Book 2 Chapter 1.1 – No Alcohol for Minor

Without anyone realizing, 5 years has passed in a blink of an eye…

Wait Goddess! Don’t just skip the story like that!

But narrator-san! I don’t want to describe their flirting in detail!!


“Thank you for completing the quest safely and here’s the payment,” said a middle aged man wearing a blue colored uniform while handing me 10 pieces of silver coins. “Anything else I can help you with?”

‘I should register Sakura as an adventurer while we are at it, I guess.’ I peeked behind me and called her, “Sakura come here for a bit.”

“Eh? Okay.” Sakura who was still wearing my brown robe and the orange tiger skirt looked at me and walked slowly to the counter of the Adventurer Guild where I stood. “What is it?”

“Do you want to register as an adventurer?” I asked her.

She tilted her head and said, “I guess so…? I don’t really know what Adventurer does beside what you told me though.”

“I can explain that for you miss,” said the clerk behind the counter. “In essence, Adventurer are people that helps others. They can take quests posted by people that needs help from every Adventurer Guild in the continent in return for a sum of money. The higher your rank is, the more benefit it can gives you. For example, rank 2 Adventurer doesn’t need to pay entrance fee when going to a city, or some high-class stores can gives you discount depending on your rank as well, or you can even meet the king if you are a rank 9 Adventurer.”

“Oooh… that’s… interesting… I guess?” She tilted her head confusedly.

Seeing her cute confused face, I can only pet her head and said, “It’s okay if you don’t want to register, there’s not much benefit for us anyway. To take party quest we need at least 4 people, so we can only take quests for lone adventurer. It’s only having the card itself is quite beneficial to go in and out of the town.”

Remembering the time she had to register her name on the city gates, she then said, “Oh right! Then I guess I should register.”

“Wonderful! Then please write your name, age, and occupation here,” said the clerk while handing her a form and a quill pen. “The registration fee is one silver coin.”

Sakura then wrote her name, age, and then looked at me and asked, “What should I write for my occupation?”

“You can write whatever you like. That is mainly used when you want to form a party. You can’t have a party with 5 healer and no warrior right?” I told her. “You can also write ‘Housewife’ if you want,” I jokingly teased her.


She hit my head with the Holy Bat. “Warrior then…” she wrote while blushing, “…stupid Zed.”

I stroked the bump on my head and smiled seeing her red cheek and ears.

The clerk smiled warmly seeing our banter. “Okay, so let me repeat, Miss Sakura, 16 years old, Warrior. Is that correct?” asked the clerk.

“Yes,” answered Sakura.

“Please wait here a bit,” said the clerk as he stood up and went to the room behind the counter. After a few minutes, he went back with a brand new Adventurer Card. “Please drip your blood onto the card,” he said while handing her a needle.

Sakura pricked her finger with the needle and squeezed a drop of blood onto the card.

“Okay, the registration is now complete. I wish you good luck and may the Goddess bless you on your adventure from hereon,” said the clerk as he hand the card to Sakura with both hands.

“Th-thank you.” Sakura nervously received the card with both hand as well.

I gave the clerk the registration fee and thanked him.


“It’s already noon, let’s find something to eat and then buy some clothes for you,” I said to Sakura as we walked out of the Adventurer Guild.

“Un, okay!”

We then walked around the Adventurer District while searching for food and clothing store. We settled for some Smoked Beef Skewers and sat on the side of the street, eating them happily.

After that, we went to a clothing store and bought three set of cotton shirt and trousers for Sakura, a new navy colored robe with [Low – Fire Resistance], a pair of boots, and also a leather breastplate that covers her heart.

‘As expected of the Magic City, even beginner equipments have spells engraved on them.’ I tried shooting the robe with a weak [Fireball] and there is no burn mark left on it. ‘A combination of Water element Magical Beast skin and Fire Resistance Array made of Fire Element Magical Beast Core is really effective, quite pricy though’

“Is it really okay to buy this much?” asked Sakura who was now wearing a pair of black boots, a white trouser, blue shirt, and navy robe.

“It’s fine! You look cute after all!” 5 silver coin worth spent!


“Stupid Zed!!” said Sakura as she walked away hurriedly.

I can only grin seeing her walked away with red ears, even I can feel that the force she used to hit my head was much less than before. ‘She is really shy… so cute… eh?’

Before even walking that far, Sakura suddenly stopped and turned around, walking back to Zed with face that is as red as a ripe tomato. She then said, “C-can you give me some money? I need to buy something…”

“Oh? What do you want to buy? Let’s go, I will accompany you”

“N-n-no, y-you wait here!”

“Eh? Are you sure you can go alone? What do you want to buy? Do you know the store?”

“I-it’s u-under… und-“

‘Oh no! I know what she wants to buy!’ I blushed as I though of a white triangular piece of cloth that I am sure she isn’t wearing right now… ‘It’s not that I saw it okay! I just didn’t make it with the tiger fur!’

So I hurriedly cut her speech, gave her my ring, and said, “Uh! Okay! Here! Buy as much as you need, and buy anything else that you need as well. Just be careful on the way and scream my name if you need anything. You know how to use the ring right?”

“E-eh. Yes, I know. T-then I will see you later near that fountain, okay?” She pointed her finger to the water fountain nearby.

“Okay.” I nodded my head.

“T-then I will go now,” she said as she walked away, blushing.

I sat absentmindedly on the fountain edge while mumbling, “White… black… hmmm… no… maybe pink?”


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