Book 2 Chapter 5 – Sage

“Yoo Bernardt-san!”

“Hey Z! How long has it been? A week?”

“More or less I guess. I didn’t know that the quest is from you.”

“Yeah, I specifically chose you from the applicants. I trust your strength!”

“Is that the truth?”

“Well, with you here, I can cut the amount of escorts as well.”

“I knew it.”

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Book 2 Chapter 4 – Last Festival Day

“Hey Zed… ” I could faintly hear Sakura’s voice sounding beside me. “I kind of want to see your statue. It should be up today, right?”

I opened my eyes a little, peeking at the bright sunlight seeping through the window’s curtains. Yaaawn…

Sakura was lying on my side, using my left arm as her pillow, caressing the red scratch mark that she made on my chest last night.

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Book 2 Chapter 2 – Apparently, I am in Debt

Knock knock knock

“Sakura, are you awake?” I knocked on her door and asked.

Hearing no reply again, I already knew that she was still sleeping. ‘It’s almost noon and she is still asleep…’

I scratched my head as I remembered the time when she didn’t even wake up when I lifted her tent onto the carriage. ‘This girl is even worse than Riria at waking up…’

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Book 2 Chapter 1.2 – No Alcohol for Minor

“Pink…? No… White suits her better… but black is also nice…” The contrast between her white skin and black laced underwear kept floating inside my head.

“White? Black? What are you talking about?” Sakura’s voice sounded behind me.

“N-n-n-n-no! It’s nothing!” My heart felt like it leaped out of my chest as I jumped forward and spun my body around.

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Book Zero Chapter 0.14 – “Two Months…”

“It’s supposed to be a training, but this…munch munch…is definitely not one…”

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Book Zero Chapter 0.12 – Aura of the Emperor

‘What should I do?!’

Lucy was frantic as she didn’t know what she should do to erase the mind control on Zed. From the beginning, the plan was only to give the Demon a surprise attack, and if it failed, Zed said that he would take care of it. But, now that it turned out like this, she just didn’t know what else she should do.

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