Favicon Battle Result!!

So…. the winner for the Favicon Battle was Astraeaaaa…..

With 182 votes from total of 376 votes ❤ She managed to collect 48,4%!!

Astraea : “Thank you everyone~~”

Here is the picture that will be made into Favicon :

Rea 6

And this should be how the Favicon would look like :

Rea ico

Astraea : “I-It’s so small!!”

It’s 16×16 pixel, so of course it would be small :v

Well, thank you for everyone that gave Astraea her votes!! The Favicon should change in 3 to 4 hours, let’s look at it together ~~

Book Zero Chapter 0.10 – Zedediah the Murderer


The sounds of dry branches, burned slowly by the red fire, were resounding throughout the night on that lakeside. There, sat Zedediah with his silver mask over his face, slowly roasting a chunk of meat with his sword, just like the time when he was still with his Master. On the other side of the fire, sat Tooru, Lucy, and Riria side by side, staring at Zedediah in silence. Continue reading “Book Zero Chapter 0.10 – Zedediah the Murderer”

Book Zero Chapter 0.8 – The Journey to the Misty Forest

“Zed… wheeze…how…far more?” asked Tooru. He was currently walking over a mountainous road with Lucy on his back. His breath were ragged as he had been walking like that since morning.

Seeing the tired Hero below her, Lucy could only apologize with a slightly teary eyes, “Uuuuu…..I’m sorry Tooru… I’m heavy aren’t I?”

Continue reading “Book Zero Chapter 0.8 – The Journey to the Misty Forest”

Book Zero Chapter 0.7 – The Training at the Church

On the dark edge of an abandoned shrine, a brown-robed man sat down gloomily as his tears were dropping from the edge of his silver mask. He sat there facing the ground, while his finger was playing around with a small pebble, turning it right and left to let out his sorrow.

“…so she fainted because I was ugly…uuuu…,” cried the man.

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Book Zero Chapter 0.6 – Zed, Tooru, and Lucy

“Master! Be honest with me!”

“Zed… If you ask me if a girl is beauty or not, I will know, because I have seen a really beautiful one before,” said Sieghart as he thought about Astraea’s face.

Zedediah just listened to his Master’s word carefully. But then suddenly…

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