I Am a Demon Lord but I Became the Hero Instead – Prologue 1/8

A Novel made by a friend, it’s interesting even though it hasn’t progressed that far yet. I helped to edit it in free time as well.

P.S : GGMAG Book Zero Chapter 0.14 is still in progress… sorry

I'm a Demon Lord but I became the Hero instead.

A white room, devoid of life, except for one being, confused and dumbstruck expression clearly written on his face, but only for a moment.

“Huh? It seems I’m dead then.”

He sighed and looked around, but couldn’t find anyone.

“Weird… I thought I was supposed to enter the recycle ones, but to think I’m stuck at the processing…”

“Seriously, what’s up with that somewhat accurate perspective of yours?”

As he turned around, a single woman was standing there, wearing a golden dress with a blue flower ornaments.

“………..Let me guess, the Goddess of the World, correct?”

As he said that, a jet black sword manifested itself on his hand.

“Bingo. Now, before you start pointing your blade towards me, answer my question. Why?”

“What do you mean why?”

“Why did you try to save the demons instead of the humans?”

Struck by a question that he clearly knew the obvious…

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7 thoughts on “I Am a Demon Lord but I Became the Hero Instead – Prologue 1/8

  1. I really liked the beginning of your friend’s novel that you posted. Are you going to keep posting new chapters from his or does he have his own website?


  2. Thank You.

    I read, re-read, and check for updates on your story every day. I look to it for comfort and adventure in this day-to-day work, sleep, repeat life style.

    Again, Thank You.


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