, a little bit stretching and warming up, then positioning themselves on a simple formation, Tooru in front, and Lucy behind him.

Then a blue colored Lion beast started to slowly walk 10 meter in front of them and growled ferociously. Tooru pulled out his Holy Sword and prepared himself to dodge the Lion’s first attack. As he thought to himself about what skill he should use to beat the Lion beast, suddenly a high-speed palm-sized [Fireball] went through the side of his head and hit the Lion beast’s head. Then suddenly a bright light lit up in front of his eyes together with a loud explosion voice.


Tooru and Lucy was surprised. They didn’t know what just happened. After they opened their eyes, all they could see right now was a crater where the Lion supposed to stand.

“W-what are you doing? Did you try to harm the Hero?” shouted a voice behind Tooru and Lucy.

Hearing that shout, Tooru and Lucy hurriedly turned their body to see what happened behind them. There they saw Zed sitting over a long stone chair where he used to lay around everyday, and around him were a dozen of Templar ponting their spear to his head.

“Hmm? No, I just tested how strong that Magical beast is. But it turned out to be really weak, how disappointing…” Zedediah just sighed then lay back on the stone chair ignoring the spears that surrounded him.

Hearing those words, the Templars were stupefied, that Lion beast was actually only a low grade Magical beast, they too could kill it alone, but it would need some time, and not instantly like what the silver-masked man before them did. And they saw that Zedediah was only using a single unknown Fire element spell that they never saw before, The Templar that was standing behind Zedediah only saw that he chantlessly made a ball of flame as big as a shield, then that big ball suddenly retracted into the size of a man’s hand and flew through the Hero onto the Lion beast. They couldn’t react at all as it all happened only in a few seconds. And they knew that, Fire magic should have been weak against a water Magical beast, but to even kill it with no trace left, and even as far as leaving a crater below it, actually how strong the man in front of them really is…

“Don’t lie!! You clearly aimed at the Hero’s head!” shouted one of the Templar.

“It was his fault for not paying attention to his surrounding, if it was a real fight, then a Demon would have attacked him from behind,” said Zed plainly.

“Guuh! You!!” The Templars were getting impatient as they saw the man was being impolite to them. They wanted to beat the hell out of this guy, but they were slightly afraid after seeing the power of his magic. They too knew that this man is an esteemed guest of the church, so they were confused about what they should do, should they ignore him, or catch him?

Then Tooru’s shout was heard from behind them, “Stop! Put down the spear! Zed-san was right, it was my fault for not paying attention.”

“Z-zed-san…did you really kill that magical beast?” asked Lucy that stood beside Tooru.

“Hmmm? Yeah, I did, after seeing you both training against those beasts, I wondered how strong they really are, so I just threw my [Fireball] to them. But to actually exploded after taking only one…”

“I-it was [Fireball]?!” shouted one of the Templar. All the people around Zed was wearing a really shocked expression except Tooru. After all, Tooru didn’t know that [Fireball] is the weakest magic of Fire element.

Zed knew that he shouldn’t show off his physical capability and Mana Techniques, but he could at least show them the power of his chantless magic. “Hmm? You guys never saw a [Fireball] before?” said Zed as he continued his acting.

“B-but, a [Fireball] shouldn’t be that strong!” shouted Lucy.

“Ahahaha… the power of that [Fireball] was nothing compared to a high grade Magical beast claw, you know?”

“Zed-san have fought one before?” asked Lucy nervously, she only ever saw a low and medium grade inside the city before, and it was only the tamed one too.

“You guys are going to fight them too… and even a Demon would be slightly stronger than that… and how strong do you think a Demon Emperor would be, to even able to command the entire Demons?”

Tooru and Lucy suddenly realized how weak they really were. They were thinking that if they could finish their training, then they should be ready to fight the Demon Emperor. But it turned out that, they were wrong. Even if they were able to easily beat the Magical beasts, they would still be nothing in front of the Demon Emperor.

“T-then what should we do?” asked Lucy.

“What should I do to become stronger, Zed-san?” asked Tooru as well. Tooru realized that Zed was way stronger than him, and maybe even stronger than what he had imagined.

Hearing their question, Zed woke up then sat straight on the stone chair. He stared straight at Tooru and Lucy then said, “You both aren’t afraid? I just told you about the rough estimation of the Demon Emperor’s power, you know…?”

“Zed-san, I want to become stronger!” shouted Tooru. From his eyes, Zed could see the bright flame of determination and thirst for power. Seeing that, Zed just silently approved that maybe Tooru could withstand the secret plan he made.

Then Zed turned his head a bit and looked at Lucy.

Seeing that Zed was waiting for her to say something, Lucy hurriedly shouted, “M-me too! I want to be able to protect everyone!” As he stared at her eyes, Zed could see the pure light of desire to protect the one she cared for, even though he too could see that Lucy’s legs were actually trembling a lot, he just tried to ignore it.

After a while, Zedediah just nodded at them and said, “Well… if you guys want to be strong, then…”

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Author Note :

Sorry for the long delay. It even needed 10 days to make, as I was really busy in real life OTL…

And to make it worse, I didn’t get inspirations for a pretty long time in those 10 days as well…

Actually there is more to this chapter, but I cut it then put it in chapter 0.8 as it would become too long to if put it here…

Sorry about that! and Shiva-chan!! I need your help!!

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“N-no!! A-a Goddess doesn’t wear a panties, so I can’t give it to you!!”

Really? really? Hmm…readers…I need to go with Shiva-chan for now…it’s ‘urgent’! So, see you guys at the next chapter!

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  1. just read everything that is currently posted got to say fell in love with the story can’t wait to see if the goddesses become jealous and start to aim for zed


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