Book Zero Chapter 0.12 – Aura of the Emperor

‘What should I do?!’

Lucy was frantic as she didn’t know what she should do to erase the mind control on Zed. From the beginning, the plan was only to give the Demon a surprise attack, and if it failed, Zed said that he would take care of it. But, now that it turned out like this, she just didn’t know what else she should do.

“Zed! What are you doing?!” shouted Riria as she ran together with Erina to cover Lucy and Tooru.

But Zed didn’t answer her. He just stood there, lifeless like a zombie, looking down to the ground.

“Fufufu… It’s useless to talk to him, he already became my puppet,” Alyosha laughed. Even though she was also surprised by Zed’s power, now that he was already her puppet, she didn’t care much about it.

“Release him!” shouted Riria as she pointed her arrow onto the Demon.

“Why should I?” said Alyosha while tilting her head. “Hmmm… Kill that girl.”


Without even giving the three a chance to show their surprise, Zed was already gone from their eyes. But, in the blink of an eye, they could already see him again, standing in front of Riria while lifting his hand up above his head.

At that moment, Riria felt like wetting herself as she looked up and saw that Zed’s cold and lifeless eyes were staring straight into her. It was just like the death god himself was there to reap her soul with his scythe.

And then, Zed swung his hand down to slap Riria’s cheek.

Riria spontaneously closed her eyes, fearing the pain that will come to kill her.

But, as Zed’s hand was one centimeter away from Riria’s cheek, it stopped.

Riria felt a gush of wind was sweeping her head, but, as the pain never came like what she had expected, she slowly opened her eyes, and saw that Zed’s hand had already stopped. She didn’t know why, but she knew that she couldn’t miss this chance. So, as she jumped back, Riria released an arrow to hit the Demon. The arrow then flew straight onto Alyosha’s head.

But, Alyosha was not a high demon for no reason, when she saw that an arrow was flying to her head at high speed, with her excellent reflex, she hurriedly tilted her head to dodge it. The arrow still managed to nick her horn, but that didn’t harm her at all.

“You insolent girl! You dare to attack me,” As her face turned angrier, Alyosha then shouted,”And you! Why didn’t you kill her like I told you to?!”

Zed didn’t answer her question and just stood there, in front of Riria who was currently standing one meter away from him.

“Answer me! Why didn’t you kill her?!” Alyosha commanded Zed to answer.

“…I can’t hit a woman…” answered Zed with a flat and emotionless voice as he turned his body to face Alyosha.


Alyosha was confused. Every person that she controls should have obeyed every single of her commands without asking or thinking. This was the first time that someone was able to disobey her, and it was actually because he didn’t want to hit a woman. Alyosha was really confused as how this human was able to resist her command, so she tried to give him a command once again, Lift your hand.

Hearing the command inside his mind, Zed lifted his right hand up.

Seeing that, Alyosha was satisfied. At least, she could still control him, and there is also lots of different way to torture that girl, who dared to attack her, aside from killing her. “Fufufufu… So be it! Then, rape that girl!”

But, hearing her command, Zed still didn’t move again. He only stood still, just like a doll.

Seeing that, Alyosha’s lips twitched in anger. She was pissed off. But, knowing that the man certainly had a reason just like before, Alyosha then asked, “Now why?”

“…I can’t do that to a minor…” answered Zed again.

“But I am 18 already!” Riria retorted.

Hearing that, Zed didn’t say anything, but only turned his head to look at Riria’s body. As his gaze was locked onto her chest, his face, that was supposed to be emotionless, was starting to move slowly. The edge of his lips was slowly curving upwards, and from Riria’s eyes, that looked just like Zed was sneering and mocking her flat body. Well, he unconciously did…

Seeing that, Riria turned furious and shouted, “What are you looking at!! I don’t care if you are brainwashed or not! I will kill you!! I will kill youuu!!!!” Riria jumped up as she wanted to pound Zed for mocking her body, but, fortunately, Erina managed to hold her by lifting her up in the air with both of her hand. Riria still tried to struggle by moving her four limbs, but Erina was holding her tight, so she wouldn’t run.

Alyosha, seeing this mess that happened in front of her, was speechless. She had never felt so humiliated like this before; to think that someone dared to ignore and forget her like this. “You insolent humans!” shouted Alyosha, “Fine! I will let you taste despair! Boy! Rip that Hero’s head off!! And bring it to me!”

As they heard her words, Lucy’s, Erina’s, and Riria’s faces immediately turned pale. And, when they saw that Zed was slowly walking to where Tooru was sitting, they panicked. It seems like, this time, Zed was not able to resist her command.

Lucy immediately tried to cover Tooru with her own body. But, her effort was to no avail, with only one hand, Zed picked her up and threw her aside.

Then, as he stared down at Tooru, Zed slowly moved his hands to grab Tooru’s neck. And when he began to lift him up to choke him, the girls started to cried out in panic.

“Stop!” shouted Erina as she tried to pull Zed’s right arm down.

“Don’t do it Zed!” shouted Riria as she dangled on Zed’s left arm.

Lucy, who was lying down on the ground after being thrown by Zed, was frantic as she saw that Zed’s hands were currently grasping tighter and tighter onto Tooru’s neck. At this rate, Tooru’s head would be ripped off by Zed, and he would die.

‘What should I do?! What should I do?!!!’ screamed Lucy in her mind.

Take the Holy Sword and stab Zed’s right chest with it,’ a clear and calming voice was suddenly heard inside her mind.

Lucy didn’t know whose voice that was, but, when she saw the Holy Sword currently glowing bright with golden light, she somehow knew that, what the voice had said, was the right thing to do. So she lifted it with both of her hands, and stabbed it right onto Zed’s chest while shouting, “I’m sorry!!!”

Then, as the Holy Sword pierced through Zed’s chest, a bright golden light illuminated the whole room. And when the light completely disappeared after a few seconds, Zed had already released his hands from Tooru’s neck, and Tooru was already lying down on the floor as well.

As she still grabbed the Holy Sword that nested on Zed’s chest, Lucy looked upwards to see his face. Even though she did stab him, she also didn’t know what the result would be; if he died because of this, then she would really regret following the voice inside her mind.

But, it seemed like everything was fine…

“…Thank you for waking me up Lucy,” said Zed slowly as he smiled at Lucy. “You can already release your hands now.”

“I’m sorry…” said Lucy weakly as she released her hand from the sword’s hilt.

“No, it was my fault,” said Zed to her as he looked down at Tooru. “Don’t worry about me, just heal Tooru for now, he would need it.”

Lucy just nodded and started to chant a [Healing] spell on Tooru. Even though she knew that the Holy Sword was stabbing straight through Zed’s chest, because she saw that Zed was still looking fine, she didn’t ask him about it. She just immediately started to heal Tooru because she was afraid that Tooru’s neck was broken after being choked by Zed like that.

“So… Riria, Erina… you guys can let go already,” said Zed to the two who were still dangling on both of his arms. “Thank you for trying to stop me. Now, please protect Lucy as she heals Tooru.”

“What about the Demon?” asked Erina as she picked up the spear that she had dropped.

“As for that Demon, I will take care of it…” said Zed as he slowly pulled the Holy Sword out of his empty chest. Blood started to slowly drip down from the wound, but he just ignored it.

As he threw the Holy Sword down to the ground, Zed then said, “I admit… I was naive… thinking that I would be able to kill a Demon so easily…”

Alyosha, who had just recovered after being splashed by the Holy attributed light that came from the Holy Sword, suddenly felt a strange feeling coming from in front of her. And when she looked there, she saw that the man, who was supposed to be her puppet, was already talking freely. At that moment, not only did she realize that the brainwash was already undone, but she also realized that the strange feeling was currently coming from that man.

“But, you dare make me do something like that,” a cold and ruthless voice slowly came out from Zed’s mouth as he turned his head to face Alyosha, “You dare make me hurt them…”

As that voice slowly crept into her ears, Alyosha unconsciously trembled. But, it wasn’t due to the cold tone of his words, no, she was trembling because, when that man turned his head and faced her, a bone-chilling aura suddenly gushed out from him and completely drowned her in it.

And then, as she saw him slowly moving to her, Alyosha saw that his body, that was emitting a dark and cold aura, was slowly turning hazy. Through her eyes, she could see that the aura was slowly enveloping him, and turning him bigger and bigger until he became a monster that devoured her whole.


Alyosha suddenly broke free from her daze as she heard a voice coming from right in front of her. Zed was already there, looking down to her from above. And, as she saw him standing in front of her like that, she realized that the monster, which ‘devoured’ her, was only an imagination. But, the dreadful aura that she felt, was definitely real, because this kind of aura was also something that she knew well, it somehow resembled the aura that her Emperor emits; it was ruthless, overbearing, and deadly. Thus, feeling that kind of aura up close, Alyosha started to broke out in a cold sweat.

“… Tell me your name once again,” Zed opened his mouth again and spitted out some cold-toned words as he stared at the Demon in front of him.

Seeing his blue, sharp eyes staring straight into her eyes, Alyosha shivered, and without even realizing, she had already taken a step back. Every single cell of her body was screaming to warn her that this human is dangerous, and she should run away as fast as she could. But, even though her instinct was telling her that, her mind would not believe it; after all, he was only a human and she was one of the Six Generals of the Demon Emperor.

Thus, as she staggered and tried to straighten her body, she laughed and said, “ Fufufufu…My name is Alyosha, one of the Six Generals of the Demon Emperor,” and then, even though, deep in her heart, she was scared, she gathered her mana and said, “Now, kneel before me! [Mind Co-“



Her instinct was actually not lying to her. At that moment, before she finished her spell, a back-hand slap already slammed her left cheek, not only shutting up her mouth, but also slamming her body down onto the floor.

Zed knew that some magics still need their Activation Word even though they don’t need to be chanted; his Storage Ring for example, after Zed put mana into it, he still need to chant [Storage] before it would activate. So, to fight this mind-controlling demon, he only needed to shut her mouth and he would already be safe.

“…I am only asking you your name. Talk like that once again, and I will rip your tongue out…”

Hearing that vicious and cold voice coming out from Zed’s mouth, Lucy and Riria were feeling complicated. Because, even though Zed was their friend, they never saw him like this before. It was just like he was a different person altogether. They couldn’t clearly describe how, but they knew that it gave them goose bumps.

And Erina had it even worse. As she didn’t know Zed that well, she only felt pure fear in her heart when she saw Zed and his aura. With her instinct as a knight, she just knew that Zed was way more dangerous than the Demon at that moment. She knew that, with trainings, a human can fight in par with a demon. But, to effortlessly slam a high level demon to the ground with bare hand? And on top of it, in one hit?

‘This man is not a human,’ Erina’s mind was screaming that as her body shivered in fear.

And regarding the aura that Zed was emitting, it was something that came out naturally as one walks the path of carnage. At first, because Zed was only killing Magical Beasts for 10 years, it just came out faintly; this faint aura was also the aura that Lucy and Riria saw when they met Zed for the first time. This aura somehow also works as a woman-repellant though. As for Erina, because Zed hadn’t fought for two months after Riria came, his aura was unconsciously getting concealed slowly; therefore, she couldn’t feel it when they first met. But now, as Zed was enraged, his aura that was concealed, gushed out wildly, multiplied by his cold killing intent, and amplified by his tremendous mana. His current aura was simply too horrific, no wonder that even Alyosha was terrified by him.

And Alyosha, who was slammed down by Zed onto the floor below him, was currently racking her brain while holding the pain from her cracked jaw and missing teeth, trying to find a way to flee from this place. Even though Alyosha was not the strongest General, she was still one of the smartest, so she knew that she was not strong enough to beat this man in front of her, and although it was shameful, she had to flee as soon as possible; if not, then she would certainly die.

But then, Zed uttered a sentence that immediately froze her mind, “So… Alyosha? Do you have any last word?”

When she heard this question, Alyosha’s face immediately went pale as she tried hard to stop her body from trembling, and then, without even thinking anymore, she pushed her body up with her hands and flapped her wings to fly away from there.

But, at that split second, as Alyosha’s body was still floating in front of him, Zed kicked her stomach really hard.

Bearing the destructive force of that kick, Alyosha groaned in pain as she was flung away outside the balcony, “GAAAAH…”

“So… that’s your last word,” said Zed as he looked at Alyosha with an indifferent face while walking to the edge of the balcony. Then, as Alyosha was still unable to control her body, Zed lifted his hand and pointed it at her. Without further ado, he formed a giant, blue [Fireball], and compressed it onto a white, small [Fireball].


“…Die…” as he said this, Zed threw the [Fireball] onto Alyosha.


With a bright, white light covering the sky, a tremendous explosion was heard. And after a few seconds, when the light was gone, so did the Demon.


Inside one of the room in Fort Lake,



“Tooru! You are awake! How are you feeling?!”

“…Riria? Lucy?” Hearing their voice, Tooru slowly tried to wake up, but, as he felt stinging pains from his stomach and the back of his head, he groaned, “Ugh, what happened?”

“Lay down first,” said Lucy as he chanted another [Healing] at Tooru.

“It was my fault,” said Zed who was standing at the side of the door. “Sorry that I hit you…”

After getting healed by Lucy and feeling better, Tooru, who already started to remember about what had happened, then said, “No, you were controlled by that Demon, it wasn’t your fault Zed.”

“But still…”

“Come on Zed! You are always doing this! You had beaten that Demon! So it’s all okay!” shouted Riria. Riria hated that part of Zed that kept blaming himself for every single mistake that happened.

“Yeah, It’s fine already…” said Lucy.

“…” Zed still felt that it was his fault. After all, he was the one who was underestimating the Demon; if not for Lucy, then he would still be controlled by the Demon right now.

Tooru then nodded and said, “Yeah, it was not Zed’s fault. After all, we are the one who are being dependent on him. When he was controlled back then, none of us could do anything.”

“Tooru is right,” said Lucy. “So, you don’t have to blame yourself Zed.”

“Yeah, he is right,” said Riria as well.

Hearing them saying that, Zed just smiled and said, “If you guys say so… Fine then. But, thank you…”

“No problem,” said Tooru, “but, what happened after I fainted?”

Lucy then began to tell Tooru about the following events that happened after he fainted; such as the time when Zed almost slapped Riria, the time when Zed threw Lucy away and choked Tooru, the time when Lucy stabbed Zed with the Holy Sword, and the time when Zed killed the Demon.

Tooru was astonished as he heard the things that Zed had done to defeat the Demon. “Zed… How were you able to do something like that?” asked Tooru as he looked at Zed with a pair of sparkling eyes. “You were so strong back then…”

“Eh?! That’s… Err-“


“Bad news!” shouted Erina as she slammed the door open. “Hmm? Where is Zed-san?”

“Umm… He is behind that door,” said Lucy as she pointed at the door that Erina had just slammed open.

“Awawawa, I’m sorry!!”

“Nevermind…” said Zed as he slowly moved the door that was just slammed onto his face. While rubbing his hurting nose, he then asked, “What bad news were you talking about just now?”

“The Commander and the other Knights are still being brainwashed!” shouted Erina.

“What?! How could that be?” asked Lucy.

“Didn’t Zed already defeat the Demon?” asked Riria.

“There is only one answer,” said Zed as he furrowed his brows, “She is still alive, that Demon is still alive…”

“But then, how can we expel their brainwash?” Tooru asked.

“Stab them with the Holy Sword?” said Riria while tilting her head, “Riri can do it!”

“Hmmm… Let’s leave them alone first for now,” Zed suggested, “After Tooru is healed, then let’s see if he can do something to them with the Holy Sword. If nothing works, then we can still let Riria stab them one by one.”

“Good idea!” Riria shouted as she couldn’t wait to try the legendary Holy Sword anymore.

“I’m already healed, let’s see the Commander and the others now,” said Tooru as he tried to stood up.

“Don’t push yourself…” Lucy slowly said.

“But we need to expel it as soon as possible!”


“Don’t worry, you already healed me, I am feeling healthy already,” said Tooru as he grasped Lucy’s hand.

“O-Okay then…” said Lucy, meekly and with blushed cheeks.

“Thank you for helping my friends Hero!” said Erina.

“Just call me Tooru like the other,” said Tooru while smiling brightly at Erina.

Seeing his smile, Erina couldn’t help but blush. “T-Then, thank you Tooru-san,” said Erina nervously.

Seeing this scene, Zed felt like he should have punched Tooru’s stomach harder. “If you are healthy, then let’s go,” said Zed as he lifted Tooru onto his shoulder.

Then Lucy picked up the Holy Sword, and followed Zed and Tooru.

Riria and Erina followed them as well.

Well, in the end, Tooru had managed to expel the brainwash with his new skill [Holy Repel]; it was also the same skill that Lucy had used to expel the brainwash from Zed. With this skill, the Holy Sword would bring out a Holy element light that will repel every single negative buff inside the light’s area.

And, as to how Lucy was able to use the skill to help Zed back then, no one knew the answer. She too was still confused about the voice that she heard back then. Whose voice was it really?


A few hundred kilometers away from the fort,

“Seriously… When I was just trying to find a food to eat, a grilled demon suddenly fell from the sky. What a luck!” said a brown-skinned, golden-haired man as he poked at a scorched female Demon that was lying on the ground in front of him.

But, when he thought that the Demon was already dead and ready to be eaten, it suddenly moved and groaned, “…Ugh…”

Seeing that, the man just furrowed his brows and said, “Damn, so she is still alive. And here I thought that I could finally try the taste of a grilled female demon. What a miss…”

As he looked at the dying Demon in front of him, the man scratched his long golden hair and thought, “So… What should I do with her now?”

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  1. “he already becomes my puppet”
    “now that he was already a puppet of her”
    Alyosha was not a high demon for any reason
    to her head in high speed
    someone was dare to ignore and forget her
    It seemed like, this time, Zed was not able
    she saw that the Hoy Sword was currently glowing bright
    “You can release your hand already
    As for that Demon, I would take care of it
    I admit… I was naive… To think that I would be able to kill a Demon so easily
    Alyosha, who was just recovered after being splashed
    and without she even realized, she already took a step back.
    But then, Zed suddenly spoke a sentence that immediately froze her mid
    who are being dependant on him
    …Thank you for waking me up Lucy,” said Zed slowly as she smiled at Lucy

    Some are just suggestions to make them smoother. It’s your choice whether to use them or not.hahaha

    1. He already became* my puppet or He’s already my puppet. that he was already her puppet or now that he was already a puppet of hers*
    3. Alyosha was not a high demon for no* reason.
    4. to her head at* high speed
    5. someone dared* to ignore and forget her seems* like, this time,
    7.she saw the Holy*
    8.You can release your hands now*
    9.I will* take care of it
    10. I was naive…thinking* that
    11. who has*
    12. and without even realizing it, she has already taken a step back
    13. mind* (not sure how to make it smoother maybe (But then,Zed uttered a sentence))
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    15. he*

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