Book 1 – She, Me, and the Goddess

Book Zero – Zedediah Knightley the Single Spell Magician


46 thoughts on “Chapters

      1. I tried to add the series to MangaUpdates but alas
        “We do not allow user-made series to be added to MU” 😦

        Oh well at least you can depend on Rebirth Online World


  1. can this be found in baka update? can you comment the link?
    I been following alot of novel having this on the list in baka update is really good


      1. eehh.. this is not a novel? so there was something like that in baka update
        sorry I am just new in baka update just started listing this year and following almost 300 novels so Its hard for me to read more novel that I can’t put on the list since I easily loss count of it unless I see them being updated there * such a waste since this is a good novel (I really thought it was a novel)


          1. spare me the trouble in email (I recieve 1k email almost everyday its to bothersome opening emails now a days)
            well when I start reading something I usually stick with it after all I only read things which I took interest with


            1. Ahaha, 1k e-mail is indeed troublesome XD i also have no idea about editing rss in mangaupdates, so ican’t help :S
              thanks for finding it interesting πŸ˜€


  2. I really like this novel! I can’t wait for the next chapters to come out. Thanks for all the great work so far, and I hope you keep writing speedily in the future! I wanna read mooooooore XP


  3. I think you should continue Book 1 or at least make it a priority
    Book 0 make it a little bit confusing and less interesting
    after all the story of Book zero has already reach its conclusion at the opening of Book 1
    It’s good to focus on Book 0 but at least finish book 1 first
    I am not being bias here but I love book 1 more than book 0
    in my POV book zero is just about the tragic love life of zed as he is tormented everyday watching the heroes harem
    and majority of the readers in most novel does not like an MC being disregarded or abandon or over shadow by sub character (It is called Main character for a reason)
    what I mean is Book zero is just to much over shadowing for MC
    and unless Book 1 is done its to painful reading book zero!

    This just from me I don’t know about the others
    your unique approach for the mc love life is also interesting
    (I hope that the goddess love for MC haven’t disappear since it well add more spice to the story)
    don’t limit mc experience to 1 girl (It’s good to have a steady relationship but it won’t hurt to add some more girls around mc just to spice of the story)
    I am not asking for a harem route (but if its possible please do lol)

    well its a good story it is already similar to some novels I been following
    But Like I said if you are planning to continue book zero please finish first book 1
    (This is just a simple request from a random reader like me)


    1. Sakura : “W-Why are you still following me?! No!! I am not a pervert!!”

      PS : I will release the chapter in this site an hour earlier than the other site


      1. I see, well keep up the hard work, you’ve got a pretty good talent for writing interesting stories or more likely keeping a story interesting, I look forward to your continued growth and future works πŸ™‚


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