Revision on Book 2 Chapter 1’s Length

Hey guys, long time no see. So long story short, I am writing again, I kind of want to see how far the two of them can go, and how far I can bring this story to life.

So bad news first, I started writing with the mobile apps, and failed to see the differences between words and characters. I aimed to write 3000-5000 words per chapter, and when the first chapter was out, I thought it was 5000 words, so I posted it. I thought it was short, so I looked at it again and turns out that it was 5000 characters which gives in total only 1400 words.

The good news is, the second chapter is not really cut off in term of story with the first chapter, so I will combine the two into the first chapter with total of around 2500 words which is still a bit short. So the next post will be the 2nd chapter and I promise that it will be longer.

Well, I just want to clarify for those that might be confused about what happened.

Thanks again!


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