Book 2 Chapter 1.2 – No Alcohol for Minor

“Pink…? No… White suits her better… but black is also nice…” The contrast between her white skin and black laced underwear kept floating inside my head.

“White? Black? What are you talking about?” Sakura’s voice sounded behind me.

“N-n-n-n-no! It’s nothing!” My heart felt like it leaped out of my chest as I jumped forward and spun my body around.

There she stood in front of me, still wearing the same outfit, but with an extra leather bag draped on her shoulder. ‘That surprised me… Hmmm… is she or is she not wearing them? I can’t tell the differences.’

“Why are you staring like that?” Seeing my gaze unconsciously trailing to her bottom area, Sakura hide her outfit under the navy robe and said, “Pervert…”

“Ah, eh, sorry…” I felt embarassed as she caught me red handed.


Seeing his red face, I can somehow guess what he was thinking and it made me feel embarrassed too. ‘Was he mumbling about my underwear color? Pervert…’

I bought two pair of underwear, wore a pair, and put the other one into my bag together with the other clothes. Sadly, there was no bras in this world, but there was camisole. The fabric was really soft and cool, much better than underwears I had on earth which really surprised me. The store clerk said that it was made from special silk produced by Ice Caterpillars.

‘But black huh… I only bought white…’ I imagined myself wearing black camisole and panties in front of him. ‘Eh? What am I thinking about?!’ I shook my head and glared at him. ‘It’s all this pervert’s fault!’

“Hmmph! Here’s the ring, I also bought a bag to put my clothes into. I will return the money in the future.” I spent around 1 silver coin for the underwear. The clerk said that their underwear was mostly wear by the nobles so it’s a bit costly, but I didn’t know that it was that expensive. ‘I was surprised hearing the price, but I really like how soft it is…’

“Eh? No, it’s fine, I don’t really use money anyway,” he said as he took the ring. “Are the clothes heavy? I can put it inside the ring.”

“…Zed is a pervert…” I glared at him again.

“Eeeeeh? Why??” He tilted his head and looked at me confusedly.

‘So he wants to see my underwear that much…’ I already knew that the ring’s wearer could see the ring’s contents when they chant the spell. ‘It’s not like I can’t show him though. We like each other after all. A-and we already k-k-kissed… So…’

“…do you… really want to see them…?”


“Zed is a pervert…” She glared at me.

“Eeeeeh? Why??” I was confused. ‘What did I do??’

Then she suddenly blushed, and whispered something at me very quietly.

“Eh? What did you say Sakura?” I can’t really hear it so I walked closer.

But she suddenly get mad at me and yelled, “ZED IS AN IDIOT…!!!”

Then with a puffed up cheek, she turned around and walked away, leaving me there, just standing still, confused, stunned.


‘What the heck…’ I suddenly feel envious of Tooru. ‘That dense guy can get three girls just by standing still… And here I am not knowing what to do with just one of them…’

I could only scratch my head while thinking how to coax her later. “Don’t walk too fast, wait for me…”


“Two rooms with dinner will be 50 copper coins. Do you want it to be delivered to your room or do you want to eat at the lounge?”

“We will eat here,” I said to the innkeeper lady.

“Okay. Do you want some hot water for washing your body? It will cost extra 5 copper coins.”

I looked behind me and asked Sakura, “Do you?”

“Yes!” She nodded her head enthusiastically.

Now that I think about it, she hadn’t had a bath for days. ‘She smelled good though,’ I thought as I recalled her smell when we slept on the carriage yesterday.

“Then, it will be 55 copper coins. Do you want to pay it now or tomorrow?” The innkeeper lady voice threw me off my imagination.

I then gave her the money and said to Sakura, “Let’s find somewhere to sit.”

So we sat down on a small table at the corner of the lounge. Not long after, the waitress, who seemed to be the daughter of the innkeeper lady as they looked fairly similar, came with a tray of food. Two loaves of bread and two bowl of beef stew. “Good evening! What do you guys want to drink?” she asked with a smile.

I looked at Sakura.

“Fruit juice,” she said.

“Then one fruit juice for her and an ale for me,” I smiled and said to the innkeeper’s lady daughter.

“Eeeeh?” She just stared at me and looked up and down. “Sorry, but we can’t serve alcohol to minors.”


I felt stressed as I heard Sakura giggling beside me. “…I am 24…”

“Really?” The innkeeper’s daughter looked at me skeptically. “Okay then,” she said as she left and went back with two glasses on her tray not long after. “Enjoy your food.”

The dinner was actually quite nice, the bread was soft and the stew’s meat is not chewy. Sakura ate it happily with bulging cheeks like squirrels.

“What are you looking at?” She glared at me as she felt my stare. I felt from her tone that she was still mad at me.

“You look very cute,” I told her while smiling. It might be the ale that made me more relaxed to flirt with her.


I giggled as I saw her face slowly turning into tomato, and then took another sip of my ale.

“D-don’t stare too much…,” she said as she continued nibbling at her bread.


After we finished eating, we headed upstairs to our rooms. It wasn’t like I didn’t want to get only one room for both of us, but I didn’t really want to be seen as a lecher by her. We already kissed, so the next step should only be done after marriage, and before marriage, I have to buy house first! So for now, we should be in separate rooms…

I nodded my head while thinking, ‘Yup, we should marry first. It’s not as if I am afraid to do it because I am still a virgin.’

“Hey Zed…” Her voice suddenly sounded in front of me as we walked up the stairs.


She frowned and said, “I forgot to buy soap… Can we go buy one right now?”

I looked outside and saw that there was still time before the sun went down. “No, you should rest first. I will go buy it for you.”

“Is it okay?”

“Isn’t that what a good boyfriend should do?” I smiled at her.

“Eh?” She blushed and nodded shyly, “…un.” She then ran away like a timid rabbit with a really red face.

I giggled and went downstairs. ‘My girlfriend is really cute…’


After looking around the general goods store, I decided to buy her a flower-scented soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and two pairs of towels. ‘Hmm… I really need to earn more money if I want to buy a house…’ My heart ached as I saw my last 2 silver coins while walking out the store.

‘I should also buy her a storage equipment… at least a small one for her clothes and items,’ I thought as I remembered her bag. ‘I don’t know why she won’t let me put them in my ring though.’ I can only scratch my head when remembering that.

‘I should be able to get some decent amount of gold coins after selling all my Magical Cores.’ As I never really had the need for money, I rarely collected the cores of high grade Magical Beasts as they could easily fill up my small storage ring. I really regretted it now…

‘Should I just buy a house in the countryside? Hmmm, I should just ask her where she want a house later I guess. After all, money can be earned’

‘Eh, what is that?’ As I walked back to the inn, I saw a pink colored book being displayed on the counter of a bookstore. ‘That looks cute, should I buy it as a gift for her. Girls like to write diary, right?’ I remembered that Lucy used to have one. ‘She might still be mad after what I did after all.’ Even though I had no idea what I had done to her.


That night, I got bashed by Holy Bat repeatedly because of that book…

Never had I ever been so thankful for having this thick skin.


Bonus : Sakura’s Diary Day Entry Day 6

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