Book Zero Chapter 0.11 – The Mysterious Knight and the Violet Colored Eyes

“Hero! Are you here???”



The sound of the wooden door being unlocked was heard.

“Hero?! I am here to help you! Let’s go!” shouted a knight that walked into the room through the unlocked door. His appearance couldn’t be seen clearly as the light was pretty dim inside the dungeon, and his face was also covered by a helmet, so, although Zed had the Dragon’s Eye, he couldn’t see it either.

“O-Ou…!! Lucy, Riria, Zed, come on!” shouted Tooru as he hurriedly stood up.

“C-Can we trust him?” asked Lucy. She was afraid that it was just another trap like before.

But Zed, who already stood up, said to her, “Don’t know, but it’s better than waiting here.”

“Let’s go, we can’t dawdle here! They could come anytime!” said the knight as he shook his head left and right to observe the dungeon’s corridor.

Seeing that the course was clear, he started to run outside the cell. And then, without further ado, Tooru also went after him, followed by Lucy, Riria, and Zed.

As the four walked out of the cell, there, on both sides of the wooden door, they saw two collapsed guards. It seemed like it was the feat of the knight that saved them.

Seeing that, Tooru wanted to thank the knight, “Than-“

But, before Tooru finished saying his thanks, the knight cut him off and whispered, “Shhhhh, be quiet for now, we don’t know when the other guards will come. Just follow me.”

The four quietly followed behind the knight and walked carefully inside that dark dungeon. Then, after walking for a few minutes, they arrived in front of a stone wall which seemed to be  a dead end.

But then, without saying anything, the knight suddenly pushed a brick in the stone wall.


The wall slowly moved aside, uncovering a small tunnel that was hidden behind it.

“Get in,” whispered the knight as he pointed at the tunnel.

Tooru just nodded and crouched to get inside the small tunnel.

And Lucy, even though she was scared because the tunnel was really dark, after seeing that Tooru had gone inside, she had no other option but to follow him as well.

Then, after Lucy had gone inside, Riria followed suit.

“What about you?” asked Zed as he looked at the knight from the tunnel’s mouth.

“I will go in as well, but I need to hide the tunnel first,” said the knight.


Then, after Zed went inside, the knight pushed a stone in the floor and hurriedly went inside the tunnel before the moving wall completely closed behind her.

Tooru, Lucy, Riria, Zed, and the mysterious knight started to walk slowly through the small and dark tunnel. Even though it was dark and slippery, thankfully, there was only one road, so they wouldn’t get lost.

After they had walked through the tunnel for ten minutes, they finally saw a light coming into the tunnel a few steps away from their location. As Tooru went closer to it, he saw that it was actually a hole that seemed to be the exit of the tunnel.

Before he went outside, Tooru carefully peeked at the area  around the hole first. But, as the hole was actually already surrounded by thick bushes, it was impossible for him to see anything, so he just stood up and walked outside the tunnel. After ensuring that there was nothing behind the bushes, Tooru stretched his hand into the tunnel and helped Lucy to crawl out from there.

Then the four of them stood there, surrounding the tunnel’s exit, waiting for the mysterious knight to came out.

As Zed saw the knight getting closer to him, he stretched his hand to help him climb out.

The knight took Zed’s hand and crawled out from the tunnel.

But, when Zed grabbed the knight’s hand, he felt that something was amiss. Zed felt that something was wrong with the knight in front of him, but he didn’t know what it was, so he just shrugged his shoulder and ignored it.

As he saw that the knight slowly climbed up and stood in front of them, Tooru then said, “Thank you for helping us escape from the dungeon, Miss…”

“Erina, just call me Erina. Don’t use the Miss…” said the knight.

“…Oh! So that’s why!” Zed shouted as he realized the reason why he felt that something was amiss back then, turned out that ‘he’ was a woman. No wonder the hand was small, and it was also way too light when he pulled her up.

“E-Eh? I am sorry Erina-san, I thought that you were a man. I-I am sorry for being rude,” said Lucy while bowing to apologize.

“Ah! Don’t sweat the small stuff… I really am too manly to be called a girl after all,” Erina laughed bitterly. Even though she wasn’t all that tall, she was still as tall as Tooru, and, sadly, she was also as flat as Riria. So, with only one glance, people could naturally mistake her as a man.

“Really? Even though you look that beautiful?” asked Tooru absentmindedly.

Hearing the word that she hadn’t heard for a long time from her idol’s mouth, Erina couldn’t help but to get flustered, “E-Eh?! No! There’s no way that I look beautiful!! Please don’t joke around!”

Even though Erina’s posture was like a man, her face was completely a woman’s. It was even not less beautiful than Lucy’s. It could be said that, if Lucy was considered as a beautiful girl, then Erina was a charming lady. With her long, dazzling-red hair, she looked just as beautiful as a scarlet rose.

“Hmm? I’m not joking though,” said Tooru as he tilted his head.

“Ah….” Zed only sighed as he saw Tooru doing it again. He was already amazed, seeing that Tooru was the first one to know that the knight was a girl, but, to even hit on her immediately like that, he felt that Tooru was simply too ‘amazing’.

‘But why does it always work when Tooru was the one doing it?’ cursed Zed as he saw the flustered knight in front of them. ‘It must be the magic from the Holy Sword, yeah, it should be. If not, then why would the girl ran away from me even though I did the same thing as Tooru?’ thought Zed as he remembered the girls from the towns who avoided him when he tried to hit on them, some even ran away immediately. ‘It was definitely not because I look scary…..right?’

“Please, just change the topic,” said Erina as her face slowly turned more serious, but, because her cheeks were still blushing, it didn’t look convincing at all.

“Then, why were we inside the dungeon back then?” asked Tooru.

“Actually…it was because of a Demon.”

“Demon? Tell us more about it Erina-san,” said Tooru.

“Okay. Well, I think, it was one month ago,“ said Erina while gazing up, trying to remember more about it. “In the middle of the night, the commander suddenly called us all to the training field, he said that he had an announcement to make, so I went there.

Then, when we all stood in front him, a female Demon suddenly flew out from behind him and looked at us. Strangely, none of my friends made a sound, and when I turned my head to look at them, their eyes already turned purple and seemed lifeless….”

“A-And then?” asked Lucy.

“Nothing, the Demon just suddenly disappeared, and everything went back into normal. And, when I asked them about that, none of them remembers,” said Erina. “But, yesterday, when you guys came, they somehow turned strange.”

“Really? They looked pretty normal when we ate together,” said Zed. He couldn’t just blindly believe whatever the woman in front of him said, but, seeing that she did help them out of the dungeon, he could at least hear her story.

“I know, I saw that as well. But, you four suddenly fell asleep and got thrown into the dungeon. I thought that something was wrong about that, so I went to see the Commander to ask him about it,” said Erina. ”But then, as I walked closer to his room, I suddenly heard it!!”

Tooru, Lucy, and Riria inhaled a breath of cold air as they felt like they were hearing a horror story.

“It was a female’s voice!” said Erina as she opened her eyes really wide, showing the four a really surprised expression.

“”Ooooh…”” Riria and Lucy suddenly blushed after hearing that.

“Wait, we aren’t here to hear an adult story…,” rebuked Zed.

Erina shook her head. “No no no, I thought so too at the beginning. But, I remembered that there aren’t any girl beside me inside the fort, so I thought that it was strange,” she said. After she paused for a while, she then continued, “So I peeked inside through the keyhole. And there, inside the room, I saw the Commander talking to the female Demon through a Communication Orb. He was kneeling in front of the orb as if he was her subordinate.”

Hearing that, Tooru, Riria, Lucy, and Zed got really surprised. If what Erina said to them was true, then it all made sense, it was the Demon’s order to capture them, and not the Commander’s.

“Does that mean that the Commander is also a Demon?!” asked Tooru. Because a human wouldn’t take an order from a Demon that easily, even less a knight like Commander Lazarck.

Erina then answered, “No, I think he is a human. He doesn’t have horns after all.”

“Then, it seems like he is being hypnotized or brainwashed,” said Zed. Even though the most common magic was Six Element System, there were also other kinds of strange magics such as Mind Magic, Blood Magic, Soul Magic and Space-Time Magic, but, as it was special and uncommon, not many people could do it. And to be able to make a knight obey her faithfully like that, this Demon should be an expert in Mind Magic.

“I believe, that was the case, and it seems like everyone in the fort are being brainwashed as well, if not, then they should already protest after they saw you guys being drugged and detained like that,” said Erina.

“But, if that’s true, then how come you are not?” asked Zed.

Seeing that Zed was staring sharply at her, Erina became nervous. “I-I don’t know, but….”

“Does it matter? She helped us, right Zed?” said Tooru.

“No, don’t misunderstand, it’s not like I am suspicious at her, but we need to know the extent of the Demon’s power to fight it, right?” Zed didn’t feel like Erina was lying at them, so he trusted her for now. And it wasn’t like he stared at her that sharp either, it was only his eyes were already that ‘sharp’ to begin with.

“Hmmm, that’s right, it would be bad if we got controlled as well.” Tooru nodded.

“Sorry, I don’t have any idea either…,” said Erina as she looked down dispiritedly, ”but… I knew that they detain you guys because the Demon will come tonight, I overheard it from Commander back then.”

“Hmmm. We are lucky, if the Demon wants it, then we would have been killed by the knights already.” Zed thought that if he were the Demon, then he would ask the knights to just kill the Hero if they found him, why should they even detain him first?

“Thank you for saving us Erina-san, if not for you, then we will be killed by the Demon tonight,” said Lucy.

“Thank you Erina,” said Riria as well.

“N-No, it’s not a big deal. It’s already one of my job to help the Hero, and moreover, it was my friends who drugged and detained you guys, so I have to at least take responsibility for it,” said Erina as she laughed bitterly.

“Don’t worry, we will defeat the Demon to clear the brainwashs that were casted on your friends!” said Tooru.

“Eh? You guys will fight the Demon?” Erina was surprised. She had led the four out of the dungeon, so they could flee from the Demon. Only then, would she somehow try to find a way to erase her friend’s brainwash.

“Of course!” shouted Tooru.

“Well, we still need to get back the Holy Sword after all….” said Zed.

“Sorry, I couldn’t take the sword out because commander put it inside his room,” said Erina as she realized her blunder, she forgot that the Holy Sword was a really important thing for a Hero, without it, then a Hero wouldn’t be a Hero after all.

“No worries, we will just take it back,” said Tooru while smiling.

“But how? And what about this bracelet? I couldn’t use any skill without mana,” said Lucy as she lifted her hand to show the violet Magic Cuff that restrained their mana.

“Oh! Right! We certainly need to take this off before fighting the Demon. But…. how? Can we just break it?” asked Tooru.

“To take a Magic Cuff off, either we kill the one who put it on, or let his blood dropped over the magic circle on it,” said Zed. ”If we break it, then we will die.”

If Magic Cuff was removed by force, then it would cast the Soul Magic, [Mana Drain], to the wearer, using his own mana. Naturally, after the mana was infinitely drained like that, the Magic Cuff wearer would die. So, to remove the Magic Cuff by force, one need to find a Magic Tool Specialist, or a Healer to debuff the [Mana Drain] after it was removed. But, even though Lucy was a Healer, she was wearing the Magic Cuff as well, so it wasn’t possible for her to do that.

“Uwah, what a nasty thing…” said Tooru as he gazed at the violet-colored bracelet on his wrist.

“The one who put those on was the commander,” said Erina. “But, please don’t kill him.”

“No, of course we won’t kill him,” said Lucy.

“But we have to be fast, the sun will go down in two hours. If we took too long to remove this thing, then the Demon would come already,” said Zed.

“Ok! Let’s go then!” said Tooru as he jumped down into the tunnel again.

“Er… The tunnel is for emergency. It is a one way, so it couldn’t be opened from the outside,” said Erina.

Zed furrowed his brows and thought for a while. “Well…. let’s go through the front then…” he finally said.

“Eh? Really? Won’t we get captured by the Knights again?” asked Lucy. Sneaking in through the dungeon was okay, but, breaking in through the front? That was insane…

“Hmm? You guys fought against Magical Beasts everyday. Why are you afraid of knights?” asked Zed.

“Eh? But we could use mana and weapons back then, and Lucy could heal us if we got wounded as well,” said Tooru as he slowly climbed up. He also felt that breaking through the front was impossible if he didn’t have his Holy Sword.

“And the knights are, absolutely, stronger than Magical Beasts! And there are even 100 of them inside the forts!” added Erina. She couldn’t bear the insult, saying that his fellow knights were considered weaker than the Magical Beasts.

“Guh, fine! You guys wait here!” Zed frowned as he turned his back against them.

“Where are you gonna go Zed?” asked Riria.

“Taking the blood, of course…,” said Zed as he walked to the direction of the fort, which could be seen partly through the trees.

Seeing Zed walking away like that, Tooru didn’t try to follow him. He only said, “Take care.”

“Be careful,” said Lucy without even trying to stop Zed as well.

Zed only waved his hand and walked straight through the bushes. After a while, the four that stayed there couldn’t see him anymore.

After seeing Zed confidently went like that, Erina got curious and asked, “Is he gonna be okay? Going alone like that…”

“Yeah…is Zed gonna be okay?” Riria parroted as well.

Hearing their question, Tooru just scratched his head and said, “Hmmm….I’m more worried about the knights than Zed…”

“Why? Is Zed that strong? Isn’t he just a magician?” asked Riria while tilting her head. After she joined the party, Zed never helped them again with fighting the Magical Beasts, so the time when Riria saw Zed’s power was only back then on the lake. And, even though it was inhuman, it still only showed her that Zed was a magician. She didn’t know how Zed would fight without his mana.

Tooru furowed his brows and said, “Hmmm…you guys never saw it huh….”

“What?” asked Riria curiously.

“……when he and I take baths at the river, I sometimes see his body,” said Tooru, “It was, definitely, not a body of a magician. It was monstrous…..with muscles and countless scars…., from seeing it, I could see and feel that he is strong, way stronger than we ever thought….” Tooru clenched his fist as he felt that he was still way too weak compared to Zed. He too didn’t know how Zed would fight without his mana, but he knew that Zed was really-really strong, so he just believed that Zed would somehow do it.

But Riria still couldn’t believe him. “If he is strong, why would he never help us fight the Magical Beasts?”

“It….was training for us….,” said Lucy.

“Yeah… and…after you went with us, Riri, his training became way easier than before,” said Tooru.

“Was the training really that hard before Riri joined you guys? Why haven’t you told Riri about this?” Riri grew curious about Lucy, Tooru, and Zed’s journey before they met her.

Erina also sat there and curiously listened to their conversation.

“We haven’t told you about it?” asked Tooru.

“No…” said Riria. Even though they had already travelled together for two months, because they always fought the Magical Beasts, and had lots of things in their daily lives that they could talk about, they rarely told each other about the past events, except for the things that happened in Tooru’s world, as another world was always an interesting topic to talk about.

“Well, back then…” Tooru and Lucy began to tell Riria and Erina about their travel with Zed, from blasting a Magical Beasts in the Church, walking through mountains and rivers by foot, fighting countless Magical Beasts without rests, until eating strange Magical Beasts’ meats because they had no more food.

Riria’s and Erina’s faces turned more and more ghastly as the story slowly progressed.

And, after they finished listening to Tooru’s story for half an hour, Riria then said, “He is a Demon…”

Erina nodded up and down beside Riria, approving every single of her words. “Giant Worm Steak….,” she murmured.

“Ahahaha… but well, thanks to him, I got stronger as well…,” said Tooru with a smile on his lips.

“Yeah, me too…” Lucy nodded as she remembered the times when her mana regeneration rapidly increased after she was trained by Zed.

Now, Riria felt unfair because she was the only one that Zed never taught about something. She didn’t know that Zed actually didn’t train them anymore because he didn’t dare to do it. He didn’t dare to speak or do something harsh to Riria. But, because she didn’t know it, Riria wanted to protest, “Reall-“

“What are you guys talking about?” someone’s voice suddenly cut off Riria’s word. It came from the bushes behind them. And slowly, a head came out from the bushes, it was Zed’s.

Seeing that, Tooru then said, “Hey Zed, you are back so fast. We were just talking about you.”

“Oh? Really? About what?” asked Zed again as he sat down on the ground with them.

“Riri wan-“

Before Tooru managed to tell Zed about anything that could make him mad at her, Riria already closed Tooru’s mouth with her hand and said, “Ne-Nevermind that, we need to hurry right? What about the blood?”

“Hmm? Here,” said Zed as he threw a leather bottle at her. “I didn’t take too much, so use it sparingly.”

“O-Okay!” said Riria.

The three then poured the blood over their Magic Cuffs’ Magic Circle, and after that, the Magic Cuffs slowly split into two parts, leaving their wrists, and fell to the ground.

After that, Zed gave them back their equipments that he took from the commander’s room; Tooru’s Holy Sword, Riria’s bow and quiver, and also their Storage Tools.

“What happened to the commander?” asked Erina as she saw the leather bottle filled with the commander’s blood in her hand.

“Well, after taking his blood, I put him in the dungeon together with the other knights,” said Zed as he gave Riria her quiver.

“E-Eh? Everyone?” asked Erina again.

“Yeah…” he answered.

“But how?”

“……well….somehow….” said Zed vaguely. “Nevermind that, as we already have our equipments back, what do you guys think we should do now? Should we run from the Demon, or…”

“Let’s beat the Demon!” Tooru shouted.

“Y-Yeah!” shouted Lucy as well. Even though she was scared, she still tried to do her best.

“Ou!!!” Riria also shouted enthusiastically.

Hearing their words, Zed didn’t try to oppose them; he just stood up and said, “Well, let’s go then.”

Seeing that the four actually wanted to help her even though they could just leave her alone, Erina felt touched. “Thank you guys…”

“No need,” said Zed. ”If they actually wanted to run from this Demon, then I might as well just take them back to their hometown…”

Seeing that Zed was actually testing them, Tooru and Lucy breathed a sigh of relief as they knew that they had given him the right answer.

“Then, where are we going?” asked Riria.

“Just follow me…,” said Zed.



Her purple devilish wing was slowly swinging up and down as her voluptuous body started to descend down onto the balcony under her. Her blonde hair was glowing under the moonlight that shone down upon the fort where she currently was. From the gap between her hairs, two curvy horns could be seen, purple colored, peeking out, and emitting mana to her surroundings. From her horns and wings, one could definitely see that this woman was not human; indeed, this woman was a female Demon, she was Alyosha, ‘The Succubus Queen’.

“Pig!! Where are you?” shouted Alyosha as she looked at the dark room from the balcony.

But no one answered her shout.

Seeing that, Alyosha got pissed off, “You degenerate human! I will kill you!” As she walked inside the room, her face turned furious, erasing her usual enchanting beauty. She had rushed to the fort after her hypnotized human reported that he had captured the Hero. But, now that she was already here, not only that the room was dark, it also seemed that no one was inside the fort anymore, it was really quiet, way too quiet.

After she walked inside the room for a while, she finally arrived in front of the table where Commander Lazarck had put the Communication Orb. She was standing there, looking at a piece of paper over the table. With the help of the moonlight, she slowly read the letters that was written on it.

“Sur…pri…se…, surprise?”

As she said that, shouts were suddenly heard inside the dark room, together with some flashing lights that instantly turned the room really bright for a couple of seconds.

“[Holy Slash]!”


“[Spear Stab]!”

“[Double Strafe]!”


It was Tooru, Lucy, Erina, and Riria who shouted their skill’s name as they shot it onto the Demon. Only Zed shouted ‘Firebaaaall’ because he felt lonely as he was the only one who used a chantless skill.

“GYAAAAAHHHHhhhh…..” Alyosha shrieked as she felt her body burned down into dust by the surprise attacks.

Seeing that the Demon was gone, a sound was heard from the room that already turned back into darkness, “Did we do it?” It was Lucy’s voice.

Then Tooru answered, “I saw her turned into dust…., so I think she is dead…”

The room then turned brighter once again as Zed lit up the oil lamp on the edge of the room with his [Fireball].

“….” Zed didn’t say anything and just looked at the pile of dust in front of them. ‘Was it really that easy?’

“She was weak…” said Riria.

“Yeah…, she was…” an unknown voice was suddenly heard from the balcony’s direction.

Hearing that, the five hurriedly turned their head to look at the source of the voice. But, it was actually the Demon’s trap, when they finally looked over there, a pair of glittering violet eyes was already staring back at them. It was Alyosha’s Bewitching Magic Eyes, which she uses for activating her Mind Magic without chants or runes.

“[Mind Control]” said Alyosha as she gave them her commands, ’Obey me, and kneel…

As he heard the Demon’s commands inside his mind, Zed unconsciously kneeled on the ground.

“To think that you wanted to trap me, one of the Six General of Demon Emperor, the Succubus Queen, Alyosha…” Alyosha introduced herself to the five human in front of her.

She then continued, “Thankfully, when I saw that the fort was strangely quiet and deserted, I had used [Doppelganger] to make a copy of myself. If not, then I would be dead already….” [Doppelganger] was the high level Darkness Magic that was able to make a copy of the caster from their shadow.

“What a pity that my [Mind Control] can only affect the opposite sex….but….how come you can resist it? Was it the power of the Holy Sword?” said Alyosha as she smiled at the Hero in front of her.

Her [Mind Control] seeps through the mind of the men who is bewitched by her pair of beautiful eyes, and takes a control over it; thus, when they hear her commands, they will not be able to resist it at all.

She had casted it to the Hero and his companions, but, although it should have affected the two men inside their party, only one of them was affected, and it wasn’t the Hero, but only his friend.

Not knowing what actually had happened, even though the Demon in front of him already explained a lot of things, Tooru still shouted confusedly, “Why are you still alive? And, what did you do to Zed?!” He had no idea what [Doppelganger] and [Mind Control] actually were.

Seeing that the hero was actually panicking, Alyosha could only chuckle at his immaturity. “Fufufufu, for now, put down the Holy Sword first, if you don’t, then he will die…” said Alyosha as she commanded Zed to move to her side.

With a lifeless face, Zed slowly walked and stopped right beside her.

Alyosha then slowly put her sharp nails over Zed’s necks and smiled at Tooru. Even if she couldn’t control the Hero through magic, she could still control him through a hostage.

“Ugh…” Tooru gritted his teeth as he didn’t know what he should do at that moment. Normally, it was Zed’s job to get them out of a danger, but, now that Zed was the one who was captured, Tooru, Lucy, and Riria were utterly dumbfounded.

“Fufufu… come on…” Alyosha chuckled again as her nails started to dig into Zed’s neck. Five trails of blood started to drip down from his neck.

““Zed!”” Lucy and Riria shouted in panic.

“Stop!” shouted Tooru as he dropped his Holy Sword.

“Good boy…,” said Alyosha,” now look here… [Mind Control]…” Alyosha used her Mind Magic again, trying to take control of Tooru who already put down his Holy Sword. ‘Kneel…’ she commanded through the spell.

But, strangely, nothing happened to Tooru. He neither kneeled on the ground, nor was he controlled by Alyosha’s [Mind Control].

“As expected of Hero, to be able to resist my [Mind Control]…” Alyosha’s smile became crooked as she realized that her spell had failed to control the Hero once again.

She thought that it didn’t work because Tooru was the Hero, but, how could she know that the real reason was that her [Mind Control] simply couldn’t slip into Tooru’s mind as he wasn’t bewitched by her eyes like a normal man should. It was either because Tooru was too pure, or it was because he was too dense.

“Fine… If I can’t control you, then I should just kill you…,” said Alyosha as she released her hand from Zed’s neck.


At that moment, Zed was gone from their vision, leaving a cracked floor near Alyosha’s feet. As Alyosha had commanded him to kill Tooru, Zed really did that with all his power. He had actually used the Mana Techniques. Thus, in a blink of an eye, he was already in front of Tooru, clenching his fist, and thrusting it forward into Tooru’s abdomen.


Tooru got blasted away onto the wall behind him by Zed’s punch.

Seeing that, everyone was dumbfounded, including Alyosha herself.

Lucy was the first one to break out from the daze. “T-Tooru!” she shouted as she saw him slowly fell down to the floor. She then hurriedly ran to him and began to cast [Healing] spell.

Tooru sat there on the floor, leaning his back on the wall, not moving at all. Over the armor on his stomach, was a fist-shaped dent, one centimeter deep. If not for the fact that the armor was made from mithril, maybe his stomach would have been pierced through already.

Lucy was really worried as she saw that Tooru was not moving at all. He just sat there with his eyes tightly closed. But, after she put her finger under his nose, she could feel that he was still breathing. So Tooru was not dead yet, he just fainted after his head had hit the wall.

Seeing that, Lucy breathed a sigh of relief. But, that actually didn’t change anything. If they couldn’t find a way to get them out of this predicament, then they would still be killed by Zed who was currently  controlled by the Demon.

‘What should I do?!’



“Hmmm? Who rings the doorbell?”

“Let me see it nee-sama…”

tap tap tap tap





“Shiv-chan! Don’t run inside the house!”

“But look here!! We got a package!”

“Eh? From who?”

“Hmmmm, here says…it is from Lawrence that lives in San Fransisco…”

“Ooooh, from earth…what’s inside?”


“Don’t rip the package like that!”

“Ehehehe…. Here Nee-sama, it was 2 box of cookies….”

“Eh? What kind of cookies?”

“Pizza flavored Cookies….”


“It’s a round food that came from earth…”

“Really? Let’s taste it then…”




“It’s delicious nee-sama!!”

“It’s not sweet like normal cookies, but it’s still really tasty….”

“Yeah…., I want one more!”

“No! Shiv-chan! Let’s first send her our gratitude!”

“Oh, nee-sama is right!!”

“”Thank you Lawrence… May the Goddess’ Blessings be with you…””

“Nee-sama, let’s also call Vis-nii to bless Lawrence with some good luck as well…”

“Oh, good idea Shiv-chan!”

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      1. So it was irresponsibility, I’m kidding, also ok it will be just between you and everyone who sees the comments XD also didn’t thought Zed would’ve been charmed that easily thought he could’ve dealt with it easily


        1. Let’s just say that I let it flow naturally :v Yeah, stupid me to so easily get charmed by a skimpy-clothed, beautiful, and voluptuous female Demon…


          1. Not that, I mean who wouldn’t get charmed by that but what I meant is the the mind control that I thought he should’ve had something like resistance to that with his dragon blood but then again it could also be because of his inexperience with women or other reason you’ve thought of and if not just say that it was because of his inexperience or something else


            1. Yeah, sadly, I didn’t get any resistance against that from my Dragon’s Blood. I-It’s not because I was thinking about something perverted about her okay… She is a Demon you know… She and I couldn’t do ‘it’… right?


            1. Yes, an acting is definitely a no, as it will be unreasonable because Zed does not have anything to resist the Demon’s Bewitching Magic Eyes. If he does, then it would be too OP…


              1. I just figured something along these lines might have come up in his years of training, but then again sieghart could have easily overlooked this issue because he’s a dargon.


                  1. I thought u might go in the direction that zed can’t hurt Riria because of the guilt he feels even while being control same with why he didn’t train her Thought this might be an idea


                    1. In the two months that they traveled together, Zed didn’t really know how to act and speak around Riria, he felt guilty because he was her parents’ killer; it already felt wrong to just suddenly be near her, and to even tell her to train? It was impossible to do


  2. Ouch you got blessed by the goddess. Now your going to destroy an entire city spend years with a flirty group while you’re are lonely and feared and get a girlfriend who does not trust you and cut off your fingers to earn her trust. And that’s only the beginning. Good luck having a luckless life. This is why you never want to attract a dieties attention. I don’t even have to curse you with “may your life be interesting”.


    1. “No she won’t”
      “Yeah! Nee-sama is right! She won’t”
      “Our Blessings are like a pray, you know!”
      “Yeah! Yeah!”
      “And it’s not like I always mess things up, right Shiv-chan?”
      “Eh…un….yeah…., maybe….”


  3. Am I the only one who finds this back story kind of depressing since you know that they’re just gunna leave him on his own at the end of the journey. I really hope that we get to see the hero and co. some more after we get back to the present place in the story.


      1. Ya and then some admit that if they didn’t like tooru they would have gunned for him but *sssshhhhhh* if zed knew this he’d cry and blow up a mountain or another demon castle. I’ll use this to distract him


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