Flash News 7

Hey guys!! Zed here! I just got back from outside the city.

So, we got bad news and good news….

Bad news is, Book Zero will be longer than i thought it would be. And i am also confused as how i should name the chapter, at first i want to make it into 0.9 where they fought the demon emperor, and 0.95 where Zed lived alone in Nevs Kingdom, and then it will be complete with chapter 1 in Book 1. But, it seems that it will be impossible, seeing that they haven’t even met Erina in chapter 0.7 yet. Well, it will be ugly, but i have to make chapter 0.10, 0.11, and so on…. seriously…. i hate the name….it’s like chewing a fishbone conciously….

But i had to do it!! So let’s hope for the best!

And the good news is, i changed the theme, does it look better? I hope it is…. and tell me if it’s heavier okay?

Also… please pray that i can finish 0.8 tomorrow….

13 thoughts on “Flash News 7

  1. I always pray for you, dear zed.
    And we, especially me, will always wait for you no matter what.
    And prequel with a long story is okay you know? Its not a bad news, its a blessing that you have that many inspiration and we also can read more

    がんばって ね?


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